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Womens Kepler Premium New Zealand Merino
Merino is natures technical fabric. It is one of the best next-to-skin layering fabrics that money can buy it regulates temperature in a wide range of conditions, is comfortable to wear and is 100% natural.

Cosy and warm in cold weather and wicks moisture efficiently as activity and temperatures rise so you don’t feel sweaty. Wools ability to absorb moisture vapour keeps you comfortable as you take a break or slow down. Merino is also quiet to wear with no rustling sound as you walk, plus it is flame retardant. More importantly its natural anti bacterial properties keeps odours low. On multi-day adventures it is simplicity to wash itself and fast drying, so hang out to dry and be ready for the next day.

Not all merino is the same. We have gone out of our way to find the best merino we can buy. Kepler only uses 100% natural Merino from non-mulesing farms and all but the padded boxes are New Zealand. Our merino is 17.2 to 17.5 micron making it some of the finest merino available and roughly 1/5th the diameter of human hair.
Kepler Vest [Womens]
Womens New Zealand Merino baselayer vest, fast drying, comfortable, odour resistant baselayer for running, riding, climbing or hiking
Kepler Short Sleeve [Womens]
Fast drying, comfortable and odour resistant. Our 160 g density New Zealand Merino can be worn next-to-the-skin, on its own or as a base layer
Kepler Long Sleeve [Womens]
Breathable and comfortable long-sleeved premium New Zealand merino baselayer for demanding sports in inhospitable climes
Sale: £35.00
Was: £45.00
Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Womens]
Fast drying, comfortable, odour resistant. This technical multi-activity quarter zip merino jersey is designed to be worn next-to-the-skin.
Kepler Velo Long Sleeve [Womens]
Fast drying, comfortable, odour resistant. This technical multi activity 1/4 zip merino jersey is designed to be worn next-to-the-skin
Kepler Boxers [Womens]
Womens New Zealand merino technical baselayer shorts that wicks moisture away from the skin and dries fast. They are a slim fit and body hugging to allow you to layer with comfort
Kepler Padded Boxer [Womens]
Womens 100% Merino boxer shorts with Italian made chamois
Kepler Merino [Womens] twin pack
Merino short sleeve and long sleeve twin pack
£65.00 £80.00 if purchased separately
Kepler Base Layer Set [Womens]
Pair our vest and boxers and save
£38.00 £45.00 if purchased separately
Tarmac Kepler Draught Excluder
Wear a neck warmer for comfort under an outerlayer or on its own as headwear. Kepler is made from premium New Zealand Merino