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Climbing Hardware carabiners, quickdraws, cams, belays devices, ascenders, climbing helmets and Via Ferrata sets

Fixe manufacture a complete range of climbing hardware and winter climbing equipment. All are manufactured in Barcelona by Tech Rock - a small climbing company established by climbers for climbers. Following the sale of Alien Cams to Tech Rock by David Waggoners widow, all the original manufacturing equipment was shipped from the US to Spain where Alien Cams are being manufactured and developed staying true to David's original vision.

Alien Revolution Cams black

Alien Revolution Cams

The ultimate small cam for protecting peg scarred faces, Revo cams are a firm favourite amongst trad climbers

Alien small camping device for climbing

Alien Evolution Cams

The ultimate small cam for protecting peg scarred faces, a firm favourite amongst big wall climbers

Alien lightweight carabiners
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Alien carabiner pack

These mini wiregate carabiners are a great way to lighten your climbing rack

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Fixe Montgrony Quickset

Set of 4 snapgate quickdraws with 16 cm extender slings

fixe plus quickset blue
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Fixe Plus Quickset

Set of 4 wiregate quickdraws with 16 cm slings

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Fixe Climber-on Helmet

335 g climbing helmet ideal for beginners, groups or winter climbing

Sale: £35.00
Was: £39.00

Fixe ProLite Evo

240 g climbing helmet, comfortable and lightweight

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Fixe Rock Stone Screwgate

Strong but light D-shape carabiner for climbing and caving

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Fixe Tucan

Symmetrical screwgate carabiner for climbing, industry and big-walling

Kyros Screwgate red
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Kyros Screwgate

Pair of screw lock carabiners for secure and easy clipping

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Fixe Petit Dru Aluminium Wiregate [5 Pack]

Set of 5 Aluminium wiregate carabiners



Belay device for 1 or 2 ropes with auto-blocking/ guide mechanism for seconds

Fixe Capitan Climbing ascenders for 8 - 12 mm ropes - left handed
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Fixe Capitan

Left and right handed ascenders for rope diameters ranging from 8 to 12 mm


Boulder Bucket

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with roll top and large pocket

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Lightweight nut extractor for cleaning passive protection

Fixe Crunchy Chalk

Fixe Crunchy Chalk

2 130 g bags of climbing chalk - chunky style and great for filling boulder buckets


Fixe Liquid Chalk

250 ml tub, ideal for indoor bouldering walls

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Fixe Rope Protector

Heavy duty PVC rope protector to protect your rope from abrasion and sharp edges