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Winter Climbing

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Products & Equipment

Parallax [Mens]
Mens waterproof trousers

Sold Out

Laika [Womens]
Womens lightweight next-to-skin technical top


Yakutian [Womens]
Womens quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00

Yakutian [Mens]
Mens quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00

Laika [Mens]
Mens lightweight next-to-skin technical top


Kangri Footprint
Kangri groundsheet

Sold Out

Fixe Plus Quickset
Set of 4 quickdraws


Fixe Lotus Stone
Keylock screwgate carabiner


Fixe Climber-on Helmet
Universal climbing helmet


Fixe ProLite Evo
Lightweight climbing helmet


Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports


Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients


Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side


The White Spider
The classic account of the ascent of the Eiger

Sale: £9.00
Was: £10.00

Troll Wall
One of the most dramatic first ascents in British climbing history

Sale: £16.20
Was: £18.00
Vertical Mind

Vertical Mind
Train your brain; climb harder and have more fun

Sale: £22.23
Was: £25.00
Training for New Alpinism

Training for the New Alpinism
A manual for the climber as an athlete

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00
One Day as a Tiger

One Day As A Tiger
A revelatory and poignant memoir of Alex MacIntyre

Sale: £18.00
Was: £20.00
Ben Nevis Winter Climbs

Winter Climbs Ben Nevis and Glen Coe
Over 900 buttress, gully and ridge routes

Sale: £15.30
Was: £17.00

Kyros screwgate
Set of 2 locking screwgate carabiners

Mountaincraft and Leadership

Mountaincraft and Leadership
The definitive tome for mountain regulars

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain.

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
Technical skills and practical advice for winter activities

Sale: £16.50
Was: £18.00
Avalanche Essentials

Avalanche Essentials
A step-by-step system for safety and survival

Sale: £10.00
Was: £11.00
Snow Saw

Snow Saw
Super light and compact snow saw

Sale: £40.00
Was: £40.00

Airo 180
Full length lightweight self-inflating mat


All season geodesic tent suitable for 4-6 people