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Endurance Racing

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PipeDream 600 Long Hydrophobic
Ultra lightweight 1145 g goose down sleeping bag


Pipedream 400 Long Hydrophobic
Long lightweight sleeping bag


PipeDream 200 Long Hydrophobic
Ultra lightweight 600 g long goose down sleeping bag


PipeDream 200 Hydrophobic
Ultra lightweight 545 g goose down sleeping bag

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Forestia Self-Heating Meal Pouch
Self heating food in a pouch


Forestia Meal Pouch
Real food in a pouch


protection eyewear

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Lightweight 300 lumen rechargeable light sensor LED head torch with rear safety light


Versatile handlebar harness


Airlok 2l
Lightweight 2 litre dry bag

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Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports


Extreme Foods - Mains
8 flavours of main meal to choose from


Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side


MytiMug 650
Titanium cooking mug


Insulated titanium mug

Kraku titanium stove

Ultralight titanium gas stove


Swig bottle
750 ml Alpkit Swig Drinks Bottle


MuleBar Kicks Gel 6 Pack
6 gels with a free water bottle

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MuleBar Energy 5 Pack
MuleBars 5 best selling bars in one trial pack

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MuleBar Energy Range Pack
Complete trial pack of MuleBars

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Nuun Active Hydration Tablet Tube
Nuun hydration tabs for trail runners, adventure racing and all outdoor activists

Feed Zone Portables

Feed Zone Portables
Recipe book of food for super athletic activity. Good nutrition the proper way

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Gourdon 20
A day sack size drybag with straps, elastic cord and pockets


Airo 180
Full length lightweight self-inflating mat


Airo 120
2/3 length lightweight self-inflating mat