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Limited Edition wax cotton bike luggage

A limited edition run featuring some of our best selling bike luggage in wet waxed cotton, a classic, natural material. Visually they ooze class, and the complete set (available as a bundle) is going to turn a few heads as you pull up for a coffee stop. Waxed cotton is a well traditional material with some great qualities. It was used extensively for technical applications between the 20s to 50s for anything from waterproof jackets to sailcloth. It may have been pushed aside by higher tech fabrics, but it still has a place for those who appreciate its classic looks and soft touch.

Wax Cotton Stem Cell Regular

Wax Cotton Stem Cell

Wax cotton stem-mounted bag for carrying your food, water bottle, camera, cooking mug, or tools you want to keep close to hand. Limited Edition, UK Made.


Wax Cotton Fuel Pod 22

Wax Cotton Fuel Pod

Waxed cotton top tube-mounted bag in 2 sizes for retro styling with modern functionality. Easily carry snacks, gels tubes, GPS and bike tools. Limited Edition, UK Made.


Possum 42 wax cotton

Wax Cotton Possum

Wax cotton frame bag shaped for modern geometries in 3 sizes. Keeps your frame clear for running with bottles and cages. Limited Edition, UK Made.


Wax Cotton Glider 50

Wax Cotton Glider

Wax cotton frame bag in 3 sizes shaped for road and touring bike geometries. Keeps your frame clear for running with bottles and cages. Limited Edition, UK Made.

From £69.00

Wax Cotton Koala 13

Wax Cotton Koala

Waxed cotton bikepacking seat bag with roll top closure, stable and Exo-Rail compatible. Available in 7 litre and 13 litre sizes. Limited Edition, UK Made.


Kanga handlebar harness waxed cotton

Wax Cotton Kanga

Waxed cotton handlebar harness for securely attaching your dry bags to the front of your bike. Increase stability, tyre clearance and protect from abrasion. Limited Edition, UK Made.


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