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Alpkit not available on Amazon

By Kenny Stocker
25, Nov, 2014

Amazon advertising makes claims to sell Alpkit goodies.. Alpkit disagrees!

It is widely known that everyone Googles their own name from time to time right? Well we Google our own products as well. Ok it is a little bit sad, but that is what we do on the slow days.. along with sending ourselves emails, it's literally so much fun.

So my, were we surprised when we saw Amazon ads claiming to sell Alpkit products.. yes we were! Well maybe not completly, there just has to be a computer algorithm called something like Thor monitoring web searches, or maybe even a human Amazonian who's role it is to know what products are 'in demand' and feed it into their Google ads machine hoping to lure in unsuspecting customers. Maybe we should even take it as a sign of recognition! And why not?

After all who was voted by the readers of TGO magazine as the best online retailer 2014.. Amazon? Nope 2nd place was the best that giant of online retail could do.. it was good old Alpkit with their crazy little website and hand made banner ads. Everyone knows that Alpkit products are only available from alpkit.com. We design, source, make and sell direct to our customers.. that is how we offer the most relevant products, the best value products and support it all with a big dollop of award winning customer service.

You are right we are exagerating somewhat, so we may as well exagerate some more, it's absolutely just like the juggernaught that doesn't feel the screams of the crushed beetle as it careers across the desert freeway.. but this little beetle got away people and it eats chips on Thursdays.

In the past we have been approached by the team at Amazon to join their marketplace, we politely made some excuses and turned them down. It is little things like this that reafirms our decision to stay independent. So while you may well find Alpkit in the Amazon, you certainly won't be finding us on Amazon!

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