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Love Mud Pedals

Distortion is our team favourite and the personal choice of Sonder designer Neil Sutton. From our affordable thermoplastic Torque flats - a great entry level pedal to introduce you to flats - to our premium Distortion, we're proud of the form and function of our pedals. Good pedals mean efficient power transfer and secure footing and are a hassle free low maintenance improvement to many production bikes.

Love Mud Torque pedals

Love Mud Torque - Black

Grippy thermoplastic mountain bike pedals with replaceable pins


Love Mud Jekyll

Single sided SPD and flat aluminium pedals for touring and mountain biking which can be used with SPD or flat shoes

Love Mud Distortion aluminium MTB pedal
Sold Out

Love Mud Distortion - Black

Premium CNC-machined performance flat pedal with steel grip pins and a Cromoly axle, designed for use and abuse on the trails and traction when you need it