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Wed Oct 01, 2003


Dear Journal, I nearly forgot to say that the Gamma club, or more specifically the Unine Operaia Escursionisti Italiani (UOEI) of Lecco have excepted me into their ranks. I now have access to a nice little library, social area and a wicked little boulder wall with open access all year round.

Mon Oct 06, 2003

Wet Lecco

I think Liz must have packed the sun for the weather had turned nasty, the Chunk however was still here. Snow fell for the first time this year on Grigna, Lecco had been hit by storms for two days running. What could we do but head down to Galbiate? We took the bus from Lecco, which with a 20 minute walk brought us to the crag. It was as one would expect quite busy, nonetheless we made a little space for ourselves on the yellow wall and commenced to climb. The chunk was up first, but had problems. The route was short and was only supposed to be 6a. It didn't feel like it, we convinced ourselves that it had lost some holds. A couple of routes later and it was time for the 7a, described in the guide as violent and bouldery. It wasn't wrong, no red-point today.

Sunday was even worst than Saturday, it was raining. A desperate early morning call from Richard confirmed his worst fears, they were stranded in the city, poverini. At least here we had the misty mountains to look at through the window. In the afternoon we hit the climbing wall. It was fairly well occupied and the Chunk was back on form inventing several puzzling movements that should keep me going for a while.