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AK Socks
Yes those lowly items of clothing that often get forgotten but are always doing their best to help look after your feet...The Alpkit socks are firm favourite amongst the staff as they head out to go nice places, do good things. No matter what you might be gettign up to we hopefully have something to suit your needs. Trekkers for walking and those longer days on your feet, all purpose Aktif Ankles, lightweight Akcelerate and the the low cut biking, running awesome Akdrenalines .

Designed to be unisex we start at size 3 so perfect for men, women and kids to run, ride and walk. What are you waiting for, get out there...
Grey-Green AK Multi Activity Sock Range Pack
4 pairs of socks - one of each design for all your outdoor needs
Aktif Ankle
Pack of 3 low cut and lightweight Coolmax multi activity sport socks
Pack of 3 mountain biking socks
3 pack of our breathable microfibre dual skin running socks
Pack of 2 coolmax mid-weight walking socks
Sold Out
Heavy weight Trekkers
2 pairs of thick acrylic and wool trekking socks

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