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Products & Equipment

Airlok 13 litre dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok 13l
Lightweight 13 litre dry bag

Arctic Dream down expedition sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1200 Hydrophobic
-33ºC expedition goose down sleeping bag

Blue Alpine Dreamin Tee

Alpine Dreamin [Womens]
Organic cotton tee

Purveyors Long [Womens] organic cotton tee

Purveyors Long [Womens]
long sleeved organic cotton tee


Love Mud Big Heart Long [Mens]
Long sleeve organic cotton tee

ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic Goose down sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1400 Hydrophobic
-48 ºC expedition goose down sleeping bag

AlpineDream 1000 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

AlpineDream 1000 Hydrophobic
-25 ºC limit goose down sleeping bag

Alpkit Swoosh womens hoody navy blue

Swoosh Hoody [Womens]
organic cotton hoody

Alpkit swoosh mens organic cotton hoody burgundy

Swoosh Hoody [Mens]
Organic cotton hoody

Purveyors [Mens organic cotton tee

Purveyors [Mens]
organic cotton tee

Outfitters Long Sleeve tee [Mens]

Outfitters Long [Mens]
organic cotton long sleeve tee

Outfitters [Mens] cotton tee

Outfitters [Mens]
organic cotton tee

Outfitter tee - womens - blue

Outfitters [Womens]
organic cotton tee

Morphosis Hybrid Insulated Jacket [Mens] Black

Morphosis Jacket [Mens]
hybrid insulated windshell with zoned gridded fleece

Mens Argonaut waterproof jacket steel

Argonaut [Mens]
multi-activity 2.5 layer waterproof jacket

Mens Apogee Grey primaloft gold belay jacket

Apogee Jacket [Mens]
Primaloft Gold insulated winter belay jacket

Big Shakeout Mug 2017

Big Shakeout 2017 Commemorative Mugs [4 Pack]
four ceramic Big Shakeout mugs

Sale: £12.50
Was: £16.00
Big Shakeout 2017 Tee

Big Shakeout 2017 Tee [Womens]
Women’s Big Shakeout 2017 tee

Sale: £12.00
Was: £18.00
Big Shakeout Mens Tee 2017

Big Shakeout 2017 Tee [Mens]
Big Shakeout Festival 2017 Mens Tee

Sale: £12.00
Was: £18.00
TiMigos Spoon, knife and fork

TiMigos Spoon
titanium spoon

TiMigos fork, knife and spoon

TiMigos Fork
titanium fork

TiMigos Knife, spoon, and fork

TiMigos Knife
titanium knife

Firepot dehydrated meal pouch 200 g Chilli

Firepot Meal Pouch XL
dehydrated meal pouches

Alpkit Tetri 3 pole geodesic backpacking tent in Green

classic geodesic 2 man backpacking tent

Viso 3 person tunnel tent

Viso 3
spacious tunnel 3 person backpacking tent

Viso 2 person tunnel tent

Viso 2
spacious tunnel 2 person backpacking tent

Pipedream 200 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 200 Hydrophobic
Ultralight 750+ fill power goose down sleeping bag

bananagrams party game

Bananagrams Party
The anagram game that will drive you bananas!!

SkyeHigh 900 Hydrophobic sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 900 Hydrophobic
-13˚C limit 4 season duck down sleeping bag weighing 1420 g

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 700 Hydrophobic
-8˚C limit 3 – 4 season duck down sleeping bag

Pipedream 600 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic
-12˚C limit ultralight goose down sleeping bag

Skyehigh 500 Hydrophobic sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 500 Hydrophobic
-4ºC limit duck down classic sleeping bag

Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic
-6˚C limit ultralight goose down sleeping bag

Cloud base lightweight inflatable camping mat - grey / silver

Cloud Base
Inflatable camping mat


Cloud Cover Hydrophobic
Lightweight down quilt


Titanium accessory carabiners


Titanium tent pegs

Kepler Boxers Womens technical merino boxers grey

Kepler Boxers [Womens]
pure ultrafine merino boxers


Titanium cutlery set


Titanium chopsticks


MytiBowl 600
600 ml titanium camping bowl


MytiBowl 300
300 ml titanium bowl


Titanium plate


TiSpoon XXL
Titanium spoon


6 titanium V pegs

Qark head torch 300 lumen

Lightweight 300 lumen rechargeable light sensor LED head torch with rear safety light

Ordos 3 - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent

Ordos 3
ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent

Alpkit Ordos 2 ultra-lightweight tent in green

Ordos 2
ultralight and compact 2 person backpacking tent

Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress

Comfortable inflatable camping mat


Stainless steel hip flask

wire saw

Bushcraft wire saw for campfires in remote places


Be a bushcraft firestarter with Jasper firesticks


Travel towel


Powerful camping gas burner

Sold Out
Clip stainless steel flask

Stainless steel 350ml flask to keep your drink hot or cold


Kangri Footprint
Kangri groundsheet


Heksa Footprint
Heksa groundsheet

Sold Out

Zhota Footprint
Zhota groundsheet


Lightweight alcohol burner

Sold Out
Glowe LED camping lantern

Lightweight, 170 lumen, backpacking, dual-function lantern

Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus

Double Dozer
7.5cm thick double self-inflating mat. 5 star camping comfort.


Fixe 8mm Accessory Wiregate
Accessory carabiner

Airlok 2 litre dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok 2l
Lightweight 2 litre dry bag

Airlok 8 litre dry bag chilli ( red )

Airlok 8l
Lightweight 8 litre dry bag

Airlok 20 litre dry bag roll top chilli (red)

Airlok 20l
Lightweight 20 litre dry bag

Airlok Dry Bag 35 litre roll top kelp (green)

Airlok 35l
Lightweight 35 litre dry bag


Mashk Portable Sink
Durable portable camping sink


Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients


Extreme Foods - Mains
8 flavours of main meal to choose from


Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side

ArcticDream 1200 expedition down sleeping bag

ArcticDream 1200 [2017]
-33ºC expedition goose down sleeping bag

Sale: £369.00
Was: £425.00
Jaran 3 Footprint

Jaran 3 Footprint
Footprint for Jaran 3

Jaran 2 tent Footprint

Jaran 2 Footprint
Footprint for Jaran 2


Ordos 3 Footprint
Tent footprint for Ordos 3


Ordos 2 Footprint
Tent footprint for Ordos 2

4 piece aluminium saucepan set

4 piece aluminium pan set


MytiMug 650
Titanium cooking mug


Insulated titanium mug

Titanium water bottle

Titanium water bottle

Sold Out
3 piece titanium pan set

Nested titanium cooking pot set with non stick fry pan

Titanium cooking pot chain

Pot support for open fire cooking

Aluminium camp cooking windshield - Blue

Aluminium windshield

Kraku ultralight titanium camping gas stove

Ultralight titanium gas stove

Titanium remote gas canister stove

Remote canister stove

Micro Adventures by Al Humphries

A guide to finding great adventures in the ordinary

Sale: £15.30
Was: £17.00
Jaran 3 Lightweight backpacking tent

Jaran 3
comfortable 3 person freestanding backpacking tent

Jaran 2 lightweight backpacking tent

Jaran 2
comfortable 2 person freestanding backpacking tent

Swig water bottle

Swig bottle
drinks bottle

Mountain Beanie

Mountain Beanie
Cosy fleece-lined beanie hat

Survival guide book

The Wilderness Survival Guide
practical skills guide

Sale: £9.90
Was: £11.00
Remote Exposure Book

Remote Exposure
outdoor photography guide

Sale: £20.70
Was: £23.00
Lightweight foldable titanium spork

SnapWire Foon
Titanium folding spork

Feed Zone Portables

Feed Zone Portables
Recipe book of food for super athletic activity. Good nutrition the proper way

Sale: £19.80
Was: £22.00
Rig 7 lightweight nylon tarp kelp

Rig 7
Lightweight waterproof tarp with lifters


geodesic 2 person 4 season mountaineering tent

Trinity LED camping lantern

190 lumen, dual-function, camping LED lantern

Bananagrams word game

The anagram game that will drive you bananas!!

Rig 3.5 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 3.5
Solo Lightweight Tarp


Sugru - Pack of 8
Soft Rubber Fixy Stuff

Rig 21 multi person expedition tarp kelp

Rig 21
4 - 8 man lightweight expedition tarp

Pass the Pigs game

Pass the Pigs
A classic game for generations and probably the best dice game ever!

Alu buckles

Pair of Quick Release Alu Buckles
Aluminium Quick Release Buckles

Guyrope Gourmet cookery book

GuyRope Gourmet - A Camping Cookbook
Josh Suttons - Campsite cookery guide

Sale: £11.70
Was: £13.00
Lampray camping lantern and charging station

rechargeable lantern and portable charging station


Y Beams
Y-shaped, strong, lightweight aluminium tent peg

Aluminium tent pegs

Candy Canes
Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg

Aluminium spike pegs

Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

Lightweight titanium pegs

Uberlight full length titanium tent pegs

5 mm cord

Fredd 5
Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

3 mm cord

Fredd 3
Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

4 mm cord

Fredd 4
Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

Lightweight foldable titanium knife

SnapWire Knife
Folding titanium camping knife

Lightweight foldable titanium spoon

SnapWire Spoon
Folding titanium camping spoon

Foldable titanium fork ideal for lightweight camping

SnapWire Fork
Folding titanium camping fork


Titanium spork

Flatiron Fork lightweight titanium fork

FlatIron Fork
Lightweight Titanium fork

Lightweight long handled titanium spork

Long handled titanium spork

Hunka XL bivvy / bivi bag green - kelp

Hunka XL
Ultralight large sized bivvy bag


Dual sided Sil Nylon pouches to store valuables

Alpkit Kitbag duffle bag navy blue

Kitbag 50
50 l Bombproof dufflebag made by us in our own UK factory

Numo inflatable camping mattress

Full length 412 g ultralight inflatable camping mattress

Dirtbag sleeping mat

5 cm thick sleeping mat

Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating

Airo 120
2/3 length lightweight self-inflating mat

Heksa geodesic 6 person 4 season expedition tent  - red

geodesic 6 person 4 season expedition tent

Airlok 1 litre dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok 1l
Lightweight 1 litre dry bag

Hunka bivvy / bivi bag green - kelp

Ultralight bivvy bag and sleeping bag cover

Silicon stuff bags

Pack of 4 ultra lightweight stuff bags