Do spectators appreciate bouldering

Bouldering is a game. The spectators like to see explosive moves but they don't understand exactly what happens. Routes are different, they like to see something impressive and big falls are very impressive. I personally think the spectators enjoy the routes more. They don't understand what happens technically but they understand that the route is long and one goes higher and higher. Bouldering is small, you have big jumps but the spectator can't really appreciate the difficulty of the moves. I think the format is a shit one because the spectator doesn't understand anything about what happens. At the end he sees 6 climbers climbing together but who is the winner?, it's impossible to say. The way forward for bouldering is the system we are proposing at Arco; it is the knock out system. 6 climbers compete on five problems on which they have had a chance to work. After each problem one climber goes out. On the last problem you are left with only the best two. It is very clear, you are very sure and it is very explosive. In this way it is possible for spectators to understand something, and I think it is better for climbers because they can push the limits higher than in a general bouldering competition.

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