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Love Mud Bars, stems and seatposts love mud finishing kit
Bars, stems and seatposts are not just for looks. Subtle changes in the riding position can make a difference in riding comfort, performance and capability. This is where others tend to economise so we have taken the time to develop a range of finishing kit components with performance at front of mind and are sensibly priced
Sonder Pathfinder
Carbon 29er fork with quick release axle to accommodate your dynamo for mountain bike bikepacking setups and not only...
Sonder Frontier forks
Rigid alloy forks with clearance for 3 inch 650b+ or 2.5 inch 29er tyres
Love Mud Confucius
6061 aluminium hoop bar for a more flexible cockpit on your bikepacking adventures
Love Mud Bomber
Flared aluminium drop bars for adventure riding on and off road
Love Mud Pronghorn
6061-T6 Aluminium classic drop bars
Love Mud Aspect Flat
720 mm flat 6061 aluminium handlebars weighing 265 g
Love Mud Aspect Riser
740 mm 6061 aluminium riser handlebars weighing 305 g
Love Mud Scope Carbon Riser
740 mm carbon riser handlebars weighing 214 g
Love Mud Piskie
Aggressive all-mountain steerer stem in two lengths
Love Mud Storc 31.8mm
A great all-round stem that can be used equally awesomely on either your road or mountain bike set ups.What's in a few centimetres? Other than quite a few millimetres playing around with your stem length can dramatically alter your ride, whether reducing fatigue or improving your handling. Storc has a 7 degree rise or can be flipped for road bikes to give a 7 degree drop. Available in 4 sizes from 70 - 110 mm to suit your reach.
Love Mud Ingot
Titanium 27.2 mm seatpost
Love Mud Membar
Aluminium seat post with adjustable rail clamp
Love Mud Rings
A pack of 5 aluminium alloy headset spacer rings for 1-1/8 tubes
Love Mud Feral
Quick-release seat clamp in 31.8 and 34.9 mm flavours
Sale: £6.00
Was: £8.00
Seat post clamp NEW  Love Mud Vice
Strong, simple and shiny 34.9 mm aluminium seat post clamp
Love Mud Silent Partner
Simple seat post clamp ideally suited for carbon frames or frames with limited space
Love Mud Grabby
Pair of silicone lock-on grips for flat or riser bars
Love Mud Reels
Two 190 cm reels of bar tape with plastic end caps for drop bar handlebars
Love Mud Flared Drop Bar Finishing Kit Pack
Bomber Bars and Bheesty Bundle
£65.00 £89.00 if purchased separately
LoveMud Aspect Riser MTB Handle Bar Finishing Kit Pack
LoveMud MTB Finishing Kit Pack
£65.00 £91.00 if purchased separately