So when do you get to climb

Normally just after midday with friends who have the same free time as me. Generally I climb 5 times each week, it depends on the weather; when it is bad I run a lot. I choose to work from home because some times it is a little bit difficult with the children and all. It is not easy to organize, but like this I can spend time with my children. I like it so much, I don't want to have a job and be one day the other side of the planet. I really enjoy to set routes. It is part of my job with the French Federation, and I work on the French championships. When I come to places like Lecco it is because I enjoy to be with friends. It is well paid, which is a plus, and the last thing is I like introducing new ideas into competitions. If my level drops I will stop but if I manage to keep my own climbing level high I like to set problems. I feel I can propose something cool, fun and at a high level.

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