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Products & Equipment

Airlok 13l
Lightweight 13 litre dry bag

Sold Out

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag


Lightweight handlebar harness with fibreglass batons

Sawyer Water Bottle

Sawyer Water Filter Bottle
water filtration bottle

Gnaro welded bike luggage

welded bike luggage


Tivaro 13l
Welded handlebar mounted drybag


Welded seatbag


Welded bar bag


Tivaro 20l
Welded handlebar mounted drybag


Welded seatpack


Analoko - Large
Large welded frame bag


Analoko - Medium
Medium welded frame bag


Analoko - Small
Small welded frame bag


Love Mud Fettler
8 in one multi-tool


Drop Bear
4 litre bar bag


Love Mud Bora
Compact trail pump


PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic
Lightweight goose down sleeping bag


Enduro Pod
Top tube tank bag


Love Mud Confucius
Aluminium hoop bar


Toliari 5 Clipless
Mountable drybag


Lost Lanes
36 Glorious bike rides in Southern England

Sale: £13.50
Was: £15.00

Love Mud Juice
Dynamo hub


Basics of bike packing plus suggested trips

Sale: £15.45
Was: £17.00

3 litre saddle bag


Versatile handlebar harness


Possum Large
Large bike packing frame bag


Possum Medium
Medium bike packing frame bag


Possum Small
Small bike packing frame bag


Fuel Pod Large
Top tube mounted bag for trail mix, gels, tubes, GPS and tools


Fuel Pod Medium
Top tube mounted bag for trail mix, gels, tubes, GPS and tools

Hook and loop strap

VELCRO® Brand straps
5 x Spare double sided hook and loop straps


Airlok 2l
Lightweight 2 litre dry bag

Sold Out

Airlok 4l
Lightweight 4 litre dry bag

Sold Out

Airlok 8l
Lightweight 8 litre dry bag

Sold Out

Airlok 20l
Lightweight 20 litre dry bag

Sold Out

Airlok Dual 13l
13 litre dual ended roll top dry bag


Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports


Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients


Extreme Foods - Mains
8 flavours of main meal to choose from


MytiMug 650
Titanium cooking mug


Insulated titanium mug


MytiPot 900
Titanium cooking pot with lid

Titanium kettle

Lightweight titanium kettle

Kraku titanium stove

Ultralight titanium gas stove

Micro Adventures by Al Humphries

A guide to finding great adventures in the ordinary

Sale: £15.30
Was: £17.00

Swig bottle
750 ml Alpkit Swig Drinks Bottle


Airlok Tapered 13l
13l tapered dry bag perfect for paddling, bike packing

Feed Zone Portables

Feed Zone Portables
Recipe book of food for super athletic activity. Good nutrition the proper way

Sale: £16.20
Was: £18.00
Rig 7 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 7
Lightweight waterproof tarp with lifters

Sold Out
Fat Bike Stingray frame bag

Fat Bike Stingray
Custom-made frame bag for your fat bike

VX21 Black

Custom-made bikepacking frame bag

Bikepacking accessory pouch in black

Roo Pouch
Handlebar accessory pouch

Koala seat pack for bikepacking

Lightweight seat pack


Big Papa
Large capacity seat pack

Rig 3.5 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 3.5
Solo Lightweight Tarp


Airlok Dual 20l
Dual ended 20l dry bag for accessibility on the move


Full length 412 g ultralight inflatable camping mattress


Gourdon 20
A day sack size drybag with straps, elastic cord and pockets


Airo 180
Full length lightweight self-inflating mat


Airo 120
2/3 length lightweight self-inflating mat