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To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.
Oscar Wilde, Intentions, The Critic as Artist

Sun Jun 30, 2002

Lecco worldcup

Dear Journal, we were in Lecco for the climbing world cup. The event ran over the entire week, occupying the small piazza close to the lakeside. Unfortunately we had already missed the bouldering competition earlier in the week, but now it was Sunday and time for the grand final.

We arrived late for the start of the womens event, so as it was desperately hot we sat in a shady bar at the rear with a cool beer. The blue wall towered above the spectators all with necks arched back intently following the figures dancing up the wall. Old women leaned out of their windows overlooking the piazza marveling the spectacle and appreciating the soundtrack that accompanied the German Katrin Sedlymayer to top place.

For the mens event we braved the sun and took our beers to the front of the crowd. Having been out of the competition scene for some time I had never seen, or heard of Alexandre Chabot. The man of the moment, the Schumacher of climbing. He never looked like falling and again took top honors.

After pizza that evening we were treated to a seemingly endless display of fireworks over Lago di Lecco.