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Lighting Sale

In this section - compact, light, bright. Head torches for trail running, walking, climbing, or even a spot of night fishing. Lanterns for late nights sheltering from bad weather, or balmy campsite summer evenings. What ever you're up to you'll always be in need of light to help keep you going that bit longer into the darker hours.


Bright and very, very lightweight front and rear LED bike safety lights. USB rechargeable with a wide beam to help you be seen

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

Viper II

Bright, compact and rain-proof, the 280 lumen burst Viper 2 is designed for running, walking and climbing

Gamma III head torch

Gamma III

180 lumen head torch for running. With white, red and green LEDs, a rear battery pack, and a rear red caution light.

Sale: £19.00
Was: £24.00
Qark head torch 300 lumen


Rechargeable 300 lumen LED rain resistant headtorch with optional motion and light sensor mode for tasks when you need hands-free operation

Glowe LED camping lantern
Sold Out


Lightweight dual-function torch / lantern packing 170 lumens for backpacking. Glowe can stand on his own feet or be hung from your tent

Trinity LED camping lantern


Beautifully designed, super bright, 190 lumen, dual-function camping LED lantern

Lampray camping lantern and charging station


196 lumen camping lantern and charging station for illuminating your camp life, with USB power output to recharge mobile phones.