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Viki coils her ropes ice climbing in Canada. ph Ramon Marin

Performance down jackets

Warm and packable technical jackets that look good and feel good. A performance down jacket makes sure you're ready and don't get put off from enjoying the outdoors in crisp cold weather.

Whether ski mountaineering in the Pika Glacier or on a frosty morning walk with Alfie the dog, our jackets are at ease with the lightweight micro-rib down jacket and vest which is ideal for fast and light activity. The Filo jacket is a multiple award winning jacket since its launch over 10 years ago. Phantac is our premium goose down jacket for mountaineering, climbing and all those occasions where you just need to shut out the cold weather.

New in 2017 all our down jacket are made with Nikwax RDS Hydrophobic down. Hydrophobic down means it will maintain good temperature retention even when wet. All our down has always been sourced from farms which do not force feed or live pluck their down. We now only use down sourced from farms which meet RDS (responsible down standard) requirements in all our down products.


Filoment Vest [Mens]
Men's micro-rib hydrophobic down gilet for fast and light activities where you don’t want to constrict your arms

Sale: £79.00
Was: £90.00

Filoment Vest [Womens]
Women's micro-rib hydrophobic down gilet for fast and light activities where you don’t want to constrict your arms

Sale: £79.00
Was: £90.00

Filoment Hoody [Mens]
Men's lightweight 650 fill power hooded microrib hydrophobic duck down jacket to keep you cosy warm crawling out of a tent on a chilly morning. An ideal lightweight top-layer and much lighter and packable than a hoody

Sale: £99.00
Was: £130.00

Filoment Hoody [Womens]
Women's lightweight 650 fill power hooded microrib hydrophobic duck down jacket to keep you cosy warm crawling out of a tent on a chilly morning. An ideal lightweight top-layer and much lighter and packable than a jumper

Sale: £99.00
Was: £130.00

Filo [Mens]
Men's 2017 premium down jacket with 650 fill power hydrophobic duck down and DWR coating, equally at home bouldering as it is on an Alpine ascent

Sale: £130.00
Was: £160.00

Filo [Womens]
Women's premium down jacket with 650 fill power hydrophobic duck down and DWR coating, equally at home bouldering as it is on an Alpine ascent

Sale: £130.00
Was: £160.00

Phantac [Mens]
Men's hydrophobic down jacket with 750 fill power goose down for mountaineering, climbing and all those occasions where you just need to shut out the cold weather.

Sale: £149.00
Was: £195.00

Phantac [Womens]
Women's hydrophobic down jacket with 750 fill power goose down for mountaineering, climbing and all those occasions where you just need to shut out the cold weather.

Sale: £149.00
Was: £195.00

We have been making down clothing and sleeping bags since 2005. Our customers have taken our down jackets all over the world; from the Alps, to the Himalaya to Antartica. Some people go around the world, some never stop. Their adventures are our legacy. Find out more about down clothing on our site.

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Great product and service!

Put my order for a 13l tapered dry bag, a gourdon 20 backpack and koala straps last saturday and received the items this wednesday (even with a personal note!).

First of all great service!

Second, the backpack looks and feels amazingly good!!!!!!
I have tried to attach the drybag on my bike, but it is a little bit moving around. I will look for further solutions and if that will not work out, I will certainly order the Koala!

Third, I will certainly will buy more Alpkit items in the future!

Tall bloke
Gamma II updates

This is my 3rd Gamma. But I really, really abuse them in salty marine environments. Had one dud one which was replaced 'no questions' on warranty.

I've tried the other lamps, but always come back to this one.

The new model has a rather excellent new feature for 'sailors'. The default 'low level' light is now 'red', so you don't destroy your night vision when you switch on. In the past It would always came on in 'white', so you'd have to ensure you had a hand over the bulb and then switch modes to 'red', just so you didn't destroy your night vision.

Now it starts in 'red'. Brilliant.

Somebody with experience of working at night clearly specified this new lamp. It's little things like this which really make a difference. Really impressive.

The new 'main bulb' seems HUGELY powerful. Far more so than before. And as ever, the unit is beautifully balanced, so you can wear it for months on end quite comfortably. Going back to a 'front-only' lamp feels really uncomfortable in comparison. My young daughter also finds this the most comfortable head torch to wear. It's just so nicely balanced.

So yet again, another fab item. Thanks. And now I discover there's a 3 year guarantee!?!?!?

Oh, and it comes in a sexy bag. wink

Everyone loves these

Now bought several of these. One at home for general torchiness, lamp for the cupboard under the stairs, finding the loft light switch, etc. One left at the power cut prone holiday home in deepest, darkest north Norfolk (and it gets REALLY dark). Two given to sister and brother in-law who live next to a loch near the falls of Glomach, also prone to power outages. They have had nothing but praise for these lights.
Good, bright torch beam. Lantern bright enough for tasks from camp cooking to sawing shelves outside. Nice size in the pocket and excellent battery life. Yet another indispensable item from AK, officially my favourite supplier of 'stuff'.
Also makes a very good bike light (as it can be seen from the side) strapped to the bars with one of those cheap double velcro and rubber thingies, especially with the switch being on the bottom.
I am slowly buying almost everything AK make!


Have used this a lot. the webbing loops provide multiple anchorage points. It fits neatly to upper frame, seatpost and seat without sticking out backwards too far which really limits any wobbling. It is waterproof, well sewn and the fabric is tough enough without being made out of truck curtains like much more expensive Ortlieb bags. What's not to like?
I use 4 velcro straps and a webbing strap with clip and leave it on my bike when camping as it can be accessed and re-stuffed without removing it.
Please make something rubbish, I love a good moan!


Just received my frame-bag, in less than two weeks. Fits perfectly and looks great. Ordered the 40mm wide with horizontal divider/zip, which I think will make sense once I start loading it up. I accept I have not Road-tested the product for a year, but it looks very well made, and I can see no reason it shouldn't give me years of service. And service, of the customer variety, is what Alpkit give you. They should be very proud of their approach to business. Thanks to Holly and Nick for their personalised message. Just makes you feel good, and want to buy something else from them.


Very bright, fits well, cable clips can be removed and refitted to suit head size - great value for the money. Used for fell/trail training sessions in the Welsh winter hills!

Mike L
Excellent bag

Bought this pack 4 years ago, to use for daily bike commute.

Its light, comfortable and surprisingly spacious and endured all manner of weather conditions in those 4 years with aplomb.
It has been completely waterproof and the material is very flexible unlike the usual tarp type roll top bags seen.

The mesh pockets are handy and being deep have no worries about items coming out whilst walking or riding.

Was fortunate enough to get one of these in a bright fluro yellow for £25. Massive bargain.

Apart from some colour fading, the rest of the bag is still in great condition. When mine wears out will definitely get another.

Only drawback is the lack of brighter colour options.
Bring back orange and yellow fluro!

Ross Muir
A fine bit of kit

This mat is an excellent bit of kit. As someone who sleeps on his side I was a bit sceptical as to how comfortable this self inflating mat would be. I needn't have worried. I've never had a bad nights sleep under canvas since using it. Recommended 100%

Use them for trail running ❤️

I love these tights. I use them for trail running and can't fault them. They are comfortable and not too thick. The pockets on the legs are an added bonus and unusual in running tights but really handy. They are an excellent price and real value for money. You may need another layer underneath for colder days but generally are perfect for use in the UK. Would gladly recommend them to anyone.

Rufus D
Oh yeah!

Got these as they were a cosmetic second but I'm really chuffed with them. I train for strength (heavy deadlifting, squats, strongman training, etc) but use cycling as my cardio. I'm 5'10 and 20 stone and these are ideal. Thrilled to get a usable size and very pleased to keep the lower back warm in the icy weather. So far, the logo is still on!

Exceeded expectations

As sweaty beast I find it difficult to stay dry in normal conditions, let alone with waterproofs.
Not only are these waterproof, they're windproof, lightweight, compactable, they don't 'russle' and are very breathable.
The only downside is it can't get get them on over my boots. But they are 13s.

Andy ZE
Quality Kit

I have to say that I am constantly impressed with Alpkit gear. It just gets better. In the early days, when Alpkit started branching out into head torches, they were fairly dire, cheap yes, but too fragile for me.

When I look at the Trinity lantern, I can see that Alpkit has moved onto another plane as far as design and quality is concerned. It's a robust little lantern which extends from a torch. In fact it has to be opened to access the button the switch it on. There are a couple of clever touches: extending feet adds to the stability if you are using it in tabletop mode, and the hanger is made up of two almost semi-circular rods, which should make it much more secure when in hanging mode. There is even what looks like a tripod fitting on the bottom of the lantern. At £21, I wasn't sure if this represented good value, but once in my hand I realised that this is a bit of a bargain.

I really would like to balance this by saying something negative, but I am really struggling to find anything, so five stars Alpkit.

Great piece of kit!

I got bought one of the earlier Bru-Kit stoves. Basically the same as this, just a slightly bigger flask and less lairy jacket. It's a great piece of kit that works just as well as similar (well known) examples from other brands. Why is Alpkit's better? Because it's less tha half the price of it's branded cousins. Perhaps it's a little rougher round the edges in terms of finish but it works just as well.

Highly recommended

Dan M
Best for under shell

Recently got this jacket and can't praise it enough. Excellent on its own and will fit well under a fairly snug shell jacket. It looks too thin, but works well on its own. Top quality gear

Viper 125 lumens

Bought one for hillwalking as a back up to a more expensive torch, have quickly swapped them round. Amazing value and service , have told work colleagues and friends to buy one. Nice message on delivery slip.

Review update

I have used this product on two bike rides as a seat bag to test it and it works amazingly well!

I have added two velcro straps (€3,-) because they are more easy to compress the bag as the deliverd straps.
The bag held on extremely well and there is really no wobling around, It is completely sturdy.

Beside this is a good dry bag, it will also work damn fine as a light weight (or cheap) seat bag!

Great all-rounder

This is a great jacket for doing everything. Warm enough for layering, with the merino wool to help breathability, but smart enough to wear around afterwards without looking like you've just crawled out of a bush. I wore it yesterday for a 12 mile night ride under an Altura Night Vision jacket, and was just fine, despite it being 0 deg C.
I got the Large size, which is fine for me - I'm 5'9" and 12 stone.
Very pleased, think I could live and die in this one...

Superb kit, for bag, house or car...

I wanted an alternative to a sleeping bag to keep in my car for emergencies. This Cloud Cover quilt fit the bill perfectly.

It folds down to a really small package, which means its virtually hidden away in the boot, or even used as cushion. However, when its open its a great size to either use as a full blanket, or folded in half as a car blanket over someone's knees at the start of a cold journey.
(Its used regularly and not just kept for emergencies)

It feels really good quality and is so lightweight, yet amazingly warm.

It IS expensive at £99, but it'll save your bacon one day and you'll be thankful of it i'm sure.

You'll not be disappointed.

Airlok Dual 20ldry bag

The quality of the materials is good and the bag it's really well made: i think it will last for a very long time.
The real capacity is not 20L because you must fold the ends, but it's not a big problem because you have about 15L usable.
For a offroad usage i recommend the alpkit support kanga or you can add a pair of straps in the correct points, so you will make the bag completely stable.
In the end, considering his price, I totally recommend to buy this bag!
Thanks Alpkit for this amazing product!

Outstanding product from lovely people!

I met the team at the Explore! Expedition conference in December. They are absolutely lovely, and incredibly hard working (they have to do all the packaging by hand as they're such a small business!). Jake gave me some interesting facts about the advantages of free range pork's nutritional values, whilst I shamelessly guzzled their samples. These are great if you're going fast and light, chop them up small, fry them for a minute, then add them to your couscous for a delicious salty energy boost. I don't work for them, I just think this is an excellent product!