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Viki coils her ropes ice climbing in Canada. ph Ramon Marin

Filoment micro-rib down jacket and vest

The lightweight micro-rib down jacket and vest is ideal for fast and light activity where you want added warmth but don't want to constrict arm movements. It looks good and feels good. Think of it as a zippable sweater with a light DWR coating. Our go-to piece of equipment as it stuffs into a 1l or 2l dry bag but weighs from just 280g with over 100g of down.

We have been making down clothing and sleeping bags since 2005. Our customers have taken our down jackets all over the world; from the Alps, to the Himalaya to Antartica. Some people go around the world, some never stop. Their adventures are our legacy. Find out more about down clothing on our site.

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Hey, I’ve really got my eye on this jacket. I know it’s a guys’ jacket and I’m a girl but I adore the colour, and the measurements for the men’s S aren’t too off my body measurements. So, I’ve been checking this website all month now, waiting for smalls to come into stock, but nothing has. Have you discontinued this line? If not, when is the next stock due to come in? If you have discontinued it, do you have an alternative that’s similar? Thanks smile

05 February, 2015 by Alice

A great jacket! Really warm, practical, and light.

I would confirm that dry cleaning is a bad idea. I had that done and it came back with an entire pocket now missing its feathers! :-(

The cleaning instructions are quite clear now - do follow them!

01 February, 2015 by mike

After 3 years of winter use I’m thinking its time for another Filo. Its not a degrading of warmth you understand, far from it. But its getting a tad grubby now,a few spots of oil and possibly other things i think nobody really wants to discuss, in any detail at least.
Lasted me well it has and performed every task ive asked of it. From extra warmth in the sleeping bag to a throw-on from my bike pack.
Im 6’3” and shall we say ‘lean’
The large i found too tight under the armpits but otherwise is very snug around the body. With some layers it could prove to be too tight so i went for the XL which is a good bit better. Lots of room for a heavy jumper etc.
Pockets are huge. They can easily hold an entire bottle of Rum plus your hand One inside pocket with is zipped and adequate enough for mobile etc and has a humorous label which is correct in that i never take it off.
Ear roaster of a hood.
If anything the baffle behind the main zip can snag, which is annoying as hell especially when its at the top. I end up looking like im wearing a cloak.
And a half layer of down under the pockets to keep my fingertips warm. Theyre too close to the bottom of the jacket. ?I see its this way and all but it would benefit for it.

31 December, 2014 by Andy

I ordered my Filo as a replacement for a beloved old Rab Summit which was finally, after over 15 years, too disgusting to be seen in public - covered in patches and grubby marks which will no longer come out.
What can I say? The Filo is an excellent replacement, soft and lighter than the Rab, and whilst in theory the duck down is of a lower spec than the goose down of the Rab, you really wouldn’t know it. Warmth wise its hard to compare, but it seems warmer than the Rab NOW is, but possibly not as warm as the top-end Rab originally was.
Fit wise, I’m normally between a M and a L with tops, (40” chest, 34” waist, average height/arm length), and the Large is spot on for outdoor use, as I can get plenty underneath if really necessary but its fine over just a shirt without swamping me.
The hood is excellent, though will rarely get used. Pockets are generous. The long tail is a really excellent feature. The zip is slightly prone to jamming, but not much and I seem to have got used to that.
Very happy so far, after one week’s ownership, I’m almost glad the cold has finally arrived!
One note on the colour - Gargoyle/Peel. On my screen, it has a greenish tinge, which almost put me off. The reality is more of a steel grey, and is exactly as I hoped it would be!
Very happy to recommend this product.

03 December, 2014 by Mal Grey

Great jacket. Impressed at how warm yet light it is. No issues with stitching or feathers poking through on mine. Thanks Alpkit!

24 November, 2014 by Sarah C

Why do men get all the best colours? Please stop with the baby blues and purples, I want the chilli steel or gargoyle peel!!

24 November, 2014 by carole standing

Only got jacket yesterday but first impressions…its fantastic. Nicer to wear than the ‘big’ brands I’ve mulled over for the last month and beautifully made. A few people at work will be contacting you soon!!
Thanks so much.

20 November, 2014 by Ian Brocklesby

Hi Alpkit Team,

after looking at pictures of the new Filo Jacket, I would like to adress a problem or an improvement. I have a Filo for some years now and really like it, EXCEPT for the stupid drawcords INSIDE the hood towards the lips/ mouth. They keep banging or pushing into the already frost beaten face ( or for what reasons would I close the hood :D). Place them on the outside, and everything should be fine…

Keep it up and many thanks,


03 November, 2014 by Gregor Sonin

Fantastic jacket, it kept me warm over 2 winters in the Langtang nat Park, Nepal. 2500 ms - only 2 comments - not compressible and not showerproof

01 November, 2014 by Corin

Hey Vicki,
Thank you for the feedback.

We have all been using the jacket as well as the thousands we sold and have not had any of these issues previously mentioned. The jacket is a lighter weight model than previous years and a lot has changed since the jacket you bought from us over 4 years ago.

The fabric is lighter and therefore not as durable - but it is the same style and make of fabric as many other manufacturers jackets. We have not compromised on any detail. Drop us an e-mail if you have any more queries or would like is to look at your jacket - Jay

30 October, 2014 by Jay Oram


I got my down jacket last january. It was when you increased to 120 pounds and then four weeks later dropped the price back to 80 pounds.
I just wondered has there been any feedback with regards the longevity of the jackets. I would say I look after mine fairly well but the stitching around the cuffs has come loose several times and the stitching around the pockets has come loose causing me to loose feathers left, right and centre. The zip has stuck a few times but I use my drysuit zip wax to lubricate. The jacket has taken snags far easier then my previous incarnation of the same jacket. I do not find them as durable as the ones bough four years ago. They definitely were built to last.
Anyone else raised these points?
Ps any chance of getting the down sleeping bags back in any time this year or soon??

30 October, 2014 by Vicki

Hey Chris,

The Down is sourced in China and from a down distributor. We are happy with it’s ethical status. It is not from live plucked birds or birds that have been force fed.

Check out our Down product manager Nicks ethical down articles for more information -

Down Sourcing 2014

From 2008 -

Hope this helps,


27 October, 2014 by Jay Oram


Could you tell me where the down in these jackets is sourced please?

I would like to now before I buy.



24 October, 2014 by Chris Baker

Hey Fil,

The jacket will pack down into a 4 litre Airlok drybag, it does not come with a stuff sack or pack into it’s own pocket.


24 October, 2014 by Jay Oram

All I have to compare this jacket to is my wife’s rab neutrino.An amazing jacket and I’m sure your jacket have very similar properties and performance.Hers packs down into a tiny stuff sack and weighs nothing.Does the filo have a stuff sack?does it pack down as small too?(thank you for my new ribs for my kanga)

23 October, 2014 by FIL

Maybe add fillweight and total weight to specification?

23 February, 2014 by Magnus

Great jacket that’s superbly warm.  Quite generous with the sizing.  I love the way the elastic on the sleeve ends can close around gloves and this also helps bunch up the sleeves, for extra warmth, for those shorter in the arm!  Very light and well filled padding that creates a cocooning feel as you put your hands down the sleeves when putting the jacket on.  Much better than a lot of it’s competitors.  Definite Alpkit convert here!  If the rest of their range is as good, why go anywhere else!!

23 February, 2014 by Dave Pendleton

Great product & fantastic service from Alpkit. Jacket fits me well (L for 6’2”, long-armed, slim-ish guy!).Nice & long at the back, perhaps could do with a little longer at the front? Colour much nicer than in the photo -  slate blue/grey outer, grey inner.

15 February, 2014 by John T

I have just returned from a 10 day hike in the arctic (northern Norway) with difficult conditions including a snow storm. I bought the Filo for this trip knowing I would face cold temperatures (it was between 0 and -10 degrees C).

It was always a pleasure to slip on my jacket at lunch breaks or in the evening. It feels like being in a sleeping back, with a nice fit and a comfortable sensation against the skin. The wire in the hood and the tail were two features I appreciated.

The jacket packs down nicely to a small size, and blows up very quickly again. The only negative point was that I bought the recommended Airlock Xtra 5L which I find is too small for the jacket (it fits, but I couldn’t roll the top back more than once, so it wasn’t completely waterproof).

I will be buying Alpkit again!

06 October, 2013 by Maxim

Filo jacket, such great value for money. Better than any other (more expensive) down jacket that I’ve ever owned. Simple, lightweight, packs small. Great product, strongly reccommended

11 May, 2013 by D.G.

Just taken delivery of a men’s Filo. Seems perfectly well made with none of the loose threads others have mentioned. One or two tiny feathers poking through but that was it.

I’m about 6’1” and about 14st/88kg with a long body and arms. Found it to be a really good fit over a T-shirt and sweatshirt - sleeves long enough to stretch arms without pulling up and tail still covering my butt nicely when bending from the waist.

24 April, 2013 by Tim Croydon

I’ve only had my Filo for a couple of monthss and have been city-wearing it all March. It’s the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned and unexpectedly wind-resistant too. At the sale price of £80, it’s unbeatable value for money. My only qualm is that some of the baffle stitching is a tad loose/has come undone and will snag on something eventually, but I’d still happily buy another one when I next need a down jacket.

18 April, 2013 by Rich W

My new Filo has arrived today, Monday. I only ordered it on Friday afternoon. Excellent service.  It had been recommended by my daughter. For the price paid, it repesents very good value for money. Fabric alone today does not come cheap. I’m looking forward to being warm. Thanks.

08 April, 2013 by Sharman Jones

Ordered my (reduced price) Filo on Wednesday - Wearing it on Friday! Can’t say better than that for service, and although only “town” use as yet - I was boiling despite the cutting easterlies.
Shame all the Gent’s £80 ones are sold out, or I may have treated my partner to one too!
Thank you Alpkit!

05 April, 2013 by Fran Kenden

You get what you pay for in my opinion.  I love ALPKIT and have more than one or two items of gear but you do really get what you pay for with these jackets.  I bought two Filo’s, one for me and one for the wife.  They look fantastic from a distance, its not until you get up close and personal that you notice the poor stitching and the feathers escaping.  I have a Skyhigh 800 sleeping bag and a down body warmer and neither have these problems.  To be fair I paid £80 each for the jackets but still expected more.  Cheaper isn’t always better.  Chebs.

22 March, 2013 by Chebs

Having been pleased with my Filet, when the Filo came up in the sale I decided to buy. I was disappointed to see that, unlike the Filet, there’s no men’s extra small Filo. I’m a 35” chest, and the small size, at 36-38”, is usually a bit too big. However, the womens size 10 is identical in body dimensions to my XS Filet, so I took a punt and ordered a black one. It fits very well.

In terms of performance, it’s extremely warm, light and comfortable. A couple of loose threads, and a few bits of down escaping, but nothing significant.

Good job Alpkit (even if you have turned me into a cold weather transvestite!).

22 March, 2013 by Martyn Johnson

very good quality/price.Year best buy. Is posible to light a little avoiding doble useless inner lining.Could improve hood buttons with velcro for windy conditions

14 March, 2013 by Juan

Just got my jacket and it is amazingly warm and keeps the wind at bay which with the current weather conditions is a great help. Delivery was quick and I can find no issues with the jacket other than that I look like a blue version of mitchelin man in it. I am very happy with my purchase and will look to Alpkit for my gear in the future.

13 March, 2013 by Beth Doubtfire

Received my jacket the other day and it seems great - a nicely designed bit of kit at an exceptionally good price.  Not bothered by the odd loose thread here and there.  I hope the two-way zip doesn’t creep upwards from the bottom (never understood why companies spec these - do wearers ever actually use them?).  Also, how come you downgraded to 600+ (website) or is it 650+ (label) fill power - just a question of economics?  Fair enough if so.  Jacket bulks up nicely anyway, so I’m sure it will be warm.  Overall - great job, Alpkit.  Keep up the good work.

13 March, 2013 by Will

Bought my filo jacket in November 2011 and it’s been a constant companion almost all year round. It was exceptional value for money and I have not been disappointed. It’s amazing how many other Alpkit customers strike up a conversation when they see the jacket!
Unfortunately, I snagged it and pulled a small hole. Alpkit suggested returning the jacket to them for a free repair. I posted it on a Monday and was wearing it again by Friday. The patch is secure and barely noticeable.
The customer service was truly impressive and far exceeded my expectations.  A big thank you Alpkit!

12 March, 2013 by Kathryn

Hi there, first of all I recently bought the Filo on sale and the delivery was very prompt. The only minor issue was that there was a very tiny hole in the jacket. So I sent it back for repair as I really like the feel of it. I went to collect it from my local post office depot today and wore it straight away. Thank god I wore it today as the weather was really rubbish and I had only a baselayer with a t-shirt today. I couldn’t believe it that I didn’t even feel the wind and the cold, this jacket is really great. As well I must say the customer service, due to the repair, is top notch. I guess it was just a bit of bad luck but hey I still love this jacket!! Great stuff alpkit.

12 March, 2013 by Alvin Vassoodaven

Great Jacket, i know it will keep me warm on the crag and anywhere else TBH. It really well made and really comfy.

I have over a 6ft reach/ arm span and the M fits perfectly.

Managed to get one at the bargain price of £80, i feel like I have conned Alpkit somehow as the price is crazy.

The delivery was fantastic, from ordering - delivery it took 2 days, spot on. I will be back for more kit.

07 March, 2013 by Andy

My filo arrived today .Really pleased Great fit,really warm, Brilliant value. Excellent customer service-the handwritten note is a lovely touch.

06 March, 2013 by alysonhale

The Filo down jacket has the highest spec white goose down, very light material and up to date design. All for what was originally under £150. Our closest competitor with all the same features and specification was over £200!

This is not a traditional sale in which we aim to lower the price for a week or two, it is a commitment to keep our basic level down jacket at the lowest possible price, with the best specification. So you guys can Go Nice Places and Do Good Things for as little cost as possible.

We understand customer’s who have had the jacket for a while now will be disappointed with the reduction in price, however we hope they have had use of the jacket over the cold winter period. Where as customer’s now will most likely be getting the shorts out for summer and putting their jacket away for next year.

Jay - Alpkit Unplugged

05 March, 2013 by Jay@alpkit.com

Bought in the sale for half price, this was exceptional value for money. It’s hardly ever off my back, even around the house. I’m small and slim, so went for the XS which fits perfectly. The design is great. If I was buying again, I’d probably go for the black since my red one seems to look grubby fairly quickly, and like all down clothing it’s a pain to wash. I tried to wash mine by itself in pure soap in the washing machine, and all it did was float on the top of the water! I had to put a few other things in with it to make it wet out and wash properly. A very brief low speed spin didn’t seem to do it any harm.

The down does leak out a little, but not enough to be a problem.

Highly recommended.

I’ve just ordered a Filo…..but why no extra small size available???

01 March, 2013 by Martyn Johnson

Probably best to buy these jackets while they are reduced to £80! most of us paid £120 even at the time when other down jackets were in sales. Lesson learnt never buy alpkit products at full price again or at all…

01 March, 2013 by Upset Customer

As always with alpkit im very pleased. I have used it for various activities over the winter here in sweden, and it has served me well. The only complaint i’ve got is that one of the buttons on the front of the hood wont close due to duplicate sides of the button.

22 February, 2013 by Andreas Linderoth

Is there another shipment date for the Filet jackets soon?

(...We’ve probably got another 6 months of cold weather before ‘summer’ in this country)  wink

18 February, 2013 by Richard

I am nearly 6’4” and a relatively slim build but by no means a stick! I bought a Medium sized Filo in Rocket/Zest (a really lovely colour combo!) and was very impressed with it’s fit (nice and close so maximising warmth - still with room for baselayers, fleece etc.) but decided that it really was not the right size as was too restrictive in the shoulders, a wee bit too short in the sleeves and the body length was tolerable but still a bit on the short side.

Alpkit swapped it for a Large, no problem, but I’ve had to send this back for a refund as it doesn’t fit for all the opposite reasons (i.e. perfect length in arms, body, etc. but just too loose around body, arm and neck).

Alpkit have been super helpful throughout but I feel sure that their customer base must include a lot of 6’+ people like me who are of slim, athletic build. Please Alpkit would you consider making these lovely jackets in a tall/slim sizing? A close fitting jacket is soooo much warmer than a baggy one.

The search continues…

11 February, 2013 by Nick Rorke

I cannot recommend this company and its products enough.  I love my filo jacket, it was just as good as similar but much more expensive products on the market.  I tore it recently and was gutted and so sent them an email and before i knew it they had repaired it for free and i was wearing it again (less than 5 days!) such excellent customer service is rare these days and so well done Alpkit - I will definately be back!!

11 February, 2013 by Tonia Forsyth

Sold my ME Annapurna on Ebay - great jacket, but overkill now that I’m not going to Nepal again. The Filo was my first choice (I bought my wife one a couple of years ago) and I’m delighted with it! Light and superbly compressible. Great price too!!

04 February, 2013 by Austin Patterson

Bought my Filo in December, really pleased with it, very warm and a good looking jacket. Some of the stitching came loose under the arm, I took the jacket back to Alpkit and they
sorted the problem without any quibble. I also own SkyHigh 800 sleeping bag with which I am very happy. Great equipment at great prices with great customer service.

02 February, 2013 by Andy Daley

If we ignore the little bits of down and the loose threads that were easily tidied this is as good as down jackets costing £50+ more than the filo.

02 February, 2013 by Chris O'Brien

Having had a Filo for about a year now, its about time I shared my views..

Basically, its fantastic.  Its the first down jacket I’ve owned so the price (£95 at the time) was fantastic compared to anything of similar spec.  The build quality is excellent & there are no signs of fatigue after a year of abuse. 

Most importantly it has kept me warm at all times, during winter wild camps in the lakes & on chilly walks to the pub.  I now find that, during the winter, this jacket gets worn everywhere.

The only minor gripe would be the zip isn’t great, but having bought my girlfriemd one of the 2013 filos I notice this has been rectified.  Alpkit clearly listen & take on board customer views - which is one of the reasons they are such a fantastic brand.

As always, a brilliant product, at an affordable price.  Recommended.

01 February, 2013 by Chris Walsh

Fantastic jacket and thanks to the excellent service arrived just before the snow - bring on the artic conditions I’m ready!

21 January, 2013 by Marcia Alexander

I have hankered after a down jacket for a couple of years and I’ve just not been in a position financially or morally to pay premium price for the more ubiquitous brands you see around.  After much research I stumbled upon Alpkit just before Christmas and I was really gutted the Filo was out of stock as they were waiting the arrival of the new model.  It had great reviews and it was a fraction of the price of the other makes.

So, I waited, I got cold, I was miserable and then I suddenly remembered my down jacket objective and Alpkit.  I measured myself and ordered my jacket last Wednesday evening.  This morning, along with the snow came the arrival of my jacket :o) - I panicked!  The parcel was SO tiny, I thought I had ordered the wrong size!!!  Imagine my delight when I opened the package and my jacket magically expanded! 

I have just tried it out outside (I couldn’t wait) and I am more than happy with my purchase. It fits perfectly, It’s very cosy, I’m so pleased, I think I might sleep in it ha ha!

One think I will say though, I had to be really careful opening the bag with scissors, it was so tightly packed I was scared I might cut into it.  Other than that, the customer service was excellent, the hand written note was a lovely, personal touch and I love my new jacket.  Reading the inscription on the inside of the coat, I won’t be passing my coat on in a hurry and you won’t be seeing it on E-Bay any time soon, it’s here to stay :o)

Thank you Alpkit, you have been exceptional.

21 January, 2013 by Sharron Hamilton

I ordered an Alpkit jacket based on reviews and recommendations, I couldn’t wait to get it ! On prompt delivery, I opened the package to find a great looking jacket but with some definite quality problem’s. There were bad stitches and even around one of the arm joins it had come apart. I contacted Alpkit and organised for another to be sent. The next was much better stitching wise but after a bit of use the down feathers were doing there best to exit there holding cells, a couple every now and again would have been acceptable but I was find about 3 new feathers a day. In the end the jacket was warm in -16 weather with thermals, comfortable and stylish with a decent price, but the quality was a let-down so it was returned. Alpkit customer service has been very good.

20 January, 2013 by A fan but disappointed.

Bought my women’s filo in blue just before xmas - boy am I glad! Brilliant. Really cosy, has retained its puffiness despite general abuse so far & fits fine. I have a long torso and the length at the back means I will never have to worry about cold kidneys again. Will definitely buy again (if mine ever dies!)

FYI, bought mine from the showroom and the pink is really more purple and much nicer than the colour shows on the site.

19 January, 2013 by Andie

I’ve been wearing my Filo I bought last year in the current wintery weather at -8 with just a t- shirt underneath and have to say what an outstanding bit of kit.

Even though it was -8 I found myself having to open the jacket slightly as I was too warm and like most others I checked out all the so called top brands and the Filo wins hands down!

I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone thinking of buying it…

19 January, 2013 by Steven

My Filo arrived yesterday 16th January - it’s been -1 deg for a week and been snowing all day. Snow forecast for all day tomorrow.
So far, it’s been fantastic. Brilliant fit, neat construction and feels lovely. Can’t wait to walk home in the snow later.
Highly recommended kit. Fantastic value. Great service. Thanks.

17 January, 2013 by Ben Wright

Just took delivery of my new Filo, Rocket/Zest in large.

Very pleased with the colour and overall quality. Especially pleased with the high quality chunky YKK zips and new zip pulls which look like they’ll last. The quality of the materials appears to be high. There were a few loose threads here and there with a couple of bits of fluff etc left over from manufacturing but these brushed away no problem.

I’m 188cm tall and 80 kg. The fit of the jacket is good in arm length and body length though I find there is a bit of excess room around the middle. I would have really appreciated a second drawstring around the middle to pull this in slightly, perhaps for the next model? Very impressed with the warmth, fit and attachment of the hood. Hand warmer pockets work very well.

Tried the jacket around town today, 2 degrees with little wind and was easily warm enough with just a T-shirt on underneath.

Delivery and customer service were both good, the only request would be including the royal mail tracker number in the invoice.

Overall very good 9/10

14 January, 2013 by Dan

Bought my partner a Filo for Christmas…..she doesn’t seem to have taken it off yet..
Great jacket and excellent service.

13 January, 2013 by Nick Murray

Bought my alpkit Filo about 18 months ago, purely on price and Alpkit’s reputation. This is my first down jacket and am absolutely delighted with it. Outer seems to be able to cope with a fairly heavy shower OK, fit is great and it’s SO warm. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

13 January, 2013 by Paul Gasson

Just recieved my Filo XL and am absolutely delighted with it. My wife & I
were going to both get a down jacket we studied the variety available and
were both fairly set on Rab Ascent jackets. However, even with the january
sales the Rab’s were still just too pricey for my liking. So in the end I
chose an Alpkit Filo while she chose the Rab Ascent.
On delivery we both studied the jackets and the Filo is IMHO much ‘softer’
and far ‘quieter’ a jacket than her Ascent. It did have occasional loose
threads hanging here & there - but honestly for a few seconds with a pair of
scissors it’s nothing at all. The hood is great but the collar is fantastic;
really well stuffed and warm.
My wife went for the Ascent only because she felt the design of the Filo
wasn’t quite as good as the Ascent - but I’m wearing mine to be warm not to
look good in it!
For this price - the Filo is superb. The only gripe I might have is that I
asked what size stuff bag would suit the XL size and was told the 13L was
right… I seriously doubted that and on seeing the jacket now I know I was
right and that it’d easily fit a 6-7L size bag; so I’m glad I didn’t order a
13l bag to go with it.”

Great product many thanks!

Tony Jackson

11 January, 2013 by Tony Jackson

Got the new filo in dec, great fit and cosy. As one comment mentioned the bag was a pain to try and figure out which one was the right one etc (almost made me get a similar one from cotsworld which came with one as its was frustrating). Only disappointment is the outer fabric. It seems very cheap/like it will rip on the first snag which is a concern considering it will be used for climbing etc. (Comparing it to my old northface which seemed strong fabric, also noticed the stitching issues and so far they seem to be ok.). But other than that its great, so good downjacket for in the tent, round about etc.


06 January, 2013 by MT

Got my filo jacket just before christmas and pleased to see the usual great Alpkit quality and service. Love the soft finish and fit-it feels a lot better than my last mountain equipment jacket and warmer too, just don’t want to take it off!

04 January, 2013 by john c

Hi, I have a filo down jacket bought last year and it has fill power of 700 (writen on the tag inside chest pocket). I noticed this year’s version has only fill power of 600. Did you downgrade the down used in this jacket?

03 January, 2013 by nian

Love the jacket but dislike intensely the double zip ! Maybe I have two left hands but getting the zip to “catch” so I can zip it up is a skill I have not to-date mastered; getting it right at best one in five - maybe I just need more practice ?  Would repeat previous comments about the finish of the stitching but this is optical rather than a real issue, it will have a real worn look soon enough anyway.  grin  Still have no qualms about recommending Alpkit kit !

31 December, 2012 by MAC

new Filo 5 arrived last week, black with chilli inside, worn over the weekend and so far so good, the jacket will be making a trip up Kilimanjaro in September so will be able to review further, one thing I would have liked is to maybe have paid £125 and got the stuff bag included as picking the right one was confusing and time consuming and not clearly explained, small issue which could be rectified easily, thanks

17 December, 2012 by Darren W

Other than the great quality, the service was as good as ever. My new jacket was delivered in just a few days even though its a week away for Christmas. I was pleased to see that the hand written note is still in there. smile

15 December, 2012 by Rich Collings

Wow. Alpkit have raised the bar with this jacket. Thanks guys. Really impressed. The build quality is generally great although it did have a few little stitching issues which I will keep an eye on. I think it may be that these are more noticeable in the bright coloured jackets.  Old mountain equipment jacket was all black so faults are not easily spotted. The colour choices are great and its crazy warm. smile

15 December, 2012 by Rich Collings

First - delivery
I live in Japan, and Alpkit used Fedex. The product was sent on Monday 10th, and I received it on the 12th - it arrived on the 11th but I wasn’t home!

Second - warmth and weight
This jacket is light and arrived in a small package. The Filo jacket definitely packs down well!
As for warmth, you can feel it the instant you put it on, and I’m looking forward to trying it in -5 to -10 weather later this month.

Third - fit
I ordered XL - the jacket fits nicely.
I’m 191cm (a bit over 6’2”) and 40” chest. My arms are quite long (84cm from neck to wrist & 68cm from shoulder to wrist).  The large probably would have been big enough for my body, but my arm length is usually an issue.  Fit is just right, however, in the future I’d consider ordering XXL just for a few extra cm’s on arm length.

Fourth - finish
This was the only negative, and fairly minor.  The jacket looks fine, however upon opening, And looking closely, there were quite a few threads either sticking out or not tidily connected.  Looked like the sort of thing you’d find in a seconds shop.

Overall, damn good value down jacket!

13 December, 2012 by Andy

Brilliant for the money. Ordered, and delivered 2 days later. I am 6’, 14.5 st and 44” chest; XL fits fine, L would probably be a little too tight.
Quite looking forward to our once in a 100 yr cold winter !

12 December, 2012 by Boris

Just received my 2012/2013 Filo. I didn’t like the Womens Filo colours (pink, black, pale blue, o dear - for a moment I though I’d have to look for a down jacket from a different brand), so instead I ordered a Rocket/Zest Mens Filo, size small. It fits perfectly! There’s room enough for a very warm fleece without the filo becoming bulgy.
I love it - it’s nice & toasty. Comes in handy in our unheated house (renovations in progress) and will go on a first serious test in Vercors, France over the Xmas holiday.
Thanks Alpkit!

12 December, 2012 by Aafke

Just received my 2012 Filo in Black/Chili and am hugely impressed. It took an hour to “re-inflate” after opening it from the parcel, but is now up to full-puffy-glory. I’m 6ft 2, 44 chest and arms like a gibbon and the large is a perfect fit over a light fleece and T-shirt. The long tail is great as it keeps your bum and the small of your back warm. Deep, fleecy pockets and a very encompassing hood finish off the package. The fabric is dull enough to be the right side of being too shiny and the coat is very warm, yet incredibly light in weight. Ace bit of kit.

10 December, 2012 by JT

I bought and used my filo jacket for a year, it was great, it kept me warm in some very cold places but it has one major design ommission and its the reason I’ve bought another brand - the cuffs. I’m skinny (not Christian Bale in the Machinist but 6ft and 11 stone)and the cold air gushes up my wrists, I can’t wear gloves as I’m a photographer and use the excellent pockets to keep my hands warm. Its a simple fix - velcro cuff fasteners for people without fat wrists. Apart from that - great jacket, great company.

03 December, 2012 by Jonty

Ripped a stud out of the collar when I caught the hood on a projection but Alpkit repair was wonderful, colour strength, invisibility. The jacket is pretty good too I spend a lot of time standing outside in the wind at heights so ideal. Lots of Alpkit stuff ALL EXCELLENT

27 November, 2012 by Ron

Bought my Filo jacket for my Silver Wedding expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro back in 2007.  It was just the job and its my best ever jacket.  Imagine my horror when the barbed wire fence monster attacked it when out for a local walk and it looked like I’d had a fight with a chicken.  When I asked Alpkit what I could do they advised me to send it to them for repair and its back to as good as new.
Thanks Alpkit - that was customer service above and beyond the call of duty!

20 November, 2012 by Janice

I bumped into another Alpkit convert at Machupuchare Base Camp in Nepal whilst we were both wearing our Filo jackets!  We also had Alpkit sleeping bags and were both delighted with them too.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alpkit - exceptional quality at very reasonable prices.

30 October, 2012 by Kathryn

SWAP WANTED:                          Lovely Gilet! Bought in the sale, top quality especially at the price. Small is TOO BIG for me, except as winter wear, so if anyone’s got an XS that’s a bit tight for them I can swap! Any colour will do, mine is cactus.(Alpkit had totally sold out when I emailed them. They were v helpful)

07751 631066

22 September, 2012 by Brendan

good down jacket and as always excellent value for money. I’ve had mine for 3 seasons now and actually haven’t used it that much because it’s rarely cold (and dry) enough for me to need it. When I have used it though I have been very satisfied and impressed with the warmth. I love the lower back so that part doesn’t get cold when you sit or bend over. The hood can be improved. I don’t really like the poppers to attach it (although being able to remove it is quite handy). I can never tighten the hood properly with two hands, let alone with one gloved hand. Very fiddly. Finally, the volume of the hood is somewhat big for just my head, but too small to fit properly over a helmet.
I would also prefer a slimmer cut around the belly.

01 September, 2012 by Joris

hi, i recently completed a trek up Kilimanjaro and used the Filo jacket on summit day, not only was it warm but nice and light, i did recommend the jacket my my fellow walkers, its also value for money, my advise for anyone is to try the jacket and you will be pleasantly surprised

26 July, 2012 by Bill

Excellent service and at first sight an excellent product.

08 June, 2012 by Ian

Just bought my filo jacket. We have almost 30ºC in the Basque country today so I can´t opine about it´s response in cold weather. I hope my expectations are met in my Monte Rosa expedition in July.

Anyway, just say that the S size is perfect for an 1,70 m and 68 kg guy and it is very light and comfortable. Delivery and customer service have been remarkable also. Conclusion: Good feelings with my filo!!

11 May, 2012 by Koldo

Bought Alpkit Filo in Lego Blue. Warmest jacket I’ve ever owned, and such good value! I’ve had to return due to it being slightly too short in the body for me - but then I am 6ft 5in! Customer service has been brilliant, including returning the headphones I left in the pocket - thanks! Must agree with another comment about the zip, which I found difficult to zip up at times. Overall, fantastic though and I’ll be buying one when the new batch arrives.

01 May, 2012 by Mark

Just received my 2010 filet (clearance item) and I’m dead chuffed.  Small size is spot on if, like me, you usually take a medium. Well made, comfortable and beautifully warm - just right for a British summer!

26 April, 2012 by JimmyK

ON to my 3rd womens filo, I lost the first (lego blue)around 2007, my next (chilli) is getting a bit too grubby and very un waterproof despite Nikwax down wash and proof care as recommended so ordered a berry. The medium (12) is smaller (in all directions)than previous (2009) model but filling and material seem better quality. Unfortunately, the double zip was not a design improvement for me as was not aligned correctly and didn’t work correctly. Am awaiting a replacement-have to say that despite this, I am totally commited to the Alpkit brand and the first 2 Filos served me very well (not to mention my pipedream800!)

24 April, 2012 by Pin

Great jacket fits perfectly. Quality at a very reasonable price compared to others.
Fast delivery and great service. Thanks

22 April, 2012 by Dave Young

Bought filo jacket for my daughter and she is over the moon , she thinks it is fantastic .

12 April, 2012 by Chris Lanning

Excellent service! I ordered over a bank holiday and was surprised that my order arrived less than 48hours later.
My son loves his jacket - it’s so light and the fit is perfect.  He is a slim 5’9” and even the arm length is right (size small). Lovely touch was the note from Alex in the parcel.
Perhaps something to think about would be more idea of the size and capacity of the Airlok Xtra Drybags - I bought a 3l one for the jacket and a 13l for sleeping bag. The 3L is a REALLY tight fit, and the 13L is a little too big.

11 April, 2012 by Sandra

picked up a filo jacket on r&r from afghanistan and it kept me very comfortable over the winter. with temperatures down to minus 12 some nights it was a lifesaver! well done on yet another great value product, it outperformed many of my mates north face/rab jackets in both weight and warmth and far outperformed in warmth/price

09 April, 2012 by ciaran watling

Really pleased with the Filet.  The size I ordered turned out to be too big so had to send it back and within a few days a smaller size was delivered.  Excellent quick service.

31 March, 2012 by J Read

Hola, solo voy a hablar de mi experiencia con el envío de la FILO a Argentina, ya que podría ser útil para otras personas que quieran comprar desde Argentina.
Sobre la calidad de la campera, creo que los otros comentarios son suficientes para describirla.
Para envíos a Argentina hay que utilizar el correo oficial de Inglaterra, Royal mail. Entonces la campera ingresará por el Correo Argentino. Puedes utilizar el número de seguimiento del Royal Mail en la web del Correo Argentino.
La campera llegó en menos de 10 días. Llega un aviso al domicilio para pasar a retirar la encomienda, hay que ir al Correo Argentino con el DNI y con la factura de la FILO. Tuve que pagar $Arg 220 de impuestos.

Hello, I’m just going to talk about my experience of the shipping the FILO to Argentina as it could be useful for others who want to buy from Argentina.
About the quality of , I think that the other reviews are enough to describe it.
For shipments to Argentina you must use the official mail of England, Royal mail. So the jacket will enter by Correo Argentino. You can use the tracking number of the Royal Mail on the website of Correo Argentino.
The jacket arrived within 10 days. There comes a notification to your house to go to pick up the parcel, go to Correo Argentino with the DNI and the bill. I had to pay $ Arg 220 of taxes.

20 March, 2012 by Lucas

Stunning jacket, excellent value and quality. I have used as a climbing jacket and just a throw over after a fell race, always keeps you amazingly warm on the coldest days.
Follow the sizing for a precise fit, i am 5’11 and 12 stone and a medium is perfect.
Switched to the Alpkit brand a year ago and amazed at the quality and service!

19 March, 2012 by Martyn

I LOVE THE FILO JACKET!  After spending many months looking for a smart jacket that was going to keep me snug and warm without having to pay through the nose for a ‘brandname’ I randomly found your website which is now in my favourites.
Ordered late on a Thursday night, despatched Friday, delivered Tuesday - brilliant.
Will be buying a Filet Vest when my size is next in stock - can’t wait.  Have been recommending to all my friends.

22 February, 2012 by Angela Dodds

I bought a small in ice blue (previously ordered a medium but should have trusted Alpkit’s measurements!) which arrived today - perfect fit, lovely colour (even nicer than it appears on the website), and super warm. Just in time for the weather to turn mild, grrrr…

All in all, a great buy - thanks Alpkit!

22 February, 2012 by Sam

Ordered 13:15 Friday, delivered 11:10 Saturday.
Excellent jacket, comfortable fit and toasty warm.
Great value for money.

17 February, 2012 by Simon

Got one of these for Christmas and it has generally been excellent. My hood was faulty but a replacement was sent very quickly. Really warm, was too hot walking at night in 1 base layer and this jacket in about -3 degrees a couple of weekends ago.

The only downside is the zips. They get stuck a lot. Both the main ones and the pockets, about every other time I use them. Even the sturdier stuff the zip baffle is made of got stuck in there a couple of times.

That’s quite a minor issue though. This is a brilliant jacket for the money. The care label made me laugh!

16 February, 2012 by Sam Jones

Bought the Filo at 11pm monday night and it arrived 7:30am Wednesday morning with a handwritten thank-you. No problems there at all.

I bought the small as I wanted the jacket for a tighter fit. I am a lean guy at 5’10” and the jacket fits perfectly, with long enough sleeves even if you have slight “gorilla arms” like me. The hood pops on and off easily even through very thick gloves and the double zip is extremely useful when belaying outside in winter.

My only slight issue was when the jacket arrived one of the plastic poppers for the hood wasn’t fully formed and I had to use a pair of pliers to remove some excess plastic.

Overall, the filo is a lightweight, very warm, super comfy jacket suitable for those on a budget but who are not willing to sacrifice anything. The ordering was easy and fast and the delivery was exceptionally quick. 10/10 from me!

Thank-you ALPKIT.COM

15 February, 2012 by JB

Bought an Alpkit Filo last December using the pre-order system. Shipping was fast and the jacket fits me like a glove.
However, due to the spring like temperatures of Dec-Jan in the Italian Alps, I couldn’t properly test it.
Last weekend I could finally put my Filo to its baptism by fire (more like a baptism by snowstorm) during a skitouring trip to Piz Campagnung. The temperature was already a freezing -22 °C at the Julierpass, but on the top was blistering cold and very windy. Well, with my Filo on, I could stay on the top without shivering for 20 mins. With just two thin layers under the jacket, I was perfectly warm and comfortable.
This jacket is an awesome combination of quality and price. Godspeed Apkit!

13 February, 2012 by Cristiano

I like good quality products that do the job for a fair price and I’m old school (old!) so I like trangia / force ten. I still mourn the lost flysheet of my ultimate equipment tent lost on scarfell in 1986! I shop around, create wife-annoying spreadsheets and compare tiny details before I buy anything. I eventually bought the filo and its fantastic.Super warm, Super lite. My kids call me the pillow man when I have it on! Its warm and cosy and packs small.

If I could offer a possible improvement for future production runs I would do two things - 1) rearrange the pull tags for the hood so that when its clipped on they are on the outside (access and comfort) and 2) put an adjustable cuff on the sleeves - either a pull cord or something similar to the cuffs on a keela munro / keela belay? I have “monkey arms” so the sleeves can ride a bit short, worn inside my keela munro this doesnt happen, nor does it happen with a fleece inside. Having said that - It is a damn fine jacket as it is and worthy of a much higher price. I mix and match keela munro / alpkit filo / keela belay and various keela trousers (I dont work for keela, I am a carpenter! but they ALSO do bloody good stuff for a fair price). I keep praying the drydock will suddenly be available??????

12 February, 2012 by Howard

Ordered the filo on Monday morning and it arrived Tuesday!! Great service and love the personal touch of hand written letter!

Now the jacket, all I can say is excellent! Much lighter and even warmer than the one it is replacing.

The fit is great and little things like the drop tail make a difference the material is lovely and the instant you put the jacket on you start to feel warmed.

All in all an excellent jacket so good the wife’s arrived yesterday grin and she is also very pleased and loves the colour (berry)

Good job Alpkit grin keep it up

11 February, 2012 by Dougie Bennett

Received the Filo today. Great service from Alpkit as usual. The Filo Down Jacket exceeds my expectations. Excellent quality and looks fine in lego blue. The hood fits well and will provide good protection from the elements. I am hoping to getting years of good use out of it.

To summarise. An excellent and comfortable down jacket. Worth every penny.

Thanks again to Alpkit.

10 February, 2012 by Dave Roe

first class service got jacket next day,
quality second to none better than jackets double the price ,only problem is what colour do i get next..??

08 February, 2012 by robert

Bravo, finally a jacket that does exactly what it says on the tin. Had mine for a month and have worn it everyday, previously had north face and rab, yours is far warmer. Please Please consider making it in a 3/4 length version for us ladies, so we can be just as warm in our suits on work days, as we are on the hills?

08 February, 2012 by Sharon

Got 1 day after I ordered, execellent jacket, if anything to warm on first outing. Walking dog at -2c, I had to pull zip down to @ 1/3. I do run ‘hot’ though.
I can’t wait for lower temps. to give a good test.

05 February, 2012 by Paul Scrivener

Filo Jacket in Chilli just arrived.  Wearing it already.  Easy ordering, Good Price, Quick Delivery and Brilliant Jacket.
Thanks Alpkit!

03 February, 2012 by Snowy

A small squishy package has just arrived at my office and, Lo, it is a lovely new ice blue down jacket. Took no more than a day to get from Derbyshire to Cardiff, well done. I shall test it on Pen-y-fan in the snow tomorrow. Thank you Alpkit.

03 February, 2012 by Christian Bird

A good one, at the first sight it appeared to be very poor and very light,  I am wearing it now at -13..-24 °C humidity 70-90%, and it keeps me in warm, I am very satisfied with it.

30 January, 2012 by Artiom

Seriously Alpkit, good effort! Ordered my new filo 11am yesterday, by midday today, I’m wearing it!
Now for the jacket. I’ve got a small jacket and I definitely fall into that category too at 5’ 5”. Not too ample fit, just right to get a small fleece underneath. Fleece pockets are a nice touch too. I’ve got it in Lego blue, great colour. Would recommend this jacket to anyone who wants a good value down jacket; looking forward to some sub zero weather now!

28 January, 2012 by Adam Turner

Ordered my Filo late sat night,had a email monday to say Filo was on way, came tuesday, am very pleased with the delivery and been informed were order was. Was a great fit, tested it out thursday on walk up to victoria cave, sat in there having a brew while snow came down, very warm with only a base layer underneath, this is a great jacket, just as good as some of the more expensive makes, THANK YOU ALPKIT for such a great product. Will be using you again and telling all my friends about you.

27 January, 2012 by STEPHEN BOOTHROYD

recently purchased a filo jacket in gorgeous lego blue! Worn it every day and the colour lifts my spirit every time. The jacket is a great fit and soo-o- cosy, onlt need a t-shirt under it. The long tail is a great extra—no more cold bottom!1 thanks Alpkit!

23 January, 2012 by ali paterson

We have both had the previ0us filo jacket and bashed them to death on mountains. The new one was a real treat when we first got them, snug, better able to stuff into the rucsac and with a hood. They failed when we tried to do up the zips,especially when cold or with gloved or mittened hands. The old one was far better. The extra weight of the old chunky zip is no issue when it comes to working with cold hands- it works. So, on balance, the new one is less than perfect on this vital aspect. No one wants to fumble doing up a zipper in the cold!

22 January, 2012 by Martin Torbett

The buying process by Steve…
Came upon this jacket by chance..Looking for a down jacket as a Christmas present for Sarah…
Apart from the basic problem of not being able to try the jacket on first, i can honestly say the ordering was a doddle. The online sizing advice is spot on, Sarah is normally a 12 but i ordered a 10 as per the website guidance and it fits a treat. When ordering there is no added delivery charge surprises, and considering it was Christmas week the package arrived the day after next, perfect. Lastly when the package was opened on Christmas day there was a little hand written note wishing Sarah a happy Christmas…a nice personal touch….

The wearing process by Sarah…
The colour was true to the picture on the website. I have worn this jacket on a few occasions but really gave it a work out in Wales the other weekend. A cold and frosty morning photographing the welsh coastline. The jacket was combined with a thin base layer and completely cut the wind out and kept me warm throughout the day.When you consider i really, really, feel the cold i was surprised at how warm i could be. I had tried on various jackets that were over twice the price and found very little difference except the cost. The only slight down side is there was a slight manufacturing fault which was an isolated section of loose stitching on the inside of the jacket. All in all i am thrilled with my Christmas pressie!!!!!!!!!!!

21 January, 2012 by steve and sarah

The 2011/2012 Filo down jacket is an excellent step up from the old model. It doesn’t have the weight issue from the previous model the material and zips are good and the inside fabric is super soft.
The scoop back is an excellent feature keeping out the cold from going up your backside…!!
The hood is well filled.

I’m well impressed with my jacket and I would say better than some of the more expensive brands out there Rab/ME watch out there’s a new jacket on the block.
All in all a super jacket for the price.
Around of applause for Alpkit keep up the good work…....

21 January, 2012 by Chaz

I bought a jacket for both myself and my wife. Excellent service and unbeatable value. My only reservation is the zip. I’d gladly carry the extra grams for a more substantial zip that is easier to do/undo with cold hands. Perhaps some of us will never be satisfied. A first class product nevertheless.

21 January, 2012 by Ed Blaszczyszyn

I ordered the wrong size but it was very promptly changed for one that fits perfectly. The man I spoke to even checked in the warehouse to see if the right size was available which it was and it was sent to me very quickly. It fits wonderfully, is very well constructed and toasty warm. i would highly reccomend this item over anything similair made buy Northface, berghaus Rab etc. Your paying for quality not a name.

Thanks again for the wonderful service.

20 January, 2012 by Chris Jones

Just tried out my new Filo, Looks good, feels great, nice and warm but no weight, and great service from Alpkit

19 January, 2012 by Colin

Great jacket, great service from ALPKIT. I will defo recommend to others. Very lightweight and extremely warm. I love it!

18 January, 2012 by Jem Greer

A really good jacket! Light weight, small size if you have to pack it and really, really warm! And the hood is wonderful!
And of course one has to say, that the service from alpkit is excellent! Thank you!

17 January, 2012 by Baumann Kilian

I receieved my Filo last weekend and am loving the jacket. My only disappointment is the weather is not cold enough at the moment and I feel a bit of a fraud wearing it!

12 January, 2012 by Martin

got my jacket today very pleased very warm and so light,well done to alpkit brilliant jacket.

11 January, 2012 by tony brown

Went to AlpKit to get my jacket impressed with the service. The coat is the best thing i have purchased I must say i hate being hold while camping and walking so this was a good buy.  I have worn it for a while once of twice and have been very impressed.  Thank you very much!

11 January, 2012 by Sarah

Hi, I came to collect my jacket straight from alpkit HQ, I wasn’t sure what to expect due to the price being so low. But I was super happy with the quality, and gives the higher end competitors a run for their money. When I got home I showed my girlfriend my purchase and she was so impressed with it that we came back the next day and got her one too. Got to agree with the comments below about the pocket liners snagging on dry skin and the logo being printed rather than embroidered, but for the price these are minor compromises and don’t affect the overall quality or warmth of the product. Keep up the good work!

11 January, 2012 by karl

My filo arrived a few days ago (ahead of when I expected it which is awesome). First impressions were very good and were backed up in use at the weekend. It’s very warm, the extended back is perfect (I’m 6ft 2 so jackets often aren’t long enough - I got a size L) and it is very light weight. Only point of feedback is the metal eyelets for the hem elastic - previous experience of these suggests they won’t stay attached for long and may rip the fabric but that being said il hopefully be proven wrong. All in all an incredibly good value jacket.

10 January, 2012 by Rob

Was unsure about sizes initially as the size guide was confusing, but took people’s advice from the feedback, and bought a 6-8 (XS) filet. I’m 5’7, and normally wear a size 10 on top, 12 on bottom…
Delighted with the filet! Fits close to perfect, and a can fit one of my biggest hoodies under it with no feeling on being constricted! Delivery was very quick (next day)... And really personable too! There’s a little note in with your delivery roughly saying “cheers! Enjoy!” :D

10 January, 2012 by Rachel

Received my filo 4 days ago and when I first picked it up I wasn’t sure how warm it would be because it was so lightweight compared to my previous down jackets. Well I have to say I am well impressed and it just goes to prove lightweight can be very warm too.

08 January, 2012 by ian_m

Thank you again, Alpkit Team - service faster than expected - Filo jacket too b####y hot to wear indoors!! Have to agree with the ‘embroidered logo’ suggestion as it will be a great pity when the transfer wears off and you lose your advertising capability!!

07 January, 2012 by Mike Rees

Just swapped my Xmas medium for a large in double quick time, ace service as always. Hand pockets would in my opinion have been better left in the pertex style outer fabric as it clings on rough skin fingernails etc, and a few lose threads jamming the zip on a first try on that a quick nip with the scisors have sorted. Overall a great product with the pockets being my only snag.

07 January, 2012 by Graham

First class jacket and excellent value for money.  But more importantly the service from the team was excellent.  Prompt reponses and the jacket was delivered almost before I’d placed the order!!
Well done Alpkit team.

07 January, 2012 by Stevie

a fantastic jacket, warm as toast and the down filled hood is amazing.
Only issue i have is the horrible pocket linings, the material is really not good on dry cracked hands.

07 January, 2012 by kev fairish

Arrived sooner than I expected - very prompt.
A perfect fit! I’ll be giving it a thorough test in Nepal in April, but I’ve already recommended it to the neighbours.

07 January, 2012 by Phil


07 January, 2012 by BRIAN QUINNELL

Just opened my jacket after delivery which was really quick,I ordered it New Years day and it arrived within a few days. I wore it for the first time tonight and walked a couple of miles in really cold weather to the local pub, it was really warm and comfortable to wear. Only improvement would be to have an embroidered logo on the jacket and not a transfer, great jacket at £95

06 January, 2012 by jon fanti

Ordered my girlfriend a Chilli Filo and it arrived the next day. The jacket is brilliant and I’m jealous. NB.It’s my birthday in February Julie. Excellent jacket, excellent service. #1

06 January, 2012 by Simon Mackereth

I pre-ordered the new Filo jacket over Christmas and was told it would be dispatched as soon as Alpkit got back after their Christmas break, never a truer word spoken, jacket arrived with-in two days of Alpkit being back to the office (no doubt with a New Year hangover???). The jacket looks brilliant (Chilli: ironic name for a colour, sounds cold to me!!), fits perfectly with base layer and fleece (Size L, i’m 40” chest and 5’11”) and the quality is awesome. Off to Snowdon at the end of Jan so it will get a proper test then, expectations are high and I feel i’m not going to be disappointed. This is the first time I have bought Alpkit gear and will most definitely be back, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks guys, and in the immortalized words of Arnie, ‘I’ll be back!!!

05 January, 2012 by James Phillips


04 January, 2012 by BRIAN QUINNELL

Alpkit; the Filo is an excellent jacket when you going to do a children’s version?

I may as well buy one for the rest of the family!!!!

22 December, 2011 by Steven

Just received my Filo within 24hrs of paying for it. I bought my wife one several weeks ago and she kept gloating how warm it was so I had to have one.
It is a perfect fit and the Chilli looks outstanding.
Anyone thinking about purchasing one of these jackets I can’t highly recommend enough as it is very warm, windproof with a fantastic customer service and excellent value for money with the Quality of the garment matching all those jackets costing a couple of hundred quid!

22 December, 2011 by Steven

Ordered on Saturday, arrived by Tuesday, so great service!

Can’t fault it for warmth and detail (internal pockets, hand warmers, fitting loop at hem). Went with the advice to order a size smaller. I am a 37-38 inch chest and usually take a small/medium, so went with the XS. Fits perfectly over a couple of base layers, or a thick hoody.

Only gripe for me is wishing the finishing on some of the seams were better. A few bits of down/thread poking out here and there, but not overly fussed about it because I am a Real Man!

21 December, 2011 by Dhana

I bought this jacket as a gift, my wife love it and I’m jealous. Such a good jacket.

19 December, 2011 by Mick

pre-order idea was great, love the jacket light weight, worn it at -2 with just a tee shirt under it and was warm as toast

18 December, 2011 by david potts

Great jacket with very quick delivery. Attention to detail, especially the hood,  and love the colour.  Agree with a post that the zip is a bit stiff to slot in but other than that love it.

18 December, 2011 by melanie simpson

Good jacket for the money and brilliant colours,one complaint the zips a bit iffy,hard to slot into the bottom and seems to jam easily going up and down,at the price there would have to be something.still well done Alpkit.

16 December, 2011 by Chris

So this jacket might not have the latest 900 fill power down, be the lightest one out there or have a cache name BUT at £95 quickly delivered this is a COMPLETE BARGAIN and at this price I will not be afraid to wear it!!  Stitching and materials are fine and yes it is warm!  Thank you and keep up the good work.  Choosing my new sleeping bag at the moment!!

16 December, 2011 by Matt G

Great products,  I have both a Filo and the waistcoat.  I have bought another for a member of my family and persuaded friends and colleagues to buy from Alpkit , BUT with such a great product why on earth do you have such a terrible supply chain.  By now, I would have thought you would have got this licked…. So many people I speak to make the same observation.  “I want a jacket and I want it soon - if not I will buy elsewhere”, and be sure there are other very good products out there fort them to buy ...

16 December, 2011 by Guy Shaw

I bought my wife a Filo and what can I say apart from Excelllent quality and perfect fit.
It is Fantastically warm and well worth the money being on par with all the other makes such as Rab, Mountain Equipment ,ect!

I’m so impressed I’m going to order one for myself.

15 December, 2011 by Steven

Received my Filo jacket today - fits perfectly and the quality is amazing. It snowed today so the jacket has already been christened and passed with flying colours - really warm and coomfortable.
Customer service has been excellent - thank you Nic and Jenni.

15 December, 2011 by Mike

received wifes xmas pressy and tried it out myself up on west penines, with only a base layer under I am impressed with warmth and wind stopping abilities.
saving up now for one myself!!

15 December, 2011 by robin richardson

I have been looking for a reasonably priced down jacket for some time. Just ordered a filo yesterday and it arrived today. A great jacket for a very reasonable price. Thank you Alpkit.

15 December, 2011 by Tony Hutchinson

Received my Berry Filo and needed to say how fantastic the jacket is! I bought one 2 years ago and thought twice about ordering another one as it did not wear too well, the old style had velcro sleeves which snagged the jacket and the down just didnt seem to be that ‘full’, it looked tired way before I expected it too. BUT a friend had a new one and I loved it! The finish is brill, the colour is vibrant and the warmth is tremendous! Well done Alpkit , you have me back on board !!!!!!!!!!

14 December, 2011 by Linsey

We gave all of our customers the option to pre-order a Filo down Jacket @alpkit.com The Following weeks after we received the shipment of Filo’s we contacted each customer atleast twice by phone and the same through e-mail for payment.

As some customers felt they did not want to pay over the phone, we set up the option to send through an invoice on Paypal. This relied on sending it through to the correct e-mail address. After hundreds of Invoice’s were put on the system a couple had the incorrect e-mail address, totally our fault.

After the customer contacted us to let us know we immediately rectified this mistake.

We continued to stay in contact with e-mails sending numerous to every customer. Unfortunately without any communication we cannot keep Jackets aside without any proof the customer would still want to purchase it.

Therefore after almost a month of waiting for payment or an indication of customers still wishing to purchase the Filo we have decided to cancel any outstanding orders and give all of our customers a chance to buy the remaining jackets.

If you have any feedback, comments or would like to get in contact about an order don’t hesitate to contact us at:



14 December, 2011 by AK Support [Alpkit]

never recieved the invoice despite asking for it repeatedly, so eventually gave up, and bought a `rab` jacket from `tiso`

13 December, 2011 by anne campbell

I received my jacket today and I’m really pleased with it.  It’s so light weight yet toasty warm, fits like a dream and the berry colour is great too.
Fantastic customer service, Well Done Alpkit!!

12 December, 2011 by Jo

Well what can I say, been after a down jacket for several years now and finally got one of the new filos. Best peice of kit I have ever owned, as on outdoor professional I can’t recommend it highly enough, Light, warm and the tail keeps your butt warm too couldn’t have designed it better. Its so good I just ordered a second one for my mum who is equally impressed and loves the fact its light to wear and toasty hot. No wonder they sell out so fast. Top marks guys.

10 December, 2011 by David Hepworth

Only positive things to say

Jacket is great & customer service fantastic

08 December, 2011 by julie

After 10 months of feverishly checking the website, I finally got myself a small ladies down jacket. I constantly feel the cold and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. It’s fantastically warm and not too small either - fits over thick jumpers. A brilliant investment and lovely customer service to boot.

08 December, 2011 by lianne

Great service ordered Sunday arrives Tuesday, Filet fits and zips into my Berghaus goretex jacket superwarm and waterproof. Thankyou

07 December, 2011 by Graham

I got an XL in deep blue. Very warm jacket, especially handy in the last few days of snow up here in Scotland. My wife got one at the same time to match her filet vest and is nicely warm too.
I preferred the fabric in the old style (which was matt), but the two-way zip, detachable down-filled hood, and improved lightness in the new version make up for the change in fabric type.

07 December, 2011 by Vince

I love this jacket - keeps me toasty and warm on a cold day of bouldering when i’d otherwise be scurrying back indoors for hot chocolate and cake.  Great colour too (red), though I rather liked last seasons yellow which isn’t available this year.  Great service from Alpkit, pre-ordering was no hassle at all.  Would definitely recommend to friends.

07 December, 2011 by hazel

Brilliant, so warm and comfortable. I was out at the weekend in the Lake District at 791 meters in a hailstorm wearing my Filo under a waterproof. I was nice and warm, definitely would recommend this Jacket.

05 December, 2011 by Anna

great jacket, i work in the outdoor clothing industry i look at a lot of down jacket and pick this one as the hood in down fill (some company do no put down fill in the hood) and it fits a climbing helmet too. i’m a small normally bought the medium to used as a belay jacket but at the moment i’m using as a mid as it rain in london (note my shell jacket stretch a lot). one problem one of the popper on the hood broke when i took the hood off to put it on the right way after delivery email alpkit support replace hood on way in a day. great customer service and a great jacket. now can i justified a couple more colours. thank you alpkit and especially ben for the nice thank you letter in the parcel.

01 December, 2011 by matthew rayner

I recieved my Filo today, and it feels like a dream. XL was the perfect size. My friend recomended Alpkit to me and i will order more stuff for sure! The weather here in Sweden is really weird right now, no snow and +8C so i have to wait a bit to really test the Filo.

The only thing i might have something to complain about is the Alpkit-logo, i was hoping for att more discret one, not white on black but no worries.

Thanks Anna for the note wink
(Thanks in swedish is “tack”)

01 December, 2011 by Pontus Kvarnström

Fantastic jacket and first rate service, love the warm chilli colour and the fit and quality is perfect.
Many thanks, Steve

01 December, 2011 by Steve

What a great jacket, was so pleased when it arrived, great fit good movement, it’s good to see a company that knows what they want, a quality product with out a big price tag.

On another note, I think the idea of the demo tent is great, it took me along time to find the tent I wanted, after buying and selling on one or two, now got a new member to the family on its way, so will need a larger tent, looking forward to trying one of yours in the spring.
Keep up the good work guys all the best chops.

01 December, 2011 by Chops (michael)

Just received my Filo. I tried to order an xtra large in chilli but it was out of stock. Changed my mind and went for an ice blue instead and am delighted with the result!  Can’t wait now for the weather to change here in Scotland to give the Filo a real test which I am confident it will pass with flying colours. The jacket feels fantastic on, and is very well made with no hint of loose threads or escaping feathers! If I had one gripe it would be that the cuffs could be tighter but maybe I’ve just got thin wrists! I have only recently come across Alpkit, stumbling on the site through a forum, but boy am I glad I found them. It makes a change to find a gear supplier who has so much passion about their products and consequently provides a service to their customers which is second to none. Thanks for everything Alpkit and good luck for the future.

30 November, 2011 by Ronnie Burns

Fantastic fast service as usual. Great fit. I normally hover between a small and medium. I ordered the X small and it is spot on. Perfect over base layer or t-shirt. It is a little snug over a big hoody but still remains comfy and not restrictive in anyway.

30 November, 2011 by Paul

hola, ayer llego mi chaqueta color chilli y la verdad, tiene una pinta estupenda! ligera, caliente, preciosa..en fin, muy contento con la compra. espero poder probarla pronto en su ambiente, porque aqui en valencia, no la he podido soportar ni 3 minutos..
Gracias por todo!!

30 November, 2011 by juanjo

Forgot to mention in my last comment that if you are a small male at around 5ft8 and quite skinny with about a 37 inch chest buy a medium size as it is just about the right size with a fleece underneath,i was going to get a small but am glad i didnt.

29 November, 2011 by dean bromley

This is a very nice jacket when the parcel was handed to me i couldnt belive it was a puffer jacket as it was so lite the material inside and out has a very nice feel to it i was a bit worried it would be a bit shiney but it isnt,it fits perfectly not a short fit like a lot of down jackets movement isnt restricted at all and it is very comfortable.the only thing i dont like is the transer logo it looks a bit cheap it would look better if it was embroided on it would also have been good if it had come with a stuff bag like others have said but i suppose this keeps it under the £100 mark, we havent had any realy cold weather yet so i will comment on how it copes with the cold when we do,so far very pleased.

29 November, 2011 by dean bromley

Just received my Filo in Lego Blue and can’t stop raving about it to people!

First off, the pre-ordering system was dead easy, the guys were really friendly and helpful on the phone when taking my payment details. Got the despatch e-mail on friday, and on saturday morning found a missed-delivery card on my doormat. Picked up the jacket from the depot yesterday and haven’t taken it off since (except to sleep and shower of course… although it is tempting).

Going kayaking tomorrow, so should get to test how warm it feels in a damp and dark car-park after climbing out of paddling gear. Fun Times!

Thanks to all at AlpKit for another great bit of gear!

29 November, 2011 by Peter Young

Very impressed with the speed of delivery. Got a medium and although I’ve very small (usually a size 8) it fits perfectly over a fleece, I think the small would have been too small. Lovely colour and feels very warm. Only complaint is the quality - there are a few loose threads and a few small feathers around - not a major issue but not something I expected.

Will buy from Alpkit again.

28 November, 2011 by Jen

You have done it again guys!Pre ordered a Filo expecting it in December.Got e-mail friday at 3.30pm saying order processed.Posty woke me(or rather wifey!) at 8.30am Saturday morning.Wow.Jacket is superb;lovely & cosy with a good drop tail & hood. Excellent quality & light.Can’t wait to use it in earnest.Come on snow! Thanks again all.

27 November, 2011 by John Woolston

What a fantastic Jacket!  I’m a 43-44” chest with a long torso and its a great fit. A very warm and lightwieght jacket, the extended back keeps my gluteus nice and snug, whilst he cut allows complete freedom of movement.  For the price its an absolute steal and the quality is very good indeed, no loose threads or bad quality stitching. The only thing I would change is the cuffs, which could be a little narrower for a closer fit and made from a thicker more robust material. The jacket was despatched very quickly so I’m one happy customer, so thank you Alpkit!

27 November, 2011 by Lucky_Pierre

The new filo arrived less than 24hours after the email saying it was on its’ way - how good is that! .... quality service for a quality jacket from ALPKIT.  It’s as soft and toasty as a ..... well soft and toasty thing in this windy weather. SWMBO is even impressed the ice blue colour instead of my usual black ...

Cheers guys!

26 November, 2011 by Col

Fantastic product and service! I bought one for my dad last Christmas, and we could barely get it off him until about mid-June! He wears it constantly. At one point he ripped it slightly at the back (and very nearly cried - not a good look at 63) but the lovely folk at Alpkit kindly topped-up the filling, and put a patch on the hole. I got one myself shortly before a trip to Iceland, and it was perfect: warm, cut the wind-chill (there is ALWAYS wind-chill in Iceland), and happily fended off the snow and sleet. Only note is that these are definitely cut on the larger side - I’m not a particularly small size 10 normally, and the x small size is still pretty roomy on me.

Before I bought these I actually went into quite a high-end outdoor shop, and got chatting to a very knowledgeable assistant about down clothing. He was showing me various top of the line items which all seemed very nice and fancy. After about 10 minutes I asked what he thought of Alpkit’s range, and very quietly he whispered ‘if you’ve got the option and they’ve got what you want in stock, do it. None of these will really compare’.

14 November, 2011 by Lili

Ordered clearance filet 10th Nov arrived 11th Nov - Thanks for excellent service - now just waiting on the filo jacket to come into stock then I’m ready for anything the winter might bring.

11 November, 2011 by Rog

Forgot to mention in my review of the Filet, that I also ordered an XXS Vortex stuff sack to pack my Filet into. Perfect size for the vest, and FAR tougher built than I thought it would be.

11 November, 2011 by Mark

Just scored one of the 2010 Filets on Clearance. Ordered lunchtime Monday, arrived lunchtime Tuesday! Followed advice and ordered a small although I’m normally medium, and sizing is spot on - perfect over T shirt, thermal top or lightweight fleece. Well designed, looks great and outrageously warm. Love it already! I’ll be back.

09 November, 2011 by Mark

Brilliant service, ordered Sunday, here on Tuesday.  Great sizing advice too, ordered a size down from normal and perfect fit. Oh and a great vest too, thanks!

26 October, 2011 by Dene

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that this Filet vest is just perfect! Very delight, pretty warm and what was the most important thing for me classical, lo-fi but nevertheless a total eye-catcher. I get cold very easy but with this vest I am out of trouble in spring and autumn. The alpkit shop is amazingly personal and friendly by the way. Rare seen for an internet-shop if you ask me. THANKS A LOT!

16 October, 2011 by Elisa Hartwig

bought a filo on clearence. First impressions, looks and feels good (altough I can’t use it for more than 2 or 3 minutes or i’ll toast by this time of the year. Very light and compressible when compared to synthetic jackets. The only things to point out for know are the finishing touches (wish could be a little bit better) and the lack of a stuff sack but hey, for 80 pounds it looks like a good value/price item.

15 October, 2011 by Ricardo Rocha

In a word, delighted. Great fit, workmanship and materials compare very favourably with leading brand equivalents I’ve tried on. A word on size, I’m 5’10”, fairly slim build, usually wear a medium. Ordered a small and found it too big to wear over anything but a pile of other gear. Swapped for an XS and fits great over anything from a T-shirt to 3 layers with a soft-shell.

11 October, 2011 by The Baron Rouge

Realy great Gilet, very warm and the attention to detail in the construction is 1st class.
coupled with Alpkits great customer care you cant go wrong!

10 October, 2011 by UKhammocks

ordered on Friday got my fillet on Monday, unfortunately this crazy warm weather is playing havoc with my being able to wear it yet. tried it on and more than happy with the fit and feel,
great service and “I’ve got my keep warm through winter game sorted” bring on the frost!? thanks!

05 October, 2011 by Luke

Awesome delivery and service as always.  Ordered 11am Tuesday arrived Wednesday 730am.Already had a filet for over a year and it is excellent, not a single feather lost.  The only problem was getting it off my wife, so bit the bullet and ordered another one.  These are very well made and unbelievable value.  Just make sure you get one for your other half or you will never get chance to wear it.  Also got two filo’s for the same reason.  Had mine for three years and still looks brand new despite wearing it everyday from November to March and used on every camping trip.  Keep up the great work.

21 September, 2011 by Jonny Rock

Excellent!!!!  Arrived today and I only ordered it a few days ago.  Fits really well and is super warm.  Just need to keep it away from my girlfriend’s clutches as I know she will want it for herself.  Great communication and service.  I have recommended Alpkit to all my friends.

16 September, 2011 by Brian

great bit kit my mother(88 years young) loves it to bits,orderd on tuesday afternoon arrived wensday morning fantastick service

06 July, 2011 by mad mick

What a great bit of kit. I’d been thinking about getting one of these months ago - and now wish I had. Ordered Saturday night and it arrived Tuesday morning, no complaints there. Not had a real chance to test it due to current heatwave but does feel good. Superlight and comfortable, followed sizing advice and it fits perfectly. One minor complaint the care label on the inside pocket has been badly stitched but if I have any problems with it I am certain Alpkit will sort it bearing in mind their reputed high level of customer service.

29 June, 2011 by Dvae Zazzi

Bought a Filo for me and the Mrs during the cold snap of 2010/11 and after a winter of abuse I have to report back that we are more than happy with our investments. They arent the most packable so for hut to hut or wild camps we still stick to 900 fill, thinner fabrics, less functionality etc. However the chunky zip, draw string hem, long drop tail, wired peak and quality/durability of fabric mean that the jackets are our first choice for early winter morning starts, walking the dog, emergency coat in the boot on road trips. A good robust down piece of kit that has its place and at the price you can’t grumble!

14 June, 2011 by Graham

Loose the Alkpit toggle things on the zips of the filet. Use the money saved by improving the main/pocket zips, i.e larger and easier to zip in the dark etc nylon/recycled would be better? The main zip also kicks out on the waist? Got a good example on a circa 87 mountain equipment lite line. Oh and that pocket lining wink Having said that I think its a very good down vest.



04 May, 2011 by Matt

Brilliant bit of kit! Very quick delivery and sizing is perfect (followed your advice and got a size smaller than normal).

19 April, 2011 by Jay

I purchased a Filo jacket from the february supply. A little unsure on size (I am in L for jackets etc, but with a 43 inch chest XL looked the favoured size according to the measurements on your site). You advised to purchase a L and XL and send back the one that didn’t fit properly. Considering the demand for these products I thought that was great customer service. I eventually did manage to order a jacket in both sizes and the L fitted perfectly. It allows for a base layer and thin fleece underneath if I want it, or normal clothes to the pub. In fact the latter is the only thing I’ve used it for so far, the late winter weather being milder than it otherwise might have been. The coat fits really well and is very snug and cosy. Looking forward to trying it in real winter weather later this year. The cost of the larger size I returned was credited back to me very quickly. Great customer service again, I’m very impressed.

30 March, 2011 by Philip Pratt

A great Jacket at an amazing price. I have a RAB Summit Jacket and it feels as warm (bar not having arms!). I will definitely buy from ALPKIT again. Very fast delivery and great customer service.

18 March, 2011 by Will Murray

I bought my Filo in December 2009 (having been too slow to catch the previous year’s shipment) and have worn it as my primary winter coat for two winters now.

I love it and won’t stop telling everyone how great it is. I especially love it when standing in a field for 2 hours every Sunday morning, watching the kids rugby training.

After two seasons, it’s looking a little grubby and rain doesn’t bead-up and drop off any more, but I’ve never had any issues wearing it in the rain.

The only downside? If you do up the poppers and tighten the elastic cord on the hood, you do end up chewing on the toggles.

17 March, 2011 by Rob

After a few months on the mailing list receiving timely email updates regarding the manufacture and air-freighting of the Filos, I finally was able to buy two at New Year : one women’s Filo in plum for me, and a men’s Filo in atlantic blue for my husband. As ever, Alpkit’s online ordering and payment system was a breeze and Fedex delivered via a tracked service to our door in France within 5 days. We are delighted with our jackets: warm, highly compressible, light, beautiful colours, good-sized hood, and decent-sized pockets, all the features we needed! Notably, we used them every day on a Kilimanjaro trek last month. My jacket was indispensable on summit night when the temperature was way below freezing with a vicious windchill.
In fact, I was a walking advertisement for Alpkit on the mountain, having taken the Filo, a Base sleeping mat, some airlok dry bags, a PipeDream800 (I know I sleep cold and wanted to be sure of being warm enough, which I was!) and a Gamma headtorch (which worked with the same set of batteries the whole trip). I am just delighted with the performance and value for money of all my Alpkit gear, so thank you!

14 March, 2011 by Susan

hi folks
i would just like to thank you for your crackin jacket, i got it just before xmas and it came in very handy for the winter weather here in glasgow, i also took it banff canada with me snowboarding and ended up using on the slope as it was -30,s with a windchill down to the -40,s. a merino baselayer, hellyhanson lifa mid and the puffa was all that i needed to keep warm while sliping down the slopes. excellent value thanks again

08 March, 2011 by george bramham

The Filo jacket is fantastic, I have used it out climbing in Scotland this winter and has kept me warm and cozy on belays and the lunch stops! The carrot colour looks really cool to. Cant wait till next winter to get more use out of it.

Delivery was extemely fast even over the Christmas period.

Thank again guys

08 March, 2011 by Chris McDermott

Lovely jacket at an affordable price. My filo kept me toasty warm in the chilly -20c of Russia in February. Particularly like the chunky plastic zip which was very easy to do up and meant I didn’t have a freezing metal zipper resting on my chin. Also the fitted design meant I didn’t look too much like a michelin man. Very happy with this product and would reccomend to anyone.

27 February, 2011 by Madeline

Just wanted to thank you for the filo jacket I purchased for my husband.  He is absolutely delighted with it as I am with mine.  I’ve had mine for some time now and have made great use of it with all the cold weather, particularly before Christmas.  Thanks again for the great service and for always being so helpful.

25 February, 2011 by Nicola Stevenson

The service and logistics was great. Jacket was sent quickly and I was kept informed at every step of the process. The jacket is great, it was -20°C yesterday morning in Stockholm and I felt really warm.

Now for the constructive criticism:
- a small holding bag would be handy to leave the jacket at the bottom of a tidy backpack;
- fleece inner lining for the collar would be confy for the neck.
- It may be useful to check the color calibration of pictures on the website. I choose the carat color. The jacket is sensibly darker and more orange than on the pictures (both on my office computer and at home). I like better the true color!

25 February, 2011 by Nicolas

I have had this for over a year now, great on backpacking trips,lightweight can pack down realy small just the thing to keep warm in a tent when the snows outside and has been used in conjunction with the pipedream 400 on very sub zero nights. Gets a lot of general use as well seems to shrug off light rain no sign of the down lumping yet,the only improvement I would like to see is a waterproof breathable membrane over the shoulders for extra confidence in the rain.Pockets are a good size and it has a good length to the back, on cold days I have to watch the wife or it disappears. Once again an excellent good value product.

24 February, 2011 by Phil Dorren

My jacket arrived the next working day as stated. Top quality item! Really warm and snug. Fits perfectly too so the size guide obviously works well. I’m just hoping it stays cold enough for me to wear it a little longer. If the sleeping bags are as good as the jackets then I will be investing in one before next winter. Thanks!

22 February, 2011 by Mark Whyte

Filo arrived 24 hours after order - great job Alpkit!

Quality jacket - great fit and design. I’ve been ordering from Alpkit for a few years now and their products and service are consistently top notch!


22 February, 2011 by jakeshetland

I’m writing this review at the end of six weeks in Canada’s Western Arctic.  Temperatures have ranged from a balmy -5 to about -50 with windchill, and throughout it all I’ve been wearing my filo.

I’m about 5-11, and a 40 inch chest, and went for the medium.  On balance, a large size would have allowed for more layers to be packed on underneath, and I had difficulty closing the zip all the way when I had a hoodie and scarf on.  I managed to stay comfy at -50 wearing an icebreaker baselayer, microfleece and thin synthetic insulation gilet under the jacket.

So, good points: it’s stupidly cheap, decent pockets that can hold a surprising amount of stuff, really warm (it looks very insubstantial, but the down is so good it’s actually very very warm), longer over your bum, looks great, and it’s really cheap.  There’s no bells and whistles in the design, but it just works, which is really nice - the zips all have large teeth (small zips are a particular peeve of mine), and can easily be manipulated while wearing big mitts.

Bad points/areas to improve on - maybe it was me buying a jacket that was a bit on the small size, but the hood didn’t have the “head swallowing” capability that I would have really appreciated - even with the hood fully done up my face was still a bit exposed to the wind and cold.  Some fleece around the collar would be nice too.  A chest pocket on the right as well as the left would presumably be easy to integrate and would be really helpful.

I’ve perhaps been overly critical, but I really am very satisfied with this jacket.  I’d buy it again, and have been recommending it to everyone.  Really, really well done, guys.  Please keep up the good work.

19 February, 2011 by J Cohen

love my new chilli red filo.  Excellent communications from your team, kept me informed at all stages.  Ordered Monday 9pm, delivered 9am Wednesday - very impressed.

16 February, 2011 by Tracey Glover

got filo today, fit is great but its not really black,looks almost navy blue in some light,also the finishing is not to clever,i.e. loose threads every where and one tie off at the end of a stitch goes through the elastic adjuster,also shame no adjustable cuffs and no soft material around neck like the mountain equip one,think you used to do it.
But great price and can easily trim threads off.

16 February, 2011 by rick

Great Jacket! Already tried Berghaus and Kathmandu down jackets but returned both as not happy with quality/fit (both £150). Love the Filo. Ordered a size smaller than my usual after seeing your size guide. Perfect fit. My wife liked it so much she ordered one too, and she already has another brand which’ll she’ll be selling. The long tail impressed her!!

16 February, 2011 by Mike Komarnyckyj

I ordered a jacket yesterday - it arrived this morning! Fit is great, and everything looks to be in order. Thanks!

16 February, 2011 by Eric

Picked up my new Filo from Royal Mail this morning after missing delivery yesterday. Using RM makes life easy in this regard. Fit is great - was torn between L/XL but read your supply notes and chose XL - I’m 42/43” but quite brad in the shoulder and 36”‘sh at the waist with long back. Quality at the price is remarkable. Being kep in touch on stock was great, buit your site couldn’t cope with initial demand when new stock arrived. I would have settled for Carat but the chili looks great. You are on my recommendations list. Thanks peeps.

16 February, 2011 by Peter Sheen

Alpkit can be proud of the service provided from placing of order late Friday to delivery of Filo jacket this morning (Tuesday).
Quality and fit exceeded expectations and the deep zipped pockets are a bonus.
Value for money - 11/10 - and my son will not be borrowing it!

15 February, 2011 by Malcolm Ford

Thanks for excellent customer service and keeping us so well informed about the supplu situation.
We have just returned from Northern Norway where it was -21 degrees. The jackets performed very well and we are extremely pleased with them.
Congratulations on a world-class service and a great product.

15 February, 2011 by David Sykes

Fab jackets.  We have bought two after recommendation from our son.  Very impressed with the quality. Alpkit’s service is second to none. 5*‘s Alpkit team!

14 February, 2011 by Duncan Budge


Compré la chaqueta en color cactus el pasado mes de Enero y estoy muy contento con ella. Es cómoda y tiene buen tacto una vez puesta. (Por si sirve de ayuda mido 1.70 y peso 75 kg y la talla M al pelo).

El color cactus está no es apagado como se puede ver en la foto. Es bastante bonito la verdad, me sorprendió.

El servicio de Alpkit un 10, se olvidaron de meterme los calcetines que compré y a la semana ya los tenía en casa.


12 February, 2011 by Roberto

My favourite bit of kit, I love it. Uber quick delivery, even at x-mas.

08 February, 2011 by Vern

Filet - Has to be one of the best value vests on the market.  This is my second Alpkit, and beats North Face etc without breaking into a sweat.  I have come to expect oustanding service from Alpkit and was not disappointed, when delivery was withing 3 days of order. Quality kit,  looking forward to seeing you at the NEC.

06 February, 2011 by Sally

Excellent service and another excellent product from Alpkit! It’s super warm and well built. I have one complaint though: is their anything you can do about the weather Alpkit? It’s getting to warm to wear your gear!

03 February, 2011 by Nathan

My Filo jacket arrived very quickly, about 36 hours or so and I’m delighted with it. Fits well, featherlight and keeps me toast warm (tested so far down to about -2). Thanks for the great product and great service

28 January, 2011 by Paul Gasson

Well worth the wait. The lined pockets are great and the zips are easy to handle with gloves.

Thanks for producing a great jacket that is helping keep me warm on cold belay stances in the Scottish highlands over winter.

27 January, 2011 by Chris

Hey Guys,
Just like to say another great alpkit product arrives in the post. The new filo compared to my old one is great, warmer, other colours other than black, pockets are lined, a hood and the zip pullers can be used with gloves.

I hate to be critical about it but there is just one nigely thing. On the old one it had a fleecey lining around the neck which makes it extra toasty but its not on the new one!! Why??? Please but it on the new ones.

23 January, 2011 by Matt Hipperson

I have a Calico Mountain goose down parka kit which did not have cut out pattern pieces.  We were told to to by neck and shoulder sizes and would be able to size up the torso pieces.  I have a small and want to size up to a medium which could go over a vest.  I want to size up before cutting pieces.  Are there any instructions for accomplishing this that you know of?

22 January, 2011 by Jane Dicks

Couldnt believe how fast the item arrived which was brilliant because i was mega excited about getting it. Absoultley fantastic product well impressed with it thanks very much!!

21 January, 2011 by Paul Rawcliffe

an excellent service jacket arrived within 36 hours and is perfect and i cant wait to wear it!
follow up e mails were excellent well done alpkit!!!!

20 January, 2011 by rob shacklock

I was just wondering how they fit as i am 1’88m but quite slim. I usually need a XL is some as i dont like having the jacket too short on the sleeves and waist. What would you recommend L or XL? Also another question, are the colours quite flashy?
Thank you and i cannot wait for the new stock to arrive

19 January, 2011 by Benat

My Filo-jacket arrived! And it is awesome. At first, I was a little disappointed because one of the hood-buttons was broken, but after I contacted you, you instantly sent me a new hood. Good service! I’m looking forward to using my down-jacket soon!!

Thanks again for great service!


19 January, 2011 by Jan-Thijs

Thanks Alpkit, very happy with my jacket. Looking forward to testing out on Kilimanjaro in a couple of months!

Fits very well, I ordered a small (size 10) and it doesn’t drown me as I’m normally a 6-8.

Great service, planning my next purchase… smile

18 January, 2011 by Clair

Delivery took one week but living in arctic circle I am used to wait things to arrive. I am 184cm and 80 kilos so went for L-size and have to say it is just perfect size. Nice slim cut and hood is just fits nicely over fur hat. It´s been around -30 celsius and Filo keeps me warm just with fleece and long sleeve base. Only downside is that I have to take fleece off if I am doing anything more active than walking. And the red color is straight from McMurdo. Love it!

18 January, 2011 by Topi

Very good service - 36 hours from order to delivery. Jacket as advertied and I am happy with it. I do however, have a suggested improvement i.e. cut down the scallopped tail by 4 centimetres (it is plenty long) and increase the overall body lenght by 2 centimetres. Thank you alpkit - v satisfied

14 January, 2011 by Pete Maylin

The jacket arrived so quickly and is a great fit.  i am slim and went for the small and it fits like a glove.  Others I have tried on in shops make me look like a weeble, but not this one.  Warm and comfortable (round the house) and waiting for the rain to stop so I can wear it outside!

Brilliant service - thank you.

13 January, 2011 by Danny Hooper

I have recently bought a filet jacket, and must say it is a great piece of kit. Even better though, is the service from the Alpkit guys. My filet either had a hole or developed one in one of the pockets, so I returned it to a freepost address and a new filet was delivered a couple of days later with a nice handwritten note. A great, personal service!

12 January, 2011 by Tavis

Yet another happy customer!

Haven’t used it yet for anything other than walking to/from the pub & a bit of gardening work, but will definitely be in my pack for all future camping trips as it stuffs down into a 5L drybag easily, so takes up about the same space as a spare fleece!

12 January, 2011 by Harry Hunter

Continuing on from earlier post…....tokens were saved and now a proud PD800 owner too. See seperate feedback. Love it!!

11 January, 2011 by Chris Parsons

Wow! Just love my new jacket - so soft and warm and lightweight! Lovely colour and now my 12 year old daughter wants one too… At last practicality meets beauty and at a great price. Excellent service too - next day delivery. Well done all.

11 January, 2011 by Maggie Fyffe

What can I say…. Order one for my wife for Christmas and it arrived within a couple of days which is the usual Alpkit way. As it was quite cold she spent most of Christmas wearing it and she kept telling me how warm it was….. So as soon as some new stock arrived I ordered myself one. Tried it out on Dartmoor at the weekend and its great!! Only problem now is we look like one of those couples with matching outfits…... Great work ALPKIT!

11 January, 2011 by Ross

The Filo arrived quickly as promised. I was amazed how light it was and how small it packs up to.I am glad I went for the XXL as I like a loose fit and may wear another layer with it.

10 January, 2011 by Stuart Cranmer

REALLY, really pleased with my Filo jacket. Excellent quality, design and exceptional price. My husband is also really keen to purchase a Filo and awaits stock.

Contact and follow up emails with AlpKit staff has been excellent. As other customers have commented, Alpkit website has been added to my ’ favorites’.

09 January, 2011 by Moira

WOW I am sat in chair with my lovely new jacket on willing the snow to come back. Having been half-heartedly looking for a replacement down jacket for a long time, I can’t believe i am finally wearing one that, not only ticks ALL the boxes on specification, but didn’t cost a fortune.Excellent and well thought through design. Thank you for an excellent service too and a thank you should go to the guy in the pub who let me try on his jacket and gave me your website address. Alpkit now on my favourite list.

09 January, 2011 by Diane

Yay, I’ve finally treated myself to a Filo!

It’s wonderful - just as snuggly and warm as my Alpkit sleeping bag.

Thanks for great service as always! Happy New Year to you too!

08 January, 2011 by Cat

Really happy with the Filo jacket that I have just received,top quality at a spot on price.

08 January, 2011 by Ned

Just got my Filo. Love it!
Brilliant product, light, warm and comfortable, couldn’t ask for anything else, especially at such a good price point!

08 January, 2011 by Sam

My jacket arrived yesterday having been posted 2 days previously.  Couldn’t make a decision on the right size for me but hung my neck out on a Large and it’s brilliant.  The first down jacket that I’ve bought, have never really wanted to pay the ridiculous prices of the ‘high street’ brands and this is brilliant.  The build quality and attention to detail is excellent.  Am a particular fan of the fleece lined pockets!

Many thanks and look forward to shopping with you again.

07 January, 2011 by Ben Rogers

The jacket is a great fit and extremely warm. I’m grateful the snow has turned up again so I can put it to the test! The zip grips are also a really useful addition. Great service on keeping customers up to date on the next batches to arrive. Just a shame I was too slow to get one before Christmas!

07 January, 2011 by Maz Fortune

I ordered this on Dec 23rd, thinking I might have it in time for the New Year; next day - Christmas Eve - the little ostrich-egg sized package arrived from which hatched this wonderful gilet. It is so deliciously warm, I now laugh in the face of the cold weather. Delighted!

07 January, 2011 by Frances

The jacket arrived shortly after ordering it. I was aware of the lengthy wait for the jackets and was very pleased with the speed of delivery. The jacket arrived early in the morning with the temp at -6 so the jacket was put on that morning…
A great piece of kit…Top Marks…

07 January, 2011 by Boab

Having waited desperately through the horrendous cold winter weather before xmas we were delighted to be able to order from the first and second batches of coats - one xxl and one s filo in black - both superwarm squishy and good sizes.  My 11 old son who usually wears a man’s small fits his perfectly with excellent length, some growing/fleece room and good compression to cram into school bag and locker - he really appreciates the wired hood as feels its ‘less geeky’ than tied! My husband who is 6’3” and at the upper end of the fit would have preferred a longer length at the front, but is extremely grateful for the warmth it provides and isn’t letting anyone else have it.  I was going to order one too but would really like to see a slightly longer length - same as the back of the mens but all the way round as the front stops at my widest part and there is a limit to what will do for warmth.  Jackets were recommended by hardened twenty something and will certainly recommend further.  Make me a long one please!! Jo

06 January, 2011 by Jo Pritchard

I was on the waiting list for the Filo mens down jacket and I am so glad that I was patient.  After some great customer service (and super fast delivery), I am now wearing my jacket and I love it.  Great sizing, great look and so so warm.  Thanks Alpkit!

06 January, 2011 by David Bishop

Great piece of kit supplied by great bunch of people ,ordered as soon as stock was in, arrived next day despite snow & it bein xmas , eagerly awaiting the filo stock thankyou alpkit crew.

05 January, 2011 by austin mac

Great jacket, love it!!
And as usual, excellent service from all at ALPKIT.

Shame the weather has warmed up. Now I can stop looking like a Michelin Man in my husband’s!

05 January, 2011 by jileyriley

It arrived today. First impressions:

Feels as ‘light as a feather’ (XXL), extremely comfortable, and very warm.

The internal zipped pocket is large enough to hold a laminated Ordnance Survey map, with room the spare. The zips are robust and the zip toggles are very grippy.

The adjustable shockcord hem helps to trap as much heat as possible, and when loosened allows easy access to inner layers of clothing without having to unzip the jacket (The oversized jacket I bought makes this very easy, closer fitting sizes may make accessing inner layers by this method more difficult).

The durable tape between the zip and the zip baffle will help prevent the insulated baffle from getting jammed in the zip. A very nice design feature.

The elasticated sleeve cuffs enclose the wrists very gently and as a result are very comfortable. The stretchy tape that surrounds the cuff elastic is also soft, adding to the comfort and durability of the cuffs.

The detachable nature of the hood adds flexibility to the design and doubles the amount of insulation to the neck of the wearer when worn with the jacket, and when worn on its own, the hood makes for a very warm hat. The wired peak on the hood is very useful feature.

I own one of Alpkit’s early model sleeping bags (No longer in production) which I use on a daily basis for months at a time, and if the jacket wears as well as that sleeping bag, I’ll be well pleased.

Outstanding value for money, as always, from Alpkit.

05 January, 2011 by Paul

Amazing service, I decided to place an order despite the website saying out of stock as it seemed to let my desired colour and size through to the basket. Less than 24 hours after receiving the confirmation email saying my order had been printed i had a knock on the door and my new filo had arrived!
Can’t wait to try it out when i am back at uni in wales next week.

05 January, 2011 by Rob

Delighted with this jacket and mightily impressed that it arrived in remote scotland only 3 days after ordering, in time for xmas. Have to confess that I didn’t let hubby wrap it up and put under tree as since it was -15 I wore it there and then and was very snug and cozy. Off to order a filet now….

30 December, 2010 by shona jennings

Hi I have had my filo jacket for about 3 months, and love it. Does any body else seem to loss a lot of feathers from the coat?

Best wishes to you all for 2011

27 December, 2010 by D. Greenslade

Thanks so much to all involved in getting the Filo out to me in time for hubby’s Xmas. He is absolutely delighted with his urban grey down jacket. You kept me up to date with what was happening re being out of stock etc. Your customer service is excellent.  May Alpkit continue to prosper in the future, you deserve it.

27 December, 2010 by Margaret Boath

VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH QUALITY. Holes in both pockets - please contact me to arrange replacement or refund. Thanks, Jill

26 December, 2010 by Jill B

Brilliant service from Alpkit.  Ordered Sunday night - arrived Wednesday (3 days later on the week before christmas) amazing!
I got ladies small.
Delighted with Jacket, the arms are a little on the short side.  Perhaps I should have choosen male extra small.  Maybe be I just have freakishly long arms! Great product. Don’t miss the fleecy neck lining.

24 December, 2010 by kathleen wade

Thank you so much for the way you have handled the (understandable) demand for the Filo jacket. Out of stock when i wanted to buy, i registered to be informed when new stock would be in, and you efficiently kept me updated, and i was then able to buy one when your stock came in. Like many other reviews i have just read, i’m astounded (but VERY pleased) to say it has arrived already, and i can’t express enough how pleased i am with both the product and the service. Thank you very much

23 December, 2010 by Lindsay Van Kirk

My jacket was well worth the wait. Fantastic value for money- 1st time I’ve been warm in weeks!
I would agree that the neck would benefit from the same lining as the pockets which are really cosey - no gloves today as the pockets are lovely! The neck is a bit big for me - could do with a draw- string as a bit drafty but fine with the hood up or a buff. Only other wish would be some velcro on the sleeves to stop the draft up your arm.
Having said all that, I LOVE my new jacket and would recommend to anyone. Fabulous bright red - very cheery in this weather!
As always, fabulous service from Alpkit!

23 December, 2010 by Tess Garretty

Hi, just bought myself a filo down jacket in the chile colour.
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service and the product. I wasn’t expecting to recieve it before xmas but had it just 4 days after ordering it. I was kept up to date with everything and love the coat now that I have got it. Would definately recommend you and your products to people.

23 December, 2010 by Lisa King

Bought a Filo for my daughter as a Xmas present.  In the view of the awful weather in Scotland I was worried about not getting it in time for Xmas and was mightly impressed that you guys got it to my door on the Tuesday after ordering it last thing on Sunday evening.  It hasn’t been tested in anger yet, but it looks amazing and feels amazing!  I want one for myself now!

23 December, 2010 by Sonya McCallum

hi, just recieved my filo , three days after delivery,fantastic product and remarkable service. already tried it around the cliff tops in a biting wind, warm as toast! have a great xmas and a happy new year.

23 December, 2010 by malcolm

First down Jacket and now a convert.
Came yesterday and its so warm and comfortable
I can only agree with all other comments on product and service.
Many Thanks

23 December, 2010 by Andrew B

Received my Filo today, already christened!
I can only echo other positive comments and thank you for such excellent service.
With seasonal good wishes for you and yours.

22 December, 2010 by Colin Ellis

orderd my filo on 20th dec receved it on the 21 st dec great service and a great jacket merry xmas and happy new year to all at alpkit

22 December, 2010 by mad mick

Slowly equipping my family with their own filos after my old filo has become the families jacket of choice. So light and warm my son heads out through the snow at 7am to feed the horses with just his pajamas underneath. I’ll have to wait till the next batch to order one for my son, but the order for my wife placed the 19th landed on my door yesterday 21st which is outstanding given the current mail problems. Over all I can see many improvements with this years model over my older version with one exception! Can I vote for a come back for the soft fleecy neck lining?

22 December, 2010 by Tommy Holmes

Super warm, excellent build quality & fantastic price.
Arrived today - liked it so much, I just had to order a ‘plum lucky’ for my wife. (Suzanne says ‘Hello’ Helen).

21 December, 2010 by Richard

Arrived in speedy time and in time for Christmas, many thanks to you all, have a great time when you get away and I hope 2011 is a brilliant year for you.

21 December, 2010 by Jules

Absolutely brilliant ordered a Filo jacket for my wife on Sun 19th and it arrived This morning 21st. this is my first purchase from Alpkit and i am extremely impressed. Mush better than my own Mountain Equipment duvet which will now have to be replaced & I know where I will be going! Really nice touch with the hand written thank you from Izzy.
I wish you every success and my next order will be comming soon

21 December, 2010 by Mark A Smith

You guys deserve an extra big Christmas hug for getting mine and my ladies’ filo’s to me so quickly! The colours (blue & red) are amazing and I know they’ll be unique when I’m showing them off down the pub! They are a great fit and soooo warm, top gear, great price, can’t wait to test it at the crag…. Well done one and all and a very merry Christmas!

21 December, 2010 by Simon wade

Ordered a filo on Sunday 19th Dec and recieved it on Tues 21st Dec which is almost un believable.
Great Jacket,Great Price,Great service.Congrats and keep up the fine work.

21 December, 2010 by John

Ordered a Filo for my daughter on Sunday 19 Dec, received it morning of Tuesday 21 Dec, in the midst of huge nationwide transport disruption. Fantastic service, fantastic product.  Keep up the good work.

21 December, 2010 by John C

A superb jacket! Not owned a down jacket before but this is comfortable, very warm and extremely well built! Lovely fit, I’m a slim 6’2” bloke and would usually take a medium/large due to the height issue. I took a small as suggested by the website and it fits perfectly. Snug, I must admit but as the site says, over a baselayer and light fleece…..perfect! Definately finds a place in my rucksack for my next alps trip.
Delivery was next day and free too! I’m coming back when I’ve saved my tokens for the PD800. Thanks AlpKit!

13 December, 2010 by Chris Parsons

I’ve had one exactly a year now (got it last xmas).  It’s awesome its been everywhere with me and done everything, it’s lighter than my old Rab Guide smock, but just as warm. I see what Ewan means about not as well finished, but to be honest I just see it as saving weight

07 December, 2010 by Dan

Excellent piece of kit, even ran a bit hot frogmarching the kids to school at -2C grin.
Great pockets all round. can fit lunch in the normal ones and the inside is great for ALL the valuables.
Great ajustments and easy to do all of this with gloves or mits on. Thought Id miss the sleeves but dont at all (which is a bit worrying).
Its been wet and survived well but I havent been out in a downpour.
In all, at least as good as vests/jackets 2x the price. (Ive checked them out).
The alpkit team are also a great bunch, always friendly and informative.

30 November, 2010 by Ian

I bought a bright yellow filo jacket last Christmas.  I have never experienced a warmer jacket which is so lightweight.  I have washed it in the washing machine with NIKWASH for down jackets.  Came out brilliant.  I have left a notification to be advised when your new colours are in, as my wife and kids will not go out with me in my bright yellow one.  Looks like a nice dull grey will be coming my way as soon as you have them in. Highly recommend them to anyone.

22 November, 2010 by Richard Jones

Me and the wife both have one of these down vests.  Bought them for £40 so a total bargain.  Just starting to use them now with the temperature dropping.  Great bits of kit.  Looking forward to taking it with me for a night in Lingy Hut in December.  Also packs down nicely.  Keep up the good work ALPKIT.

16 November, 2010 by Mark

Live in windy and cold Denmark. Cycle to work everyday and a warm lightweight jacket is an essential. I bought the Filo after reading the reviews and have to say that I am delighted with my purchase. The jacket is great and superb value for money.

The postal service was fast and cheap, and the communication from Alpkit was exemplary - if only other netellers were of a similar calibre!!

I will be buying more stuff…..

12 November, 2010 by Big Raddy

i love my filet!!...as everyone else says…customer service is brilliant!...such a speedy service too!....

07 November, 2010 by linda wilson

Whats the chance of making these in xxl size

22 October, 2010 by Ian

toastie warm even!  Apologies for the typo :-o

22 October, 2010 by Kate

My filo came earlier in the week and the next morning was a proper cold one - perfect excuse to try it out grin

Absolutely love it and got lots of compliments on how great it looked!  Long in the body and long in the arms ..... and tastie warm!

Would definately recommend!

22 October, 2010 by Kate

I did a bit of research on the web and found Alpkit, am now delighted to join the ranks of other satisfied customers. The item came over night despite address being in Highlands and hard to reach post code area. Jacket is cosy, exactly shape and function as described and great price. Thanks so much - I will definitely recommend you to friends. Bring on the snow!

15 October, 2010 by Paula

Jacket is fantastic. Two of my friends have now went and got there own alpkit downs after trying mine on in a bothy. For when I’m camping/back packin I store my jacket in a 8 litre alpkit drybag (the thicker durable ones) the delivery is always fast and it’s sad I know, but I like the wee hand written thank you bit on the reciept ha ha

good work alpkit

12 October, 2010 by Gately


Very speedy service and it feels great to buy from a local stockist!
Jacket feels great, but the real test will be when I go to Norway in February to see the Northern Lights. I’ll post some more feedback after then.

12 October, 2010 by Cate

Another great Alpkit product with amazing service.  Already got the Filo and then had to buy the wife one.  Tried the filet in the house, lated five minutes before had to take it off.  Far to warm.  Got to plan some good winter camping weekends to make the most of it.  Keep up the great service.

06 October, 2010 by Jonny Rock

Great piece of kit and during a chilly Monday morning at Dinas rock had the same thought as TommyChillum below - a double zip for use as a belay jacket would make it even better.

29 September, 2010 by Matt Street

Brrr… cold today. Time to break out my Filet!

26 September, 2010 by RobHague

Fantastic vest, way better value than similar products of other brands. It does provide instant warmth.
It could do with a double zip for use as a belay jacket. The filet does stuff into its own inner pocket, although its a real squeeze. I’d like to see a stuffsack or bigger inner pocket for easyer packing.
Other than that: i’m wearing it all the time!

26 September, 2010 by TommyChillum

I’m happy. I’ve got a 39” chest and ordered a small jacket. It fits nicely with room for a couple of layers under it (base and pullover fleece) and it arrived in two days.
It’s well made and WARM.

23 September, 2010 by John

Ordered got next day great, its a fab little coat,light weight, and packs down good.have to wait until frosty to test warmth,but feels ok.
bad point not as well finished as top makes, but for £80 its great, you would nt be to upset if you got it damaged climbing/camping tho.
highly recommended coat.

22 September, 2010 by Ewan Turnbull

Ordered the filo on 27/08 and it arrived 01/09 with the Alpkit being away for the bank holiday - so very impressed with speedy delivery.

The jacket is a great fit and I would recommend measuring your old jacket (if you have one) to compare before purchasing. It is surprisingly light and you are able to zip up right to your chin, so no draughts around the neck.

Get rid of summer and bring on the cold!

01 September, 2010 by Steve

Really pleased with the jacket (XL works for me and I’m 6’3”) I bought last winter; used loads both camping and standing around watching football or rugby matches. My wife was pretty impressed (or bored with my enthusiastic rantings) with the warmth and she got one too. The reason I’m writing this now is to highlight the excellent customer service that Alpkit offer. I managed to rip a hole in a sleeve, closed it up with tape and then finally sent it back to Alpkit for repair. This they did really quickly and professionally. They also charged nothing, even picking up the tab for the return postage. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement! Thanks very, very much.

30 August, 2010 by Ned


Kenny - Has the range been revised again since your email (1/3/10) about the new Filets?  Only black & lego blue now available. Are the Lemon & Plumb discontinued?

Many thanks,

28 August, 2010 by Richard

Bought a skyehigh 600 a year ago and have loved it for its space, size, weight and warmth.  I vowed I would be back for a Filo.  Waited for the e-mail advising they were in and luck would have it they arrived on my birthday, result!  As ever the service was second to none.  My wife has a ME lightline as a comparison and I am pleased to say the quality of the Filo is excellent when compared.  The high collar is great (higher than the ME) well done Alpkit, keep up the great work and I’ll continue to spread the Alpkit word.


19 August, 2010 by Ady

Hi Debbie

We don’t always see questions posted here so if you require any further info, please email us at support@alpkit.com

The jackets are a generous cut so if you usually take a size 12, you should find our size 12 jacket will be fine.



13 August, 2010 by Jenni

Hi woundered if any one could give me some advise. What size would people recommend I buy. Normally a size 12, but would I be better off buying a size 14 so I can wear fleeces under coat, or will there be enough room in a size 12.

Thanks in advance for your help.

12 August, 2010 by Debbie

Just got the jacket really quickly after ordering..feels great and the fit is perfect…think I would have liked a closer fit on the elastic cuffs though as I have skinny wrists, but with gloves on, it could work ok. Taking it on a wild camp next weekend, and can’t wait to try it out on the fells.

10 August, 2010 by Sooz

Received my jacket a couple of days after ordering it. I’m really pleased with the fit and everything about the Filo and it was well worth the wait.

More great service from Alpkit, and I really appreciated the stock update emails.


10 August, 2010 by Michael W

Got one for the missus this time around.  I have a mate that works in Cotswold and when I told him I was shopping for a DJ for ‘her indoors’ he directed me to your website. “There’s somethin’ not right here” I’m thinking. But having received this piece of kit I can see he was VERY right.
Not only is it a well made and stylish piece of kit, it represents XLNT value for the buck.
I don’t know how they do it.
And as if that isn’t enough, the customer service is second to none too.

Trade long and prosper ALPKIT. Just don’t get too big for your boots and lose direction like some of the others I could mention.

I’ll be back!


09 August, 2010 by Alan Smith

Just received my Filo in Lego Blue from FedEx and am quite impressed. Really looks like value for money. Great fit, looks good, feels good. I can’t wait for my first cold climbing trip!

Only thing I had hoped for was a larger pocket that can be used as a stuff sack, but I’ll use another bag for that.


06 August, 2010 by David

Been waiting for stock for a few months.  Well done Alpkit for emailing with news of availability.  Arrived day after ordered, seems good quality, bring on the cold weather.

05 August, 2010 by Mike

Love my jacket!  Great price, arrived quickly and the colour is just as it was on screen which makes a change. Think I’m going to be toasty in it!

03 August, 2010 by Nicky

Just got mine and am delighted with it.  A few friends have got these over the last couple of years and I have always been impressed with the fit and quality.  For a bargain price as well.  I prefer these to the more expensive brands.

03 August, 2010 by James

Fabulous piece of kit. I thought the addition of a simple stuffsack might have been an idea, but I just cram it into a v.small dry bag. One quick shake and it’s ready for action. So far have recommended one to a family member (who bought one) and bought one for my dad. Everyone happy. Thanks Alpkit. Happy wanderings!

02 August, 2010 by Simon

This is a fab jacket not long got back from Mongolia where it was -50 and was still tosty warm. even up in the far north.

28 May, 2010 by andy

I brought the filet vest but due to a mistake by myself i had to ring in the morning to change the size, when i rang i was welcomed by a friendly voice on the phone and when i explained about the size the lady on the end on the phone advised me to stick with the size i had and i went on the advice she gave me and when i received the filet i took it out for a test straight away in the weather that is surposed to be our spring and found that it was brilliant! all in all a another brilliant product from a fantastically good Company!!

07 May, 2010 by Sam Burton

You’re costing me a fortune…............3 filo’s & 4 filets in a year. All my friends & family want them !!! great products,great price, great service !!!

28 March, 2010 by Mike Millington

Got my Filo today and I love it! Its a very impressive piece of kit. I have been looking for a down jacket for an age and stumbled across this on some review web sites. mixed reviews (mostly because people cant deal with not having a fancy brand on it…) but I’m so impressed! Its fluffy and cosy. Love it.

Will keep my eye on Alpkit gear!

09 March, 2010 by Alex

An absolutely superb Gilet. Excellent construction, fit and very warm. A bargain for the money and a real alternative to the big names.
Customer services as always second to non. Many thanks.

07 March, 2010 by Pete Luckin

Fantastic! I haven’t taken it off since it arrived. I feel proud to wear the Alpkit logo. Customer service is the best. Thank you for another great product that is superb value for money.

02 March, 2010 by Rockstaranne

The new Filets are now in stock. This year we’ve stuffed an extra 5% of down into them and we have kept the price the same as last year! Colours are the same as Filo so we have a choice of: Ice Blue, Black, Nemo Blue, Lemon Zest, Urban Grey and if you are feeling it.. Plum Lucky.

01 March, 2010 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Wow! Absolutely chuffed with my jacket, could not be happier. Have been contemplating for a while whether to get one, as currrently work at a outdoors shop, so get reasonable discount anyway, and like to see what things are like before buying. But was not disappointed. Definately prefer it to the north face & rab jacket we stock. An excellant price, brilliant fit and good features, having deep pockets, drop back, and wired peak hood.
Cheers alpkit.

04 February, 2010 by Joanna

Just received my new Filo a day after ordering, brilliant service as usual from Alpkit.  Was panicking as there was limited stock so chuffed to bits when it arrived.  Bought it to replace 5 year old ME lightline which was worn for 4 months a year, to work, down the pub and in the mountains which sadly suffered from a large down leaking rip.  The Filo compares very very well.  Fit is excellent and one of the few jackets with a warm bum, a great luxury.  Build quality looks excellent and enough features to compete with others down the pub. Far better than the NF Nuptse i bought the wife for Christmas. Internal zip baffle keeps in extra heat and fleecey pockets on the outside makes a big difference.  Cuffs do not adjust but ok with gloves on and you could always use an elastic band if the draught really bothers you! Agree with the velcro fastening for the hood, poppers could be tricky with gloves. 

Overall, amazing quality for amazing value and top class service.  Looks like I was lucky to get this.  Forgot to check the website for a week and nearly missed out.

Keep up the great work.

02 February, 2010 by Jonny Rock

Great jacket, had mine 18 months or so. I would suggest that a velcro fastening for the hood would be a lot easier than struggling with the poppers when you have gloves on! Apart from that excellent quality and been wearing it constantly since December

01 February, 2010 by Richard

Recieved filo jacket today- seems well worth the long wait. Well made, VERY warm, good fit. Legendary Alpkit service brilliant as always. If I’m very picky cuffs are a bit loose & back a bit long but otherwise great for the price.

17 January, 2010 by Geoff A

Hi guys

Apologies for the delayed response to your questions - the review pages aren’t checked as regularly as our inbox.  If you have a product question, the best way to get a quick answer is to drop us an email at support@alpkit.com  

Regarding the jackets’ water resistance, the Filos are not waterproof down jackets.  They are treated with a light DWR coating so a dash across the car park in the rain is fine but for more prolonged exposure, we’d recommend you cover up your Filo with a waterproof shell.

The jackets are easily squished, either into their own hood or into one of our Apollo, Airlok or Vortex bags.

Hope this helps!


06 January, 2010 by Jenni

Awesome bit of kit, got one for Christmas and love it, mines a mens small and it is a nice snug but not tight fit.
If it helps others I am about 5’10” and weigh about 75kg (last time I checked!!)

05 January, 2010 by Neil Stubbs

Got one of these for my birthday just before christmas - great service as always and brilliant quality.  One very small suggestion: the wrists could do with something more substantial than the current elastic to tighten them up against draughts - my cuffs are a little on the draughty side (although that might be partly because my wrists are quite small).  Other than that super comfy and super snug - thanks!

29 December, 2009 by Rachel

i’m so happy about my filo. it’s super warm and comfy!
made me pull hard on the crimps.

23 December, 2009 by lorenzo

Yet another brilliant product.. thanks Alpkit.
Thanks for getting this to me in time for my holiday despite postal strikes.

It is so cozey I didn’t want to take it off. Best of all as well it must have a standard zip as it zips inside most of my waterproof jackets!

Very good 1st down jacket how have I survived without one?

05 November, 2009 by lewis

Are the next lots of Filos likely to be waterproof, or if not, is it something you’re looking into?
Thanks, Dan

19 October, 2009 by Dan

Just an update on my Filo. Re waterproofing, I’ve never taken it out in the rain unprotected but as to warmth, it’s superb. It spent plenty of time out and about in winter and spent a week and a bit in Orkney in the early spring. Worn under a decent waterproof or windproof jacket it was a pretty unbeatable combination. For packing in a rucksack I stuff it into a small drybag - doubles as a pillow! I think it packs down pretty small, and hardly weighs anythting at all. Basically, for the price, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and I cannot recommend it enough.

09 September, 2009 by Tim

I’d be really grateful if someone could answer a couple of questions I have, I posted them a while back but it seems to have got lost in the ether…

Firstly, how waterproof is the Filo jacket?

And secondly, how small does the Filo jacket pack down to?

Thanks for your help!

06 September, 2009 by Andrew

continuing from andrewsnpoint how waterproof is the filo??

24 August, 2009 by charlie.k

Thanks for your advice Jenni
Wow this site has top class service!

20 August, 2009 by Kathryn

Hi Kathryn

The exact measurements of this year’s jackets are still being worked upon but in terms of last year’s jackets, I would say that a small was a size 8 -10 and a medium was a 10 -12.  I usually wear a 10 and could fit into the small however I opted for a medium so that I could wear it over my hoody and Filet for really cold days.  You don’t want a down jacket to be too tight as that prevents the down from lofting and keeping you cosy.  We always publish exact garment measurements for our jackets when they go on sale so the best thing to do is compare the measurements from one of the Filos to a jacket that you already own that fits.  If you require any further advice or help with sizing, then please just give us a call once the stock arrives.  Thanks!  Jenni

20 August, 2009 by Jenni

Can any women who have brought the jacket reccommend the fit of them - ie does a 10-12 medium seem like a 10-12 you buy from the highstreet? or do they come quite big/small. Think one of these is going on my xmas list.

20 August, 2009 by Kathryn

I have two questions regarding the Filo jackets, if anyone can help me out I’d be very grateful!

Firstly, how waterproof is the jacket? - Forgive my ignorance but down is no good in wet weather right?

Sencondly, how well do the jackets pack down i.e if I’m backpacking would it take up masses of room in my bag?!

Thanks in advance!

16 August, 2009 by Andrew

Great quality bit of kit. Wore it around the campsite in the evenings and it was toasty warm. Have it next to the back door and wear it when I go out in the garden for a sly snout (shy, don’t tell the missus!).

29 July, 2009 by Grant Falconer

Well I was thinking of packing my Filet away for the summer but no, the ‘British Summer’ returns and it is back on!!! I wear this jacket that much I’ll have to buy another one if/when it needs to go away for washing…
Another first class Alpkit product! smile

08 June, 2009 by RobHague

I bought a pair of Filos for my partner and I - we tested them out on Kilimanjaro three weeks ago, where the summit temperatures plummeted below -20 ºC with wind chill.  While no one is ever really comfortable in such temperatures, we thought the Filos did a phenomenal job in keeping us insulated against the cold in tandem with our other layers.  The warmth to weight ratio is fantastic, and the jacket was ideal on its own for most other high elevation parts of the Kilimanjaro trail, where temperatures are frequently below 0 ºC.

I practically live in the thing at home and have been totally satisfied with build, features and performance. An awesome buy.

10 March, 2009 by Alastair

I love this vest, its a brilliant buy for the money. The quality is excellent, the material itself is very tightly woven and its amazingly warm. I ware mine whenever i get a bit chilly and it saves on heating bills. Would recommend to anyone.

03 March, 2009 by lynsey

As usual great service from Alpkit and a great product, high quality gear at a more that reasonable price.

20 February, 2009 by James Colclough

I love my filo jacket so warm and cosy.I get so many comments on how nice it looks and the colour mauvish. Have you any plans on making a coat version. A coat version of the filo jacket would be ideal for when i am watching the football. Keep up the good work.

09 February, 2009 by Vera

We tend to find that you can wear one size smaller in the Filet than the Filo jacket so if you are an XXL Filo, then you should find that an XL Filet will fit nicely over your base layers.  If you wish to wear the Filet over heavy mid-layers then you would need the same size as your Filo.  We do hope to expand our ranges as we grow so hopefully we will be able to have a bigger range of clothing sizes in the future.

29 January, 2009 by Jenni

These look fantastic, but is there any chance that they will come in XXL like the Filet jacket?

29 January, 2009 by Richard Williams

Just got my LOVELY jacket. It is so warm and I am a cold running person. I guess the proof in the pudding will be in Nepal in May. This company was recommended by a member of staff in a well known outdoor shop and boy am I pleased I noted it down. Now all I ask is that you please please please get your sleeping bags back in stock soon!

28 January, 2009 by Hannah

Have had my ladies filo for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it!  Cosy, perfect fit, lovely warm pockets, soft collar - awesome piece of kit for a bargainous price.  Am chomping on the bit for the vests to be in!
One suggestion for improvement would be that the collar has an eleastic similar to the waist so that you can completely shut the draughts out.
Handwritten notes, speedy delivery & brilliant products - Well done guys - fantastic job.

23 January, 2009 by Lisa Phillips

Off to the High Atlas on Monday so the jacket will get a baptism of fire. On close inspection the jacket looks superb and the large size for us big lads is “bob on”, it also arrived next day. Another great experiance with the mob from Alpkit.

14 January, 2009 by Mark Stapleton

Filo!!!! Awesome. Tell the world. Buy at least one in your lifetime!

09 January, 2009 by Tim

Just taken delivery of my new filo jacket.It’s exactly what i wanted and came within 2 days of ordering.Fantastic!!

09 January, 2009 by k

This is one amazing jacket. It arrived in double quick time just before Christmas. Came with a hand written thank you note which is a nice touch. Someone had mentioned previously that the jacket didn’t come with toggles so I ordered some and the toggles came already attached to the jacket! Brilliant.

The Jacket itself is amazing. What timing as well.  The temperatures have been sub zero as you all know and to put it to the real test I wore it on my motorbike with a wind chill of -16c. I was fantastically warm and yet not uncomfortable when indoors.

These Alpkit guys are five star! I for one hope they make it through this recession as their products combined with their service are second to none!

08 January, 2009 by Jonathan Fox

We are so impressed with the excellent service received although it comes as no surprise since Alpkit clearly know what they are talking about and have customers’ interests at heart! Having ordered our Filo jackets less than 48 hours ago, we are now proud owners of these awesome snug coats! We’re off to Norway in Feb but are delighted (!) to be able to use them beforehand in these Arctic conditions. It was -12C round the corner in Benson last night so perfect timing. Thank you Alpkit - we shall certainly be recommending you to anyone else after similar kit!

07 January, 2009 by Emily, Oxfordshire

My Filo jacket arrived this morning, and thankgod it did too, it was -6 on my way to work and the heating in my car is broken smile The fit was perfect, I wanted it a little bigger because when i boulder I throw it on over my big hoody and sometimes even my insulated jacket. So ordered a medium and it was perfect. I’m normally a size 10 and this comes in as a nice loose fit. The colour is stunning (lego blue) and the quality of the jacket seems great, but then i’ve only worn it for 2hours.. lets see how it holds up in the peaks at the weekend!
So far sooooo flipping good, thank you alpkit, fantastic once again!!!

06 January, 2009 by Clare

The filo Jacket is great value for money. Build quality is good and they provide good warmth for the weight. However if you’re quite tall like me then you may find it a little too short at the front. I am 6ft 4 and find that the front is so short that it really lets the draft in. The back is several inches longer, the difference between front and back is greater than any other Jacket of this type that I’ve seen. If the design is tweaked at all next year I’d like to see it a couple of inches longer in the front!

06 January, 2009 by James Tindall

I have the older style down jacket and discovered the other day it stuffs into it’s own inner pocket. best of all the pocket is slightly L shaped so makes a great shoulder pillow for travelling. even damps out vibrations from plane windows.
class :o,

05 January, 2009 by Hix

or even March 2009!!!!

02 January, 2009 by Tim

Well, ordered a filo just after crimbo, and just ordered a sleeping bag today! But, still waiting on the Filo and hopefully not too much longer. But, if it’s like the headtorch and mini rucksack I’ve already got - will be worth the wait. Recommend all to visit the Alpkit stand at the NEC in November. Staff in 2008 were wonderful!!!

02 January, 2009 by Tim

It’s fantastic. Super cosy. Just like the sleeping bag I got for my girlfriend!!

27 December, 2008 by Pete

WOW i love my filo its GREAATT i now have a few things from alpkit and its true they are the best once again thanks now i am cosy mmmmm

27 December, 2008 by Andrew Cowx

Does exactly what it says on the tin, and more. Filo jacket, Nemo Blue arrived in time for Xmas. Superb fit, comfy and warm. One very happy customer.


26 December, 2008 by Tim Cooke

Thanks to everyone at Alpkit for all your hard work getting my womens Filo delivered in time for Christmas, brilliant service with regular updates, I’d recommend you guys to anyone!  Love the jacket, great fit, great colour (nemo blue), lovely and light and warm, perfect!  Thanks again, I’ll definitely be buying more of your products in the future.

26 December, 2008 by JG

Took delivery of my women’s Filo today - love it! Perfect fit and light as a downy feather; chunky zip grips, long at the rear, decent wired hood and useful deep pockets. Hats off to you guys at Alpkit for getting it out to me on Christmas Eve, thanks so much.

25 December, 2008 by Liz Miall

Are these kits that you sew yourself?  I find nothing that says that they are not repmade, but they are called kits.

19 December, 2008 by Carolyn Blake

I adore it! Bought as a pre-race/post-race bit of warm kit, after a very chilly experience before the Dovedale Dash this year. Wore it before a race in freezing fog this weekend, and I was so toasty! I’d looked at similar products that were close to £100, but this is excellent value and fab quality.

30 November, 2008 by Julie

Hi Mike

The best place to add yourself to a product waiting list is on our support section - just click on the tab at the top of the page.  I’ve added you to the waiting list and, as per Nick’s earlier post, we trying really hard to get the next batch of Filos here before Christmas. 



25 November, 2008 by Jenni

Any idea when the new stock of XL size filos will be back in? Could you add me to a mailing list? I’m already on one to wait for the Pipe Dreams to come back in stock!

25 November, 2008 by Mike Cooper

Well….. really good down, is far less allergenic than poor quality down (I used to suffer from this to), but we will at some point do a synthetic jacket.


21 November, 2008 by Nick [Alpkit]

I am allergic to down, but have seen some jackets with synthetic insulation on the High Street. Any chance of you making some synthetic alternatives to your Filo?

21 November, 2008 by FJC

Received my chilli red filo jacket today, incredibly fast delivery.  Love it, love it, so warm and cosy and loads cheaper than the alternative brand which i was going to buy.  Will probably buy another in a different colour too!!

05 November, 2008 by Debbie Phillips

this blog is more for our customers to comment on our products rather answering questions, as we dont all ways check it day in day out, like our emails.

However, i can say that we are working very hard to get them in before Christmas.


05 November, 2008 by Nick [Alpkit]

Hello, could you tell me if you will have the Filo jacket in stock soon!
Many thanks Jonathan.

05 November, 2008 by jonathan brownlee

The Filos can be packed down pretty small - Col has managed to get a men’s XXL Filo into a small Airlok XT.  We don’t sell them with stuff sacks as we have a range of bags that they can be stuffed into - the Vortex mesh bags, the Airlok XT dry bags and the Apollo II stuff sacks.

04 November, 2008 by Jenni

Jackets look great - can someone advise if the Filo can be packed down like comparable jackets, and does it come with a stuff sack? Thanks

04 November, 2008 by Ali

I just received my Alpkit Filo Jacket, and am very impressed!  The cut, features and style of the jacket are all on par with several of the more expensive down jackets down jackets on the market.  As usual, the delivery time was super quick.

My only slight constructive criticism would be to fit the zippers with the Alpkit Zip Grips, as I think it would really compliment the overall appearance of such a quality piece of kit, rather than coloured tags which mine came with.

03 November, 2008 by KenA

Ordered an XL Filet and XXL Filo late on Thursday, received them first thing Saturday morning.
Worn separately they are fantastic, lightweight but toasty. Worn together…well I can’t wait for the first snow of the year, I’ll be the one with the warm glow and smug look.

28 October, 2008 by Andrew

I ordered a chilli ladies jacket and received it within a couple of days.  I am so pleased with it and think it could possibly be the best £70 I have spent for a long time.  I can’t wait for the weather to get colder so I can try it out properly, rather than just around the house!  Thanks

28 October, 2008 by victoria


One for me, one for the girl friend the next day :(

not one bad thing to say about it, go get one.

28 October, 2008 by franksnb

once again, awesome stuff from the guys! top quality, looks good, and a steal at £60!! beats a North Face Nuptse on price and quality!!

25 October, 2008 by Paul Rogers

Any plans for making a bright yellow jacket? Cheers grin

16 October, 2008 by JC

Loads of colors coming, and should be arriving in the first week in October.



18 September, 2008 by Nick [Alpkit]

When are these coming back in stock?

18 September, 2008 by andrew

Any other colors available?? red is fine, thanks.

17 September, 2008 by Mac @ Motorcycle Fairing

Are these going to becoming back into stock?? I want one… Cheers

20 June, 2008 by Rick Butters

Thats probably a little to specialist for us at the moment.



16 May, 2008 by Nick [Alpkit]

Any considerations for a down suit??

15 May, 2008 by Luke

My girlfriend bought me one of these to replace my old taped-up tnf jacket.  Very warm, very light excellent hood, very impressed.  Bought her one yesterday to replace my old taped-up tnf jacket! Will be buying 2 sleeping bags at week-end too!  Keep it up - superb kit.

01 May, 2008 by neil

Customer service excellent. I dealt with them prior to purchase asking more questions about the jacket sizing. The lady on the phone was very helpful and pleasant throughout. Delivery prompt as I expected. The jacket is quality and is the perfect size. I am considering buying another as a spare. Many Thanks and keep up the good quality and service.

26 April, 2008 by Mrs Perry

Who cares if I look like a giant bogey, the heating bill is plummeting. Thanks

11 April, 2008 by searchesend


03 April, 2008 by vince godber

this jacket got fantastic reviews, I just ordered a filo and can’t wait to try it, but if this wasn’t ‘discontinued’ I’d have bought it instead for sure!! (even in red!!)
will it be ‘re-continued’ in the future?

03 April, 2008 by David Holmes

Just back from a trip to Scotland where my new Filo kept me nice and warm while cooking dinner in the porch of my tent as the snow fell. Great jacket. The only suggestion I have is to change the velcro on the cuffs - it is so stiff that the end doesn’t attach to the “fluffy” side and the little hooks snag on other things like the jacket and my sleeping bag.

This isn’t the first thing I’ve bought from you and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Cheers!

02 April, 2008 by Simon

My Filo jacket arrived only 20hrs after placing the order!
Once again a superb value for money product and fantastic service.
Many thanks and keep up the good work!

04 March, 2008 by James

What I’d really, really like is a super,super thick, toasty fleece jumper. Doesnt need to be waterproof or windproof. I find these new fangled soft-shells just feel manky.

02 March, 2008 by Mark Sheekey

I forgot to mention that I bought an Airlok XT bag (size small) to go with it and that the Filo fits in it perfectly. An additional £3.50 for a bag that is guaranteed to keep your down jacket dry is a bargain really.

17 February, 2008 by Nils

I’ve had this jacket for around 3 weeks now and I am really happy with it so far. Nice and light, toasty, and very good value for money.
The only thing I could fault the jacket on is the stiffness of the velcro cuffs, they keep on attaching themselves to the insides of the hand warmer pockets! The extended back length seems a bit too extended for my liking, in fairness I think the jacket could do without it.
On the whole, however, I am very impressed with the quality and I have therefore decided to also invest in a Pipedream 600. Keep up the good work!

17 February, 2008 by Nils

No frills with this jacket just great design and super quick delivery. Could do with the sleeves being a little longer so i can pull my hands in but can’t find a better down jacket for this price even in the sales. Nice one AlpKit!

15 February, 2008 by Dave S

I have just purchased (2/08) the Filo jacket.  I am impressed. However, according to the label the fill is 90/10 eu650 and not 90/10 eu700 as stated in the website.

14 February, 2008 by Gary

Used my filo at a very cold and snowy Glen Cova last W/E and jacket was great! Also got a bit wet on sunday but still warm and soon dried out and easy to shake back into shape.The chilli colour stood out on the hill which is good.Although i was hiding from search dogs so had to put away in the rucksack! Well done.

08 February, 2008 by David H

I have just purchased an alpkit filo, and it is fantastic. I have researched different types of jackets for a while before making the descision of purchasing this for half the price of its nearest competitor. I would recommend this jacket 100%. well done alpkit !

24 January, 2008 by dave kirton

Jacket arrived within 24hrs and great service as usual.
Will be tested this W/E here in bonny Scotland and will let you know how it goes.First impression is a good lightwieght jacket which is snug at the bottom of the rucksack.Also pretty smart but the chilli colour stand out!

18 January, 2008 by David

Hi everyone, yes the care label is the incorrect one. The care instructions will stay the same, however the down content/fill power is different. So the jackets have 90/10 700+ fill power. Sorry for the confusion!

15 January, 2008 by Col [Alpkit]

Also, the care label states that the jacket is 650 fill power yet the website states the jacket is 700+. I figured that Alpkit re-used the labels from the old filo but was wondering if someone could clear this up?

15 January, 2008 by Rich

Got the jacket on christmas eve - great work from the Alpkit crew. First impressions, very warm for the bulk of the jacket and really like the fit, and wired hood. Also find the cuff straps too hard and a bit cumbersome - often get caught on the fleece fabric inside the pockets. Overall though super happy with it

15 January, 2008 by Rich

Received my new Filo less than 24 hours after ordering - great service as usual

Love the poo brown colour, very warm and fit is good - for the price could you possibly ask for more - might just order another one in anither colour

Thanks Alpkit

08 January, 2008 by Lorne

Ordered Monday, arrived Tuesday.  Seems like a great product for the price - like all Alpkit gear.  Will be keen to give it a proper try in Snowdonia later this month!

08 January, 2008 by Luke

Oh, and the care label inside is actually for a sleeping bag (but presumably the same care should be taken?).

07 January, 2008 by Adam

Bought one for my girlfriend and here are her first thoughts:

Much warmer than its weight or thickness would suggest, although no real cold weather testing as yet.  Likes the longer length (!) especially the bum warmer dropped back.  Finds the wrist straps too hard (they seem to be a stiff plastic) and that they catch on passing obstructions.  Really likes the wired hood, and it is a great shape.  A few tufts of feather have already poked through (the seams I think), hopefully won’t be too many more! The pale fleecy lining around the collar seems likely to get dirty and she won’t want to wash the whole item if that is the case - any thoughts on the best way to just surface clean this part?  Overall she is very chuffed with it and keeps showing it to her friends, who are equally envious.  They know where to get one…

07 January, 2008 by Adam

ordered jacket and sleeping bag on the 1st jan 08received 3rd jan great service thanks

03 January, 2008 by robert merchant

oops for the spelling.

26 December, 2007 by sia

the new filo, first thoughts.

its longer (actually noticably larger all over) than the last one on the front and at the back.

The toggles for the waist band are hidden insde the jacket lining. This makes it neater but at first a little hard to adjust however im sure this is just getting used to it.

The jacket feels less full of down and not as puffy. Physcologically it doesn’t feel like it will be as warm however, it is a better quality of down which you can feel and at this stage i cant tell if it will be warmer in reality as it isnt cold enough yet to wear it.

The hood is good as are the wrist straps.

overall a good purchase with the caveat on if the alpguys have got the down levels right.

Still by far the best value down jacket available.

26 December, 2007 by si a

Arrived Xmas eve by carrier, I didn’t have time to wrap it before SWMBO commandeered it for a last minute shopping trip.

I’ve never known her to feel warm, even in the summer, the Filo is the warmest jacket I’ve ever had. I like the removeable hood, the back length is good, the cuffs don’t interfere like so many other jackets.

The whole family want them now, what size for a 7 year old?

24 December, 2007 by Paul C

Updated Filo model launched in 9 colours, mens and womens cuts, upgraded goosedown and a detachable hood.

22 December, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Wow…awesome delivery. Ordered last night at 4:45pm…arrived today(day after the order) at 11:00am….and its busy Christmas…wicked, cheers.
Well fit is excellent and hope it lives up to that of my filo. Alpkit impresses again!

22 December, 2007 by Jimbob

Just an update for people asking about the new Filo. We have been given a delivery date for the 17th of December, so all going well we should be able to ship pre Christmas. Obviously anyone who has asked to be kept up to date will receive a mail from us as soon as we have them!

06 December, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

When you buy a down jacket for less than 100.- you can not expect to get a Rab or Phd!!!. You get what you pay for of course. I used my fantom with just a t-shirt and 6 below 0 degrees and felt comfy and warm all the way.
It is a good value for money jacket. Perfect for alpin skiing etc. Not too warm as you are in activity…

16 November, 2007 by Henrik

We do try and be fair with our descriptions and only hype it up when we are sure of a products performance. I guess we need to work on how we present the capabilities of the product more clearly.



14 November, 2007 by nick [Alpkit]

I’m not knocking the product - it is good value for money. I’m sure the jacket effective for all-round winter use and winter sports. I was above 5000m regularly for October (2007) and temperatures were consistently below 0 degrees at night. I’m afraid people looking for a mountaineering/high altitude down jacket will not find this jacket adequate.

13 November, 2007 by Annon

Always tricky to answer posts like this as we have had many people say they are happy with it performance. Your right to say that it is not the warmest but i think to say that it only 0c is a little harsh.


13 November, 2007 by nick [Alpkit]

Not warm enough below 0 degrees centigrade. I was just trekking in the himalayas and the jacket performed well until around 0 degrees. Any lower than that and it wasn’t anywhere near enough. I don’t think this jacket is suitable for mountaineering/high altitude trekking. You probably need to invest a good amount in a jacket with some good quality down.

13 November, 2007 by Annon

I bought a Filo down jacket for my 13yr old son, my only problem with it is trying to get it OFF his back as he wears it 24/7 !!!! well done Alpkit

04 November, 2007 by Jimmy Addison

Bought my kids a Down jacket each, they are the dogs danglies for price. Kept them too warm on a 2500ft summit pitch with wind chill temp’s at -5degC. Well impressed, no other jacket required just maybe a hooded version.

30 October, 2007 by Cruxster

Receved my Fantom today and was extreemly happy with the fit. I have tried the rab-Neutrino but the fit are not even close to this fantom. Looking forward to a realy cold winter here in Norway in this toasty jacket. Have already done som marketing work for you to my friends. Keep up the good work folks.

20 September, 2007 by Henrik

Sorry, that should be Fantom-style!

18 September, 2007 by Jonathan Clarke

Any news on how the Filo-style synthetic belay jacket is developing, and what its expected price might be?

18 September, 2007 by Jonathan Clarke

I think we have missed a few of the comments on these pages.
Slight down leakage is normal.
As far as the major leaks go this is abnormal but remember down shifts around so will get cold spots. These is where you need to fluff the panels up. Basically if you think about your cushions at home when you keep sitting on them day in day out they start to thin out so you fluff them up to get them fluffy all over. You need to do the same thing with the elbow panel as all the down has been squashed to the sides.

17 September, 2007 by nick from alpkit [Alpkit]

Top notch jacket, very warm. build quality great. Was worried about the red at first but now Im sold!! Id like to thank Nick for his efforts in tracking me down a medium whach ended up not fitting after all (my fault entirely), and then exchanging without any quibbles. great customer service!

17 September, 2007 by Alexander Taboureau

need a down jkt for my partner .she gets lost in my med jkt. she is 4ft 10in size 8. there must be a market for them. rest of kit is g8,running out of cuboard space

14 September, 2007 by MIKE J HERBERT

Excellent jacket. Very well designed, and at a superb price! Keep up the good work Alpkit!

14 September, 2007 by reu

I like it, but doesn’t seem to loft as much as previous alpkit jackets

29 August, 2007 by Stuart

Bought a Filo back in January and I am dissapointed with it.  Most of the down has leaked out of the sleeves to leave cold spots around the elbows.  Will need replacing for the coming winter.

01 August, 2007 by ben

Love the Fantom, haven’t seen a down jacket that comes close in terms of value and quality. And love the colour. Was initially very sceptical but retro red is the new black. Don’t go changing it. Electric red forever!

28 July, 2007 by smon

Placed my order on Thursday morning, arrived Saturday morning, even with a Postal strike on the friday.  Wore it around the house and damn near fainted i was so hot!  Another great piece of kit, keep it up.

16 July, 2007 by Cam

My wife bought this for me, excellent bit of kit.
Tried it on and it stayed on for 3 hours !!
Very quick delivery,next day. As soon as it starts to get cold it will be well used,

12 July, 2007 by Geoff Mann

hi guys at alp kit i orderd a Fantom on sunday it arrived to day 3/7/07 very impresed with it so far looking forward to testing it out next weekend when bivying thanks again

03 July, 2007 by justin

Ordered near the end of April and on my back a few days later.  Superb service right there.

But anyway,  To the point.

Fantastic peice of kit. Truely fantastic.

Great with Scottish weather through May and into June now.  Be it casual wear in the day and the sun, Work wear when outside, dossin about on a trail, Or just keeping warm to save bills in the house. 
Good temperature regulater at the Crag and great to get into after paddling in the lovely warm(!) Scottish rivers.

Buy one.

13 June, 2007 by Keith Scott

sounds interesting. removable hood for the filo? and does that mean you could do away with the down filling completely for the phantom.

two birds in one stone if you do that.


ps just for feedback sake. i dont like two tone jackets. much prefer one colour.

18 May, 2007 by simon andrews

Hi Simon,
we are playing around with a few ideas but nothing has been decided yet. We are also looking to make some changes to the Filo, which may include a hood, so we need to work out how they will stand together side by side. One thing we have been thinking of doing is using the Fantom model as the basis for a synthetic belay jacket, you can be sure Jim and Nick will be beavering away this summer.

18 May, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

hi aplkit

Are you planning to change anything else on the jacket apart from the colours?

Fill amount, fabric, cut or design details etc.


18 May, 2007 by simon andrews

Need more photogenic colours, so a bright two-tone with black would be a good compromise - maybe not pea green, though. Too much black kit on the market these days, climbing photos are becoming monochrome!

10 April, 2007 by sooz

Hi Chris, photo of the fantom packed into one of our Apollo 2 stuff bags, A4 size now shown in the detail images of the Fantom.


Cheers, Jim

27 March, 2007 by alpjim

This looks like a really great jacket with a good price tag. I’m going to the Himalayas trekking and wondered if anyone has used this jacket for a similar purpose? Obviously size matters so does anyone know the pack down size of this jacket?

All the best Chris

26 March, 2007 by Chris

Thanks nick!

25 March, 2007 by Andy

The material has a breathabilty of 10,000 mvtr , as a comparison , E vent would have a mvtr of around 20000 or so.

25 March, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

I don’t mind the colour - it’s easier for mountain rescue to see me when I get lost. One question, is this jacket breathable?

25 March, 2007 by Andy

Is everyone oblivious!!!!  Do they not know that Red IS the new Black!!! Lets not all be boring, I’ve been telling my climbig buddies this for the last 12 months.  Good looking gear at good prices, I will be keen to try out my new poles that I’ve just ordered.

20 March, 2007 by Glenn

I want one, but how about girly sizes and a different colour…. and how about in the next 5 weeks before I head off to Everest Base camp?

Well a girl can ask smile

09 March, 2007 by Lynda Taylor

I agree with the colour issue, black or two tone sounds great, maybe Electric blue/dark grey or orange/black, as soon as you got ‘em i’ll be ordering and spreading the word!

10 February, 2007 by Arend

i like black ! or grey and black - problem i have is that im ginger so with a bright red/ organge jacket would look like ive been tango’d

07 February, 2007 by Ben

Cracking jacket!! Very warm. Slight down leakage is this normal?( ocassional bit of down pokes out of jacket?)

02 February, 2007 by arnol666

two tone:
Just get it out in time for the summer alpine season!

02 February, 2007 by Alex

But black is so boring, does it really need to be black or are you just after a darker colour Dark blue, dark green, dark flouro orange.



02 February, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

I agree with Stan. It’s the colour that is putting me off…... please do one in black or blue.

02 February, 2007 by Andrew

The only thing stopping me buying the fantom is the colour…........ Please do one in BLACK ASAP.

28 January, 2007 by Stan M

Bought it on sunday came on tuesday(bright and early) and its been on my back all week. Haven’t had the heating on all week. Save the planet, buy one of these.

26 January, 2007 by Steven M

Colours next year are likely to be two tone.
Ideas.please…orange and pea green anyone!


26 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

Agreed with what alex said below ! either that or charcoal or storm lol

26 January, 2007 by Ben

please, please, please do one in black!

25 January, 2007 by Alex

Got my shiney new fantom this morning, looks like a ruddy good jacket.  The cut seems to have been improved from the filo’s; it covers my bum better than my mates filo, and it’s doing a damn fine job of keeping me warm in my unheated student house.  Taking it to coniston this weekend to see how it handles a weekend in the lakes.

Thanks again Alpkit!

16 January, 2007 by Gareth Nichols

Oh, and I should add that even the care label put a smile on my face :o)

16 January, 2007 by russell

Unfortunately my filo had to be returned due to a faulty waist drawcord thingy ( i’ve also had this problem with other more “high profile” manufacturers )- this however was dealt with quickly and professionaly. The jacket was only away for a few days.

Great service from alpkit with a handwritten message on the advice note - always nice to see from an online retailer.

Really nice jacket, as well!

16 January, 2007 by russell

Mine arrived within 24 hours of ordering.  Tried it out last weekend on a trip up to Glencoe and very impressed so far.

15 January, 2007 by Michael Nolan

just got my filo and very happy, orderd a medium but i needed a large if to use as a belay jacket, however some one from the office was so impressed with it they had it off me for there trip to scotland ! so i just orderd another and both arrived to the same high standard

well done chaps ! keep it up

10 January, 2007 by Ben

just got my filo and its ace ! very tempted by the fantom! but the filo won for now ! no doubt i will have one in the end ! will you ever do it in black ?

10 January, 2007 by Ben

Excellent bit of kit, takes seconds to warm you up.
I loves it.

08 January, 2007 by Ruth Davies

Going to buy a Nuptse but very glad I chose your kit. Excellent price, excellent fit, excellent service. You are setting the standards and I have been recommending you to everybody I know.
Thank you.

06 January, 2007 by Immer

Awesome jacket! Nipped to the post room this morning and there it was. A very technically sound jacket and in good working order. Can’t wait to give it a proper test. I am off to Scotland in 2 weeks and I will write a review after then. Cheers Alpkit for another piece of excellent kit!

05 January, 2007 by Duncan Ferguson

awesome jacket, amazingly warm and unrivalled as far as quality goes, love the jacket, love the company, what more can i say? (except thanks)

03 January, 2007 by Adam Carver

Ah! Such a decision, going away with my university course in Janurary and need a down jacket, do I buy a Filo now or wait for the Fantom!?

20 December, 2006 by Duncan

This jacket is amazing. Very warm and comfortable.Also fits perfectly.Ordered it on sunday night and it arrived tuesday morning. Thanks very much all at Alpkit.

05 December, 2006 by Rich

OH MY WORD! just got a filo to replace an ME dewline thats too big for me.. this Filo has got a ridiculous amount of down in it! so much more than my old jacket - its stupidly warm. Just looked and the filo has 300g of 650+ down as opposed to the dewline with only ~200g of 600+... how do you guys do it? its half the price of the dewline (although that was waterproof fabric). Thanks ALPkit - love the filo, its wot kit oughta be - cheap, good and looks the part. Think you’re well on the way to cult status! keep it up. p.s. i’d love a pair of carbonlite poles if you ever make any more.. hint hint.

24 November, 2006 by Mike

Cracking! I just got my filo through the post, and i have to say it looks brilliant (housemates are all v jealous!). It’s supposed to be my Christmas present from my rents, but like hell it’s not going to get worn for a whole month!
Ten out of ten for customer service too, a great breath of fresh air for climbing gear, keep up the great work!

22 November, 2006 by Tom

Yay! It fits! I don’t think I’m that small but everyone who makes outdoor kit thinks I’m tiny, so nothing they make fits. Ever. My Filo Kid is SPOT ON!
I can’t wait to feel the full effects of the jacket in a February Edinburgh wind. If sitting on the shore at Glenelg at 11pm last weekend is anything to go by, I won’t even notice it’s February. I would never have been able to afford this comfort if it wasn’t for Alpkit grin
Any chance you could make the gilet in the kids sizes too? Could do with one for some Scottish summer days!

13 September, 2006 by Emma

Good piece of kit for an excellent price. The jacket is quite short if you prefer a slightly longer cut, but at the price I can live with that.

07 September, 2006 by Richard Pearce

I bought a Filo Runt from you at the show, and it great, warm, light, comfy I could go on. However the right hand pocket zip has come loose (the zipper off the zip that is) not too muhc of a problem just threaded it back on. and for £35 can’t go wrong. still great product.

19 March, 2006 by Bill

my filo is so warm i need to move to a colder climate.
thank you for keeping me warm after surfing with your lovely product.

06 March, 2006 by derm

My wife bought ome one for Christmas (after much hint dropping) and I love it. Things I would like to change are, fleece collar lining to extend over the baffle, abit of velcro or a press stud to fix the baffle down in the chin area as it often moves when you turn your head. Fleece lined pockets would be nice but are not essential. Overall I think it’s hard to fault at the price and the customer srevice is superb. Long may you continue. BTW how about an Alpkit Bivi bag, I can’t believe the prices some companies charge ?

03 March, 2006 by Dave Holden

Am absolutely chuffed. I’ve spent so many hours standing round belaying or spotting when not climbing fantasising about having a down jacket, but fully knowing I could not afford the price tag of pretty much 100% duvets.
My 6.30 am long walk to the train station along the sea front in the mornings was freezing, but became an extension of staying in bed with the filo!
Only minor constructive criticisms are those echoed by most. Perhaps the jacket could be sold for a few quid extra by extending the fleece collar and adding a baffle to the zip, as a portion of heat is lost through this area. I’m nit-picking though. 11/10.

02 March, 2006 by Tom Mills

Absolutely love my jacket, only one thing i could add, is a little bit of fleece on the inside of the neck by the chin, amazing value for money and very warm, absolutely ecommend to anyone

01 March, 2006 by Jen

Nice jacket, had it for a few months now. It’s lovely and warm but the rip-stop could be a little more downproof. Having said that it has survived some alcohol induced antics like falling out of a tree and coming of a motorised scateboard. 10/10 for value and 11/10 customer service, well done alpkit lads, keep it up! wink

13 February, 2006 by James

Just sent my mate Dave round to you guys to pester you for one of your filo jackets.

He came back with one of your “filo runt” jackets and lots of praise as to how nice you guys and your dog were.

I am now very very toasty. Sooo happy that I am no longer cold.

In terms of comments:
-Fleece lined pockets would be nice.
-Dont think I’d use an optional hood - but how about some alpkit Beanies?
-A slightly water resistant finish would nice.

It’s such a shame your plane crashed and I couldn’t get my grubby mitts on one earlier.

12 February, 2006 by EvilJohn

am 15 and spend most of my dosh on outdoors kit.just discovered alpkit and realised that instead of my 3/4 length thermarest and nuptse jacket i could have had a filo jacket,airic mat,AND A -20 BAG FOR THE SAME PRICE. gutted.

07 February, 2006 by bryn marsh

Ace customer services to start with !!!
Jacket is warm for sitting round camp at night but not much use for very strenuous activities in this country as you’ll just sweat like a pig. Well made. a very short jacket with an improvement being providing a longer option, or just lengthening all the sizes. One other minor thing, the pockets could be fleece lined for that little bit of luxury. But keep up the top work.

06 February, 2006 by Steve McGarry

great service an really friendly
sorry i sent the jacket back as apart from the hole in the pocket i liked it alot ,seemed very simular to the rab jacket iv got (apart from the hood)
i really like the idea of alpkit and the way u guys work.
what about some alpkit climbing trousers/shorts ? to go with the tshirts

nice one

30 January, 2006 by gi

I can only compare to my previous jacket which was a lands end one also for 60 quid (they’ve since changed the down from 700 100%). Anyway, overall I can say that the Filo is a good piece of kit for 60 quid and the material, look, design, pockets etc.. are far better than my previous one. So the following negative points are just comments and not meant that to say it’s overall a bad jacket. I’ve worn the filo daily for about 2 months now.
-Filo doesn’t have a hood but my previous one was unbuttoned and then never used.
-The ripstop nylon is a better fabric than the plain nylon on my previous but for some reason after 3 months wear the Filo loses more feathers (just ~5 each day) - is that maybe the 90/10 mix? The LE one had a shitty inner liner that made it reversible which explains inner loss but not outer.
-In a couple of places in the sleaves some seams are sharp if you have bare arms. In some cases this is caused by feathers sown into the seams.
-The webbing to stop the zip catching is great, however the baffle behind doesn’t effectively stop the wind or cold.
-Some of the down moves to the outside of the arms, but this happened with my last LE one too.
-The fleece doesn’t extend all the way around to the chin, there’s about an inch uncovered.


25 January, 2006 by Matt

Thank you all at alpkit.com

I have just received my filo down jacket today just over 24h after placing my order. I think alpkit.com costumer service is one of the best. I’m Very very happy with the quality of the jacket. I must say I think this jacket is just as good as some of the down jacket from leading brands (after trying on most of them) and at a fraction of the price.

(Just a suggestion)
I would love 2 have seen a more expensive version in your range retailing for about £100. Something with 700 EU fill, a fixed down hood for full protection, box wall construction and the front just as long as the back with a slight Water resistant finish…

Keep up the excellent work alpkit

17 January, 2006 by Owain

Sorry - snag on the storm flap!

08 January, 2006 by Ad

Was comparing the one I got for the missus the other day to a mates Rab. Amazingly similar! Great feature is the webbing behind the zip so it doesn’t snap of the storm flap - the Rab doesn’t have this! Great!

08 January, 2006 by Adam

yum… smile

26 December, 2005 by meg

I got this jacket as I present and I’m so impressed. I manage a Hockey team on Saturdays and normally have to wear several layers, hat, gloves and scarf and am still cold, but not with this jacket! I was roasting!!

Well done great jacket!

20 December, 2005 by Amy Dennis

How about doing a hood? Either as another model or as an optional add on?

05 December, 2005 by H

got it today,less than 48 hours after order.brilliant piece of kit!so light, so warm!more gear,please.

30 November, 2005 by steve wood

TOP Jacket in all ways, BEST price, unmatchable customer service (from ordering to recieving less than 36 hours). Thanks guys please develope more TOP products

25 November, 2005 by SteveO

Super Jacket, super price, super customer service.

25 November, 2005 by Tim

10/10 for the Jacket. 11/10 for customer service. I look forward to you expanding your range of products so that I can but more stuff. My Rab jacket has been consigned to the loft.

17 November, 2005 by Paul

great jacket, very warm - no complaints yet, although I did order a black version and received a navy colour ?

17 November, 2005 by steve

its about time somebody started making decent kit at the right price. The filo rocks, exactly wot kit should be.

16 November, 2005 by matt

This has got to be the warmest and lightest thing I have ever worn. At just over 650g and 650+ fill power, this thing is just the bee’s-knees! I have to say I was a doubter, always loving my Buffallo over pretty much anything else - but as they say, “Once you go Down…” etc etc. How did I exist before I got this jacket???
I have 2 small things that I would like to see on future models. The current zip is in the American style (ie does up the UK ladies way). This is no problem, but it’s there. I would also like to see a more durable shoulder fabric for when carrying heavy bags - but for £60, YOU JUST CAN’T GO WRONG. Maybe this could be on a different model…
I’m reliably informed that it’s the same spec as an equivalent North Face model, but a quarter of the price. BUY ONE!

09 November, 2005 by Matt Deaves

Great jacket, keeps me nice and warm, however the velcro at the bottom on the sleeve isn’t far enough over, so I can’t tighten it up enough, otherwise completetly happy and it was money well spent.

21 October, 2005 by Kate

Sorry that you find it to big, we will look at this more closely next time.

We did try them on a number of different sizes and shapes, but sometimes if we dont get told we dont actully think enough about the problem.

But now we know we will try harder on the samller sizes.

20 October, 2005 by Nick [Alpkit]

Received my Filo yesterday. At a pint-sized 5’1” it’s really difficult to find technical clothes that fit me, so I was excited to see that you make really small sizes. The XXS fits me perfectly, except the neck is several inches too large. I was surprised by this, as you suggest that your small sizes are for the younger climbers, and in my experience children’s clothes have necks that are far too small for me. My neck size is around 12.5”. Looking forward to taking my Filo camping this weekend!

20 October, 2005 by Debbie

I find down body warmer type top to be really good for long/cold rock routes (at belays or climbing).  Can you do the filo without arms.

18 October, 2005 by Ed