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Swimming Accessories
Whether you're lapping the local pool or swimming in the open water, we stock HUUB and Outdoor Swimming Society swimming accessories created for your warmth and comfort, and thoughtfully designed so that you can swim naturally. Our UK Made weatherproof and dry bags will stop your stuff from getting soaked so that you'll have something dry to change into at the end of your swim.
Huub Skull Cap
Warm and comfortable high grade neoprene skull swim cap
Huub Aphotic goggles photochromatic swimming goggles NEW  Huub Aphotic Goggles
Versatile and comfortable swimming goggles for open water or the pool, featuring photochromic lenses.
Huub Acute Goggles
Comfortable HUUB goggles with excellent visibility
Huub Swim Gloves
Neoprene swim gloves ideal for open water swims and triathlons
Sold Out
Huub Swim Socks
Neoprene swim socks to keep your feet warm and protected during open water swims
Huub Varga Goggles
Professional level goggles with excellent fit and visibility
Outdoor Swimming Extremities Pack
Keep your extremities warm
£112.00 £130.00 if purchased separately
Chilli Gourdon 30
30 litre roll top drybag with mesh pockets for extra carrying capacity. Gourdon is a functional rucksack you can take on any wet adventure
Drydock duffle 50 litre
Sold Out
DryDock 50
Tenacious weatherproof 50 l duffle bag with rucksack straps for lugging your stuff around the world
GNPDGT towel GNPDGT Beach Towel
Go Nice Places and Do Good Things with this 100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel

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