Have you ever had to choose between climbing and another life

I spent two years without working when my first children were born. I lived in the south of France at this moment and I felt that I went to climb in the same way that I went to work. I was not at my strongest and I didn't like it so much. Before this I had been teaching for 10 years. I chose to take 2 years out to climb, to see how things went and to do nothing. It was a good time to be with my young children. After this I returned to teaching before preparing to join the French Climbing Federation. I prefer work. For me there are 3 things; work, being with my family and climbing. I can't do only one thing because if I see my family all the time and do nothing else it is impossible, working full time for money is impossible and climbing full time is impossible for me. I have to have a mix. Now when I go to climb I know exactly what I want. I am not as strong as when I was young, but I can do harder things. I don't know why but it is like that.

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