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Camping Equipment and Accessories

Before you head out camping make sure you have enough good camping equipment and essentials from quality tarps to tent pegs. We have one of the largest selections of specialist aluminium and titanium tent poles, pegs and spares in the UK along with other fun camping related goodies for whatever the weather will bring.

Kit for your go box

Go Box Camping Bundle

Kit out your Go Box with everything you need to drop everything and get out on an adventure the moment the opportunity presents itself... #WhatsInYourBox

£198.00 £243.00 if purchased separately
Rain Shadow Umbrella

Rain Shadow Umbrella

The Alpkit take on a time-honoured classic for rain protection that also happens to be 100% breathable.

Tanka Fuel Bottle

Tanka Fuel Bottle

Handy, durable 450ml bottle for carrying your camping fuel

Sale: £7.00
Was: £9.00


Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry 170 ml of your favourite tipple

Sale: £12.00
Was: £16.00


Compact and squeezable BPA free travel bottles

Hippo Filter Kit - mini water filter with a hollow fibre membrane
Sold Out

Hippo Filter Kit

Palm-sized water filtration system weighing just 58 g with 1 litre/minute flow rate for trekking, camping, bikepacking, and emergency preparedness

Sale: £19.00
Was: £25.00
wire saw


Lightweight stainless steel wire saw for cutting timber, plastic and more. An essential utility for activities such as bushcraft and camping

Sale: £4.50
Was: £5.50


Lightweight friction fire lighter with a 3000℃; spark to make fire lighting quick and easy whatever the weather

Sale: £7.00
Was: £9.00


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and weighs something like 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel for the same size

Masson sleeping bag liner - Reef


A lightweight liner designed to be used as a travel sheet in warmer climates or as a liner in your sleeping bag

Mantua silk sleeping bag liner
Sold Out


Silk sleeping bag liner, Mantua packs down to a tiny 25 cm circumference and weighs just 100 g



Lightweight and collapsable aluminium camping table to add a little convenience to your camping adventures

Sale: £16.00
Was: £19.00
Set of accessory caribiners


Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips



Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners, the pimpest way to rig up your accessories

Alu buckles
Sold Out

Pair of Quick Release Alu Buckles

A useful accessory to fix bags, we still use these to attach straps to our bouldering mats.

4 mm cord
Sold Out

Fredd 4

Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

Aluminium tent pegs

Candy Canes

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg



Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs

Sold Out

Y Beams

Y-shaped, strong, lightweight aluminium tent peg



Pack of 6 titanium tent pegs weighing just 15 grams each, an essential upgrade for lightweight wild camping

Lightweight titanium pegs


Uberlight full length titanium tent pegs

Aluminium spike pegs


Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

3 mm cord
Sold Out

Fredd 3

Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

Squeeze filtration system Point one

Sawyer Point One Squeeze Filter, 3 Pouches (1 x 16, 2 x 64 oz)

3.5 ounce squeeze water filter with 3 collapsible pouches for backpacking, camping, and all-round adventuring.

Sawyer Point One 32 oz pouches
Sold Out

Sawyer Point One Squeeze Filter, 2 pouches (32oz)

3 ounce squeeze water filter with 32 ounce collapsible pouch for backpacking, camping, and all-round adventuring.

Sawyer mini filtration system
Sold Out

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

2 ounce lightweight and compact water filtration system with 16 oz collapsible squeeze pouch, suitable for ultralight adventures, trail running and backpacking.

Sawyer 2 l Gravity Flow system

Sawyer Two Litre Water Filtration System

Dual bag water filtration system for backpacking, camping and all-round adventure

Sawyer 32 oz squeeze pouch

Sawyer 32 oz Squeezable Pouch, set of 3

Three 32 oz squeezable pouches for your Sawyer Squeeze and Mini water filtration systems

Sawyer 64 oz Pouch

Sawyer 64 oz Squeezable Pouch, set of 2

Two 64 oz squeezable pouches for your Sawyer Squeeze and Mini water filtration systems

Jaran 2 tent Footprint

Jaran 2 Footprint

Protect your Jaran 2 from protrusions, water and muddy ground

Jaran 3 Footprint

Jaran 3 Footprint

Slip your footprint under your tent to protect and extend the life of your Jaran 3

Clip stainless steel flask


Stainless steel 350ml flask for hot or cold fluids with a handy clip lid

Aluminium camp cooking windshield - Blue


Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield

Sale: £9.00
Was: £11.00
GNPDGT towel

GNPDGT Beach Towel

Go Nice Places and Do Good Things with this 100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel


Alpkit Sticker Pack

Alpkit logo sticker pack


Sugru - Pack of 8

Moldable rubber that can fix most things

Sold Out

Stormsure Watersports Repair Kit

Waterproof repair kit suitable for wetsuits, drysuits and other waterproof items

Stormsure Tuff patches
Sold Out

Stormsure Tuff Patches

Pack of 10 self adhesive waterproof patches for fixing your outdoor kit

5 metre's of tuff tape
Sold Out

Stormsure Tuff Tape

Stormsure Tuff Tape is clear sticky tape to fix a large array of outdoor products sold in 5m x 7.5 cm sections

Swig water bottle

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml capacity for swigging on the go


Swig Bottle Triple Pack

Triple Pack of 750ml Swig Bottles

£10.00 £15.00 if purchased separately
Complete slackline kit

Slack Kit

Complete 50 ft slackline kit with everything you need to get you started. Supply your own trees!

Pack of 10 AA batteries

AA Duracell Procell Batteries

A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Pack of 10 AAA batteries

AAA Duracell Procell Batteries

Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Stove, pan and windshield set

Lightweight Back Packing Camp Cookset

Lightweight cooking set comprising of a stove, pan set and windshield- everything you need to cook up a storm on camp. Just add gas and go ...

£65.00 £68.00 if purchased separately

Lightweight MyTiStax Cookset

Eating out for two, the adventurous way. A lightweight cooking and eating set for two people looking to keep the weight down.

£95.00 £104.00 if purchased separately

Microadventure Bivvy Bundle

Sleeping out in the open air, making wishes on shooting stars; Hunka converts your sleeping bag into a shelter and this pack includes all the equipment you need for your own microadventure.

£110.00 £124.00 if purchased separately
Pre Order

Microadventure Brukit Bundle

Camping bivvy bundle including an integrated stove, bivvy bag and headtorch

£105.00 £125.00 if purchased separately

Rig Tarp Bundle

The Rig 7 lets you sleep under the stars with a beautiful view without the feeling of cold rain on your face. Rig bivvy bundle includes all the necessities to get you rigging up in no time.

£105.00 £117.50 if purchased separately

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