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Back in for February

By Col
03, Feb, 2014

End of January saw a delivery of products for restock and it also included something new!


We've been missing a few things from our range, but we've recently had a restock of some firm favourites. Gourdons, Rigs and Hunkas

Back into stock are the ever popular Gourdon rucksacks, with a full size range and all colour options. Whatever your adventure there's sure to be a reason to have one accompany you and with some pretty wet and horrible weather recently he'll come in useful. So whether a 20 litre Flo for your daily commute, 30 litre Chilli for a winter climb, or 25 litre Kelp for your lightweight weekend bivi, there's a size for all occasions. Want to hear a totally impartial view on their merits, head over to Alpkit Jay's feedback on his used and abused G20!

Also back in are a the full colour range of Hunka and Hunka XL bivvy bags to help get you started on your 2014 microadventures. If you're after a little more protections then we also have all colours in the 1-4 person Rig7 and 4-8 person Rig 21 tarps, so now you can enjoy your experience with more people! If, however, you're not wanting to share space with anyone, then why not par your kit down even more with the single person (2 if you're cosy!) Rig 3.5 tarp. This tarp is made from the same high quality, lightweight 33d sil PU Cordura and weighs just 270 g and will fit easily at the bottom of your rucksack or bike frame bag unnoticed when you're off on your next adventure. 

We have also had a top up of some Airlok XTra's and a return of those little fave's the Aqua Wallits.

Now get out and enjoy yourselves!

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