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Soul Sailors: Adventure for the Homeless

By Alpkit
21, May, 2019

Helping the homeless though a sailing adventure

There's a great feeling you get when you're sailing out on open water. The wind in your hair, sun on the horizon and the rolling swell making you feel like you’re heading out on a Viking voyage to explore new worlds.

Well, a few folks at the Soul Kitchen, Sunderland have realised this and plan to set sail in an attempt to raise awareness for helping the homeless.

Soul Kitchen is a lunch club run by the Bethany City Church and provides lunch-time food for the homeless, anyone who is struggling to put food on the table or even anyone who feels lonely and in need of company.

Bethany City Church carry out some amazing work, as well as Soul Kitchen, they also run a food bank to provide emergency food for those in need and various workshops throughout the week to help provide knowledge and skills to those that might need a fresh start.

It was at Soul Kitchen, after the funeral of a friend that 10 people came together to form Soul Sailors, which is when Fiona got in touch with us at the Alpkit Foundation. Fiona told us about their project and why they're taking on their sailing adventure:

"Soul Sailors is a group of ten who met through a local lunch club which provides food to people who are homeless  or have experienced homelessness  as well as support anyone who is lonely.  In August this group is going on a sailing adventure and they are hoping to raise funds and awareness for a friend they lost last year.  No one in team has been sailing before and it will definitely be out of all their comfort zones!" "Last summer a friend of the lunch passed away and received a 'paupers funeral' which was undignified and caused hurt to those who knew Peter.  As a result  we have set up 'Peter's Story' a fund that will help raise money to assist people in similar situations to experience adventure and experiences that would definitely be out of their reach normally. We want to raise the profile of 'paupers funerals' and raise aspirations within our local homelessness community here in Sunderland.  Adventure inspires people and encourages them to develop themselves as well as give encouragement that they are able to achieve more than they ever imagined." - Fiona Forster

We feel incredibly privaledged to be able to help Fiona and the Soul Sailors project.

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