Why is the French team so good

It is the history, French climbing has a very old history and very strong climbers. Sport climbing is very popular beginning in the 80's very close to France. At the beginning a lot of young climbers can live and climb, they can train more. The French Federation is really present with the climbers, they give them money to train, and have the best conditions of all the nations. Now you can see other nations like Austria, Slovenia and Italy doing a very good job, but not at the same level as in France because we began before. I think bouldering is very important in the UK. There are so many great British climbers who are strong. It is probably more important in the UK than in France. They push the limit really really high. In bouldering it is possible for an outsider to be in the top 5 but not in routes, it's impossible. It involves to much training. In bouldering if it is your day and you are lucky with the problems some can do really hard things.

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