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Bridge Collective
19 09 2018 - News

Valuing time with others
A weekend to boost confidence

17 09 2018 - News

Erb’s Palsy Group Go Climbing
Climbing and caving experience day for children with Erb's Palsy

10 09 2018 - News

(Less than) 3 weeks ‘til the Big Shakeout!
Not long until our yearly celebration of the outdoors and adventure

05 09 2018 - News

Accessible Adventure
Win with Thornbridge Outdoors

15 08 2018 - News

Teuchters on Tour
Fundraising cycle trip

07 08 2018 - News

Recovery in the Wild
Aiding addiction recovery

27 07 2018 - News

Castle Manor’s Camp Out
Building skills, confidence, and resilience in the outdoors

20 07 2018 - News

Recording Human Impact on Coastlines
Student expedition along the Icelandic coast

12 07 2018 - News

Ashford Winter Night Shelter
Camping beds for the Ashford Winter Night Shelter

22 06 2018 - News

Outdoor Learning at Sylva Wood
Creating future forests with local children

19 06 2018 - News

Adventures for Life Skills
Building life skills through a 19 day adventure in the Scottish Highlands

15 06 2018 - News

Sea Kayaking Iceland
Researching human impact on remote coastlines

©The Pivot Academy
08 06 2018 - News

Climbing With The Pivot Academy
The Pivot Academy is going climbing

29 05 2018 - News

Hiking with Confidence
ESTEEM's French Pyrenees Hike

Jarda Zaoral
23 05 2018 - News

27 Peaks in 77 Days
Jarda Zaoral is taking on Europes 27 peaks

11 05 2018 - News

A high, long and dark challenge
adventure challenges in the Lake District

27 04 2018 - News

GB Paraclimber Starts a New Challenge
John Churcher starts an outdoor bouldering mission

25 04 2018 - News

May Day Madness!
Join us for an action packed weekend

LifeCycle UK
20 04 2018 - News

A Bushcraft Ride
Feeling free on a tandem ride

23 03 2018 - News

Join us for an Easter Eggstravaganza
Join us for a weekend of activities

16 02 2018 - News

A Walking Work of Art
Solo trek round the entire coast of mainland Scotland

15 02 2018 - News

Clifton Community School’s D of E Award
Foundation News

08 02 2018 - News

Meet Connie (and big Ernie the dog)
New Alpkit Foundation Staff Trustee

02 02 2018 - News

Over £100,000 Awarded by the AK Foundation
Over £100,000 for some 300 projects

Go Nice Places, Do Good Things

We are the charity that enables people to Go Nice Places And Do Good Things.

We do this by making small awards to people, groups and schools that work to remove the barriers in getting outdoors and experience wild places.

Spending time outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul. But generally people are spending less time outdoors. That is a problem we're helping to tackle

Every month Alpkit donates 1% of its sales plus the proceeds from events such as the Big Shakeout. Alpkit will donate at least 10% of its annual profit to the Foundation each year.

We support direct action where we can make a positive difference and help people get out and experience wild places.

This could be:

  • £50 to £500 cash to individuals, groups, schools and organisations to encourage people to get outdoors and have great experiences that otherwise couldn’t happen; e.g. giving a cash grant to a school to fund transport costs
  • Provide discounted equipment for outdoor adventures and trips to individuals, groups, schools and organisations that wouldn’t be viable without support from the Alpkit Foundation
  • Support outdoor educational programs; e.g. grants for outdoor First Aiders or Mountain Leader Training that wouldn’t be possible without Alpkit Foundation support
  • Support proactive conservation and environmental projects; e.g. grants to help re-wild woodland
  • Support projects which encourage the development of facilities for outdoor skills and activities to be experienced by wider groups who otherwise may miss out e.g. cycling, climbing, outdoor swimming facilities

The only criteria we apply in making awards is that the project meets the funding criteria and the Alpkit Foundation has the enough money in the pot.

We support projects that in some way leave the world a nicer place. And we're delighted to have already awarded over £100,000 to over 300 projects worldwide.

But there are a few things we're not. The Foundation isn't a form of commercial sponsorship, holiday money or gap year funding and we don't give to organised charity challenges as these might not benefit from our help as much as other adventures.

The Alpkit Foundation is an independent charity registered with the Charities Commision (Reg No 1162585). It is funded by Alpkit and individual donations. Every pound donated to the Foundation will directly support outdoor activity.


The Alpkit Foundation supports projects that enables people to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things. It favours direct action and support. If you have a project that cannot go ahead without or support then let us know.

When you apply we will acknowledge your application and let you know the date of the next trustee meeting. We currently meet two months and will get in touch if we need more information.

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We welcome you to donate to the Foundation and all donations will directly support our projects. You can donate online using BT's mydonate service or complete a donation form and return it to us.

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The Alpkit Foundation is an independent charity. It is registered with the Charities Commission in the UK (Registration Number 1162585). The charity is managed by seven trustees. The four director co-owners of Alpkit are trustees along with an independent trustee, staff trustee and customer trustee. The independent trustee, staff trustee and customer trustee are all annual appointments. Please get in touch if you would like more information on our work.

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Apply and let the adventure begin

We support projects that enable people to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from going outdoors. Our support takes the form of direct action by giving our assistance to help projects get off the ground. This can be in the form of financial support, publicity, advice or resource.

If you have a project that cannot go ahead without our support then let us know. When you apply we will acknowledge your application and let you know the date of the next trustee meeting. We currently meet once every two months and will get in touch if we need more information.

If possible, please apply at least 3 months before the start of a project so that the trustees have time to consider it at their next meeting.

    Yes, we love to support:
  • Projects that get more people experiencing the Great Outdoors
  • Projects that seek to support, conserve, or generate understanding of our environment and wild places
  • Projects enabling people to gain physical and mental wellbeing from the Great Outdoors
  • Outdoor education programmes
    We particularly like to support projects that:
  • Demonstrate best value for money
  • Encourage new people to get outdoors
  • Engages groups and engages a diverse range of backgrounds and ages
    No, we will not support:
  • Charity challenges
  • Commercially led travel
  • Expeditions that are not focused the Great Outdoors (e.g. rebuilding schools, overseas medicine)
  • Scout Jamborees – due to the large number of participants involved in Scout Jamborees, this is not something we are able to support. We do support the Scout Association through our Youth in Adventure Fund
  • Holidays
  • Retrospective applications – make sure you get your application in on time!

Tell us about yourself and what you want to do - Preference will be given to activities that demonstrate best value for money and support wider groups of people.

Total word Count : 0 words & 20 words left.
Total word Count : 0 words & 100 words left.

If it is for equipment itemise it, if it is a cash award let us know how much are you asking for

We would like to understand how many people are likely to be influenced by this award.

Alpkit Foundation
(Charities Commision Registration Number 1162585)

The Alpkit Foundation is a not-for-profit independent charity founded on 8 July 2015. It is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that is registered with the Charities Commision in the UK. More details including its aims and financial accounts can be found on the Charities Commision website.

David Hanney

Director and Co-Owner of Alpkit.

Nick Smith

Founder, Director and Co-Owner of Alpkit.

Colin Stocker

Founder, Director and Co-Owner of Alpkit.

Kenny Stocker

Founder, Director and Co-Owner of Alpkit.

Adge Last

Independent Trustee.


Staff Trustee.

Ashleigh Naysmith

Staff Trustee.

Debbie Read

Customer Trustee.