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Winter Camping Equipment Sale

In this section - Set yourself up with a year of adventurous cooking from this selection of cookware in our Spacemaker sale. Titanium mugs, aluminium pan sets, cutlery and lightweight stoves designed for the compact and minimalist approach to short overnighters to high mountain adventures.


Reliable and compact alcohol camping stove weighing just 150 g with a flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for worldwide adventuring

Sale: £20.00
Was: £25.00
Kraku ultralight titanium camping gas stove


Possibly the world's lightest commercially available micro camping stove, Kraku's tiny pack size makes it perfect for ultralight adventures and flying solo.

Sale: £20.00
Was: £24.00
Titanium remote gas canister stove


A high powered titanium camping stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions. Compact design and made from titanium to save weight

Sale: £39.00
Was: £45.00
Brukit all-in-one camping stove


All-in-one cooking system requiring minimal setup, ideal for those grab-and-go adventures where everything you need fits into one pot

Sale: £39.00
Was: £45.00
Landar Large powerful gas camping stove


Powerful gas camping stove with built-in Piezo igniter, ideal for cooking group meals and large volume stews

Sale: £60.00
Was: £70.00
Hunka bivvy / bivi bag green - kelp


A simple bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g, Hunka is breathable, packs down small and a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists

Sale: £40.00
Was: £47.00
Rig 7 lightweight nylon tarp kelp

Rig 7

30d siliconised Cordura ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate in versatile lightweight shelter for backpackers, bikepackers and alpinists

Sale: £79.00
Was: £89.00
Alpkit Tetri 3 pole geodesic backpacking tent in Green


2 man 3 season classic geodesic backpacking tent weighing 3 kg, designed for strength and stability without compromising weight and comfort.

Sale: £119.00
Was: £140.00
Viso 2 person tunnel tent

Viso 2

2 person 3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 3.3 kg, designed to maximise usable space and comfort

Sale: £129.00
Was: £159.00
Viso 3 person tunnel tent

Viso 3

3 person 3 season backpacking tunnel tent weighing 4 kg, designed to maximise usable space and comfort

Sale: £149.00
Was: £189.00
Alpkit Ordos 2 ultra-lightweight tent in green

Ordos 2

2 person semi-geodesic ultralight backpacking tent weighing 1.3 kg, our lightest tent designed to maximise comfort and strength for its weight and pack size

Sale: £219.00
Was: £240.00
Jaran 2 lightweight backpacking tent

Jaran 2

2 person 3 season backpacking tent weighing 1.8 kg, created to offer maximum comfortable liveable space and stability for its weight and pack size

Sale: £229.00
Was: £259.00
Ordos 3 - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent

Ordos 3

3 person semi-geodesic ultralight backpacking tent weighing 1.6 kg, designed to maximise comfort and strength for its weight and pack size

Sale: £259.00
Was: £279.00


2 person 4 season classic geodesic mountain tent weighing 3.8 kg, designed to provide dependable protection from the weather at all angles

Sale: £399.00
Was: £449.00

Ordos 2 Footprint

Footprint for under your Ordos 2 groundsheet to give it extra protection

Sale: £30.00
Was: £35.00
Jaran 2 tent Footprint

Jaran 2 Footprint

Protect your Jaran 2 from protrusions, water and muddy ground

Sale: £30.00
Was: £35.00
Sold Out

Ordos 3 Footprint

A footprint to slip under your Ordos 3 to give it extra protection

Sale: £34.00
Was: £40.00
Sold Out

Kangri Footprint

An extra layer of protection to go with your Kangri

Numo inflatable camping mattress


Thick big chamber 2 - 3 season full length sleeping mat weighing just 350 g, packs down smaller than a self-inflating mat saving space in your sack

Sale: £32.00
Was: £39.00
Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating
Sold Out

Airo 120

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g it is lightweight, durable and extremely packable Airo 120 is loved by lightweight adventure seekers

Sale: £33.00
Was: £39.00
Cloud base lightweight inflatable camping mat - grey / silver

Cloud Base

Lightweight inflatable camping mat weighing 395 grams and 5 cm thick to soak up uneven ground

Sale: £35.00
Was: £45.00
Airo 180 self-inflating roll mat / sleeping mat - chilli ( red )

Airo 180

Your full length lightweight and compact self-inflating mat

Sale: £39.00
Was: £49.00
Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress


Full-length inflatable camping mat with a built-in foam pump and an off-the-scale lightness to comfort ratio.

Sale: £41.00
Was: £49.00
Dirtbag sleeping mat


The fattest baddest self-inflating mat for all those dirtbag moments in your life, weighing just 900 g it is comfort you can carry

Sale: £46.00
Was: £55.00
Dover self-inflating luxury camping mattress comfort - green


At 7.5 cm thick this is the most luxuriously comfortable camping mat we make, ideal for car camping where comfort is more important than pack size

Sale: £50.00
Was: £59.00
Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus

Double Dozer

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort.

Sale: £84.00
Was: £99.00