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Trekking Poles
Carbon trekking poles are strong, save you a considerable amount of weight and look so cool. Talking of lightweight ... they are just 136 g each making them unofficially lighter than the official lightest trekking pole on the market today. Collapsing to just 66cm they fit a range of packs and store away easily, grab a set to assist your long distance walks, your knees on your favourite descent, or your mate when things get tough.

The Compact Ultra is an ultra compact aluminium pole with snap lock mechanism and Nordic style hand grips.

Shox perfects our trio of poles with a shock absorbing full length trekking pole to reduce fatigue on the trail.
Shox Twins
Pair of traditional walking poles with built in shock absorbing handle to help reduce fatigue on the trail.
Compact Ultra Twins
Pair of 275 g compact aluminium trekking poles with snap lock mechanism, immensely packable and ideal for travel
Carbonlite Ultra Pair CarbonLite Twins
Pair of uber-lightweight 136 g 3 section carbon fibre trekking poles for the ultimate in lightweight trekking. Unofficially lighter than official lightest carbon pole
Shox Single
Single traditional walking pole with built in shock absorbing handle to help reduce fatigue on the trail.
Compact Ultra
Compact 275 g aluminium trekking pole
Single lightweight carbon walking pole CarbonLite Single
Uber-lightweight 136 g 3 section carbon fibre trekking pole
Sold Out
CarbonLite lower section pack
Replacement lower section including pole and basket

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