Val Bodengo Bouldering

Bouldering in Val Bodengo

The Alpkit team spend a few summer days messin' around on some granite blocs, jumping in icy cold water, drinking wine as the sun went to bed and watching big alpine storms. What better way to kick back some than in the quiet Italian valley of Val Bodengo. Bodengo is a small mountain village just to the west of Chiavenna in the north of Italy. At 1000 metres it is perhaps better known by walkers than climbers which guarantees you will be undisturbed by little more than a few milk cows. Without a guide to go by we approached the blocs armed only with a toothbrush, chalk, a couple of our crash pads and a lot of imagination. It did not appear that anyone had explored these boulders before, so we thought hey let?s make our own 'guide' heck let's name the blocs as well! We stopped short of grading them but nothing here is harder than 6b. A lot of the climbs will still have a lot of loose material and the rock is not as sound as other valleys such as Mello. That said if you just want to explore here you go, by sharing our modest adventure we hope to introduce the valley to you.
Chunk, Jim, Nick and Kenny

Val Bodengo Bouldering Guide - download is in pdf format [2mb]

Note - the road along Val Bodengo is a private road. You should purchase a day pass from one of the bars in Gordona, it costs about 5 euro / car.

Thanks also to the Pash who offered us the use of their cool mountain hideaway in Pianazzola.