Arco last year; no one got near the womens final problem

I was pushing the limits trying to propose something really new and it didn't work. I tried but I wasn't angry because this last problem (the super-final) wasn't necessary to make the classification, it was only to make a little plus. It didn't work but I will try and be better the next time. I like to push the limit, to get the girls to jump with two hands, they never used to do that. Now I know by experience, but at the start you try to set a problem with small holds but the women have smaller fingers and its a very good pocket for her, for me it is shit. You think its hard but in fact it isn't!. You have to understand how they climb to propose something. It is so exciting to set because you don't know what will happen, ever. My problem is to get every one to say wow, it was a good show.

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