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Running after the Asparagus

By Col
22, May, 2019

£2500 raised for the Alpkit Foundation all in the name of Asparagus!

The Aspargus Colour Run takes part every year at The Valley in Evesham to celebrate the Asparagus season and to raise money for charity. This year we were honoured by being the charity of choice, with 50% of tickets sales being donated. 

So not one to miss out on my greens, I grabbed the family and had the real privilege of joining the 500 runners head out around the surrounding countryside; and The Valley is certainly in a beautiful setting. 

It really was a wonderful moment and quite something to see all those white t-shirts (soon to become green) in support of the Alpkit Foundation making their way into the countryside. The way it was organised, the atmosphere and the attitude of all those taking part really reflected the fun, enthusiasm... joy, of coming together and enjoying the outdoors. 

Organiser and Senior Marketing Manager of The Valley Paul McLean is aware of the benefits of a outdoor lifestyle and adds how important it is to make outdoor living key to The Valley, making it accessible and inclusive to those with disabilities and special needs as well.  "whether going for a run, cycling or just a gentle stroll has so many benefits – physical, mental and social.  So many of us live our lives at such a frenetic pace, just spending a little time outdoors can be a great boost to our wellbeing and help ground us. We do regular work on making The Valley as accessible as possible. A great example is training all our staff (both our own and our tenants) on increasing their knowledge of the challenges of living with and managing autism "

Dipping in and around the gorgeous Worcestershire surroundings the route followed a leafy, green, family friendly off road trail. Oh and it got greener. Along the route there were two paint stations, all ready to dose you in a helping of green. Some were lucky, or simply running too quickly to get caught. Others positively lapped it up, standing arms wide, embracing the splash of colour. You took your own pace, chatted, helped friends up the up hills, dashed down the down hills. It was a beautiful reflection of Going nice places, doing good things.

ph. Phil McLean

£2500 was raised from the event, a sum that will have a massive impact on so many people who have real obstacles in accessing the benefits that getting outdoors provides.

So thank you to The Valley for supporting the Alpkit Foundation, thank you to all the runners for taking part, thank you for giving my family and me a good portion of our daily greens. I'm not sure whether I've converted the kids fully to the delights of Asparagus, but they had their fill of greeness. 

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