Merry christmas from MJ! and welcome to the 2004 advent calendar, a little fun in the lead up to christmas. The brief was as simple and as broad as Santa's belt. Rather than concentrate on focal lengths, film speeds and apertures we asked you for images that captured the raw spirit of 'living and playing in the mountains'. We didn't get a huge response this year, it's true, so we have filled the spaces with some of our own stuff. For those who were brave enough to submit material.. Thanks!! The winning entry will win an t-shirt and shall appear on the 24th. It was impossible and unfair to arrange the remaining 23 images in any order, so we have simply choosen to arrange them at random. Hold on to your mince pies, Santa is coming!

24 December

'Life in Chitkul', (3450m) Himalaya. Alberto Mameli.

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