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Mens Swimming Wetsuits

Embrace the art of swimming wild, keep warm for maximum cold water comfort

Tested in UK lakes, rivers and sea. They are designed for great temperature retention, comfort and using buoyancy to promote a natural swimming style, we've developed a range of outdoor swimming wetsuits collaborating with industry design legend Dean Jackson and the Outdoor Swimming Society. Our open water swimming wetsuits are for year round swimming.

We use the finest premium technical fabrics like glideskin neoprene and have a range of thinner suits for a more natural swimming style to a fleece-lined warm suit for a longer time in the water.

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Swimming suit designed to give a natural position in the water with maximum flexibility for a greater range of movement and uninhibited swimming action.

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Fine-tuned to maximise comfort and time in the water, a combination of flexibility, thickness and stretch makes Lotic our best all-round swimming wetsuit. 

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Increased buoyancy and thermally lined, Silvertip stands out like a beacon in the dark and murky waters of endurance swimming

Huub Sport Luub Wetsuit Lube to prevent chafing and soreness Huub Sport Luub

Wetsuit-specific, anti-chafing luub or balm; ideal for triathletes.

GNPDGT towel GNPDGT Beach Towel

Go Nice Places and Do Good Things with this 100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel

Huub Varga Goggles

Professional level goggles with excellent fit and visibility

Huub Aphotic goggles photochromatic swimming goggles Huub Aphotic Goggles

Versatile and comfortable swimming goggles for open water or the pool, featuring photochromic lenses.

Huub Skull Cap

Warm and comfortable high grade neoprene skull swim cap

Huub Swim Gloves

Neoprene swim gloves ideal for open water swims and triathlons

Huub Swim Socks

Neoprene swim socks to keep your feet warm and protected during open water swims

Outdoor Swimming Extremities Pack
Keep your extremities warm
£105.00 £120.00 if purchased separately