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Products & Equipment

Airlok 13 litre dry bag font (blue)

Airlok 13l
Lightweight 13 litre dry bag


Lightweight handlebar harness with fibreglass batons

Days to Remember - Rob Collister

Days to Remember
adventures and reflections of a mountain guide

Sale: £11.70
Was: £13.00
Distant Snow: John Harding

Distant Snows
a mountaineer's odyssey

Sale: £18.00
Was: £20.00
TiMigos Spoon, knife and fork

TiMigos Spoon
titanium spoon

Sale: £5.00
Was: £5.00
TiMigos fork, knife and spoon

TiMigos Fork
titanium fork

Sale: £5.00
Was: £5.00
TiMigos Knife, spoon, and fork

TiMigos Knife
titanium knife

Sale: £5.00
Was: £5.00
Sawyer Water Bottle

Sawyer Water Filter Bottle
water filtration bottle

Ibex 50 litre mountaineering rucksack

50 litre rucksack

Sale: £125.00
Was: £125.00
Womens griffon gridded fleece jacket in forest green

Griffon [Womens]
Women's hooded fleece


Griffon [Mens]
Mens hooded mid-layer fleece jacket


Katabatic [Womens]
Primaloft Gold Active Hooded Jacket

Sale: £140.00
Was: £140.00
Katabatic Mens synthetic insulated jacket blue

Katabatic [Mens]
Primaloft Gold Active Hooded Jacket

Sale: £140.00
Was: £140.00
Pipedream 600 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic
Goosedown all season sleeping bag weighing 1kg

Arctic Dream down expedition sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1200 Hydrophobic
-33ºC expedition goose down sleeping bag

Sold Out
Alpkit El Burro duffle style rucksack in Black

El Burro
Simple duffle style rucksack with sewn in daisy chain

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

Viper II
Lightweight 280 burst lumen LED head torch

Yakutian [Womens] quarter length zip midlayer top blue

Yakutian [Womens]
quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00

Yakutian [Mens]
Mens quarter length zip midlayer top

Sale: £29.00
Was: £35.00

Lightweight 300 lumen rechargeable light sensor LED head torch with rear safety light


Prism 630
500 lumen headtorch with 630 lumen boost


Powerful camping gas burner

Sale: £40.00
Was: £45.00
Pocket First Aid Book

Pocket First Aid
wilderness first aid

Sale: £10.80
Was: £12.00

Kangri Footprint
Kangri groundsheet

Sold Out

Heksa Footprint
Heksa groundsheet

Sold Out

Zhota Footprint
Zhota groundsheet

Sold Out

Fixe Lotus Stone
Keylock screwgate carabiner


Fixe 8mm Accessory Screwgate
Accessory carabiner


Fixe Climber-on Helmet
Universal climbing helmet

Sale: £35.00
Was: £39.00
Airlok 2 litre dry bag font (blue)

Airlok 2l
Lightweight 2 litre dry bag

Airlok 4 litre dry bag black

Airlok 4l
Lightweight 4 litre dry bag

Airlok 8 litre dry bag chilli ( red )

Airlok 8l
Lightweight 8 litre dry bag

Airlok 20 litre dry bag roll top black

Airlok 20l
Lightweight 20 litre dry bag

Airlok Dry Bag 35 litre roll top Plum ( purple )

Airlok 35l
Lightweight 35 litre dry bag


Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports


Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients


Extreme Foods - Mains
8 flavours of main meal to choose from


Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side

Arctic Dream Sleeping Bag Down 750 fill power

ArcticDream 1000
A -18ºC goose down bag for anyone who feels the cold and is venturing out into cold conditions

Sold Out
Arctic Dream 1400 sleeping bag down expedition

ArcticDream 1400
-48ºC goose down sleeping bag for extreme conditions

Arctic Dream 1200 expedition down sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1200 [2017]
-33ºC expedition goose down sleeping bag


Ordos 3 Footprint
Tent footprint for Ordos 3

Sold Out

Ordos 2 Footprint
Tent footprint for Ordos 2

Sold Out

The Longest Climb
The last great overland quest

Sale: £11.70
Was: £13.00

The White Spider
The classic account of the ascent of the Eiger

Sale: £9.00
Was: £10.00

Troll Wall
One of the most dramatic first ascents in British climbing history

Sale: £16.20
Was: £18.00
4 piece aluminium saucepan set

4 piece aluminium pan set

Sold Out

MytiPot 900
Titanium cooking pot with lid

Sale: £29.00
Was: £29.00
3 piece titanium pan set

Nested titanium cooking pot set with non stick fry pan

Aluminium camp cooking windshield - Blue

Aluminium windshield

Sale: £11.00
Was: £11.00
Kraku ultralight titanium camping gas stove

Ultralight titanium gas stove

Titanium remote gas canister stove

Remote canister stove

Ray Way Tarp Book

The Ray-Way Essential Tarp Book
The Essential Tarp Book

Sold Out
Cycling home from Siberia

Cycling Home from Siberia
A gripping story of endurance and adventure

Sale: £9.00
Was: £10.00
Chris Bonnington

Chris Bonington Mountaineer
A colourful coffee table book for any mountaineer

Sale: £18.00
Was: £20.00
Airlok tapered bikepacking watertight dry bag 13 litre kelp - green

Airlok Tapered 13l
tapered dry bag

Sold Out
Mountaincraft and Leadership

Mountaincraft and Leadership
The definitive tome for mountain regulars

Sale: £17.10
Was: £19.00

Versatile 3-4 person 4 season mountain tent

Sold Out
Feed Zone Portables

Feed Zone Portables
Recipe book of food for super athletic activity. Good nutrition the proper way

Sale: £19.80
Was: £22.00
Avalanche Essentials

Avalanche Essentials
A step-by-step system for safety and survival

Sale: £10.00
Was: £11.00

2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent

Sold Out

Dual sided Sil Nylon pouches to store valuables

Sale: £5.00
Was: £5.00

Kitbag 70
Burly 70 l durable duffle bag made by us in our UK factory

Aqua Wallit waterproof phone pouch black

Aqua Wallit
waterproof phone pouch

Sale: £5.00
Was: £5.00
Numo inflatable camping mattress

Full length 412 g ultralight inflatable camping mattress

Dirtbag sleeping mat

5 cm thick sleeping mat

Airo 180 super light backpacking sleeping mat - black

Airo 180
Full length lightweight self-inflating mat

Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating

Airo 120
2/3 length lightweight self-inflating mat


All season geodesic tent suitable for 4-6 people

Airlok 1 litre dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok 1l
Lightweight 1 litre dry bag

Silicon stuff bags

Pack of 4 ultra lightweight stuff bags

Sale: £17.00
Was: £17.00