Where does your energy come from

For me the important things are to be curious and to have fun. When climbers are very young they should see a lot of things with the maximum of pleasure. Except your limits, learn from other climbers and exchange these qualities. If you keep the pleasure at the same level you can except more and more training for competition and routes on rock. If you enjoy climbing you can train and try new things. For competition it is a good way to progress. On natural rock I think you can push your limit in your natural style. This is why I can do a 8b/8c boulder in one style, but I can't do a 7c slab for example. I only climb on plastic when I have to set problems. If you propose a natural problem the competitors don't understand anything, it doesn't work. I now climb as little as possible on plastic. Resin is more injury inducing than natural rock, especially when you are competing for the on-sight, and secondly when you train all the time on walls. I think I have been quite lucky.

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