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Alpkit Definition womens stormproof jacket - blue

Definition [Womens]
Womens stormproof jacket


Definition [Mens]
Men's waterproof jacket


Shox Single
Anti-shock trekking pole


Shox Twins
Anti-shock trekking poles


Rocky Rambler’s Wild Walks
Lake District Walking guide for kids

Sale: £7.20
Was: £8.00

2 pack coolmax mid-weight walking socks


Climbing Down
Long distance walks in the Scottish, Welsh and English hills — but in manageable chunks

Sale: £13.50
Was: £15.00
Carbonlite Ultra Pair

CarbonLite Twins
Unofficially lighter than the officially lightest carbon fibre trekking pole


Swig bottle
750 ml Alpkit Swig Drinks Bottle

Sold Out
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain.

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
Technical skills and practical advice for winter activities

Sale: £16.50
Was: £18.00
Avalanche Essentials

Avalanche Essentials
A step-by-step system for safety and survival

Sale: £10.00
Was: £11.00
Ultimate Navigation book

Ultimate Navigation Manual
Ultimate Navigation Manual

Sale: £13.50
Was: £15.00

Dual sided Sil Nylon pouches to store valuables

Single lightweight carbon walking pole

CarbonLite Single
Adjustable carbon fibre trekking pole