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Social Swim with Alpkit Ambleside

Location: Borrans Park Observatory

A sure-fire way to kick start your day - a dip in Windermere with the Alpkit Ambleside store heroes!

Meeting at Borrans Park Observatory for 8am, hold your breath and make a splash!

Hot coffee (and maybe some fresh croissants too!) will be brought down to the shore to warm you back up.



Borrans Park Obervatory (the little Stone building in the park next to Wateredge Inn).

Not sure where that is? Wander down from Alpkit Ambleside store with the team at 7:45am

Address: Alpkit Ambleside, 100 Lake road, Ambleside, LA22 0DB



8am Wednesday 17th April:


How much:



What to bring:

Swimsuit or Wetsuit...

Warm clothes and a towel

A buoyancy aid is always recommended


How far will be swimming:

As little or as far as you like!


No Wetsuit but keen to try one out?

Get in touch with the team at Alpkit Ambleside, we have a small stock of demo suits which you can try out. Please arrange in advance.

Tel: 015394 54954


Note: This isn't a guided swim, everyone taking part should be a competant swimmer and self sufficient.

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