Rock. Why do people feel the need to chip it?

I think it is impossible to say that the hardest routes are possible without chipping holds. All the difficult routes around the world, except one or two are with chipped or arranged holds. For bouldering it is a little bit different. Historically in the 50's the first climbs in Fontainebleau were chipped. It was the way to go. Now I think the way to find new problems is without touching the rock. It is a good way and it is the general way, all the climbers are agreed to go in this direction. Some times there is some shame but generally when you propose something hard you follow the rock. I think it will be 10 years before routing is like bouldering now. It was a long way for bouldering and for routes it will be the same. If you chip one hold you choose your move, you choose the position, it is not a progression it is only an adaptation of your personal qualities. When you have the rock propose something you might not be able to do it. I have chipped some boulders in the past, and I can't say now that it is wrong, but it is not one of the best things that I have done.

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