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Thu Feb 27, 2003

Back to home

It had been some time since I had been home. But now I had the occasion to return if somewhat briefly to mix work with pleasure; visiting family, friends, making some climbs and a little bit of work. The climbing was to be in my old stomping ground, the peak district. I met up with the old crew. It was naturally cold, and a bit damp but we didn't think it would greatly effect our grade. Since there was not much enthusiasm for routes we bouldered out our frustrations at Robin Hoods Stride. We repeated some old problems and decided that with the passing years they had become more difficult.
The evening was spent catching up on new news from old friends. The odd climbing video was thrown in in a vain attempt to inspire us to greater things the following day. After a late breakfast we went to a place which I was reliably informed was a new 'it' place. It had just been featured in a magazine. The problems were graded according to the V system of which I had, and still have, no comprehension. We floundered like stranded seals, desperately on V0 and V1, oh! so much for that. Next time we will go some where less 'it'