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Winter Climbing

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Products & Equipment

Parallax [Mens]
Mens waterproof trousers

Sold Out

Laika [Womens]
Womens lightweight next-to-skin technical top

Yakutian [Womens] quarter length zip midlayer top blue

Yakutian [Womens]
quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00

Yakutian [Mens]
Mens quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00
Laika [Mens] heavyweight baselayer

Laika [Mens]
Lightweight next-to-skin technical top


Kangri Footprint
Kangri groundsheet

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fixe plus quickset blue

Fixe Plus Quickset
Set of 4 quickdraws


Fixe Lotus Stone
Keylock screwgate carabiner


Fixe Climber-on Helmet
Universal climbing helmet

Sale: £35.00
Was: £39.00

Fixe ProLite Evo
Lightweight climbing helmet


Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports


Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients


Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side


The White Spider
The classic account of the ascent of the Eiger

Sale: £9.00
Was: £10.00

Troll Wall
One of the most dramatic first ascents in British climbing history

Sale: £16.20
Was: £18.00
Vertical Mind

Vertical Mind
Train your brain; climb harder and have more fun

Sold Out
Training for New Alpinism

Training for the New Alpinism
A manual for the climber as an athlete

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00
Ben Nevis Winter Climbs

Winter Climbs Ben Nevis and Glen Coe
Over 900 buttress, gully and ridge routes

Sale: £15.30
Was: £17.00
Mountaincraft and Leadership

Mountaincraft and Leadership
The definitive tome for mountain regulars

Sale: £17.10
Was: £19.00
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain.

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
Technical skills and practical advice for winter activities

Sale: £16.50
Was: £18.00
Avalanche Essentials

Avalanche Essentials
A step-by-step system for safety and survival

Sale: £10.00
Was: £11.00
Snow Saw

Snow Saw
Super light and compact snow saw

Airo 180 super light backpacking sleeping mat - black

Airo 180
Full length lightweight self-inflating mat


All season geodesic tent suitable for 4-6 people