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Viki coils her ropes ice climbing in Canada. ph Ramon Marin

Filoment micro-rib down jacket and vest

The lightweight micro-rib down jacket and vest is ideal for fast and light activity where you want added warmth but don't want to constrict arm movements. It looks good and feels good. Think of it as a zippable sweater with a light DWR coating. Our go-to piece of equipment as it stuffs into a 1l or 2l dry bag but weighs from just 280g with over 100g of down.

We have been making down clothing and sleeping bags since 2005. Our customers have taken our down jackets all over the world; from the Alps, to the Himalaya to Antartica. Some people go around the world, some never stop. Their adventures are our legacy. Find out more about down clothing on our site.

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Nice and warm but doesn't breathe

Bought this when it first came out, great and warm when you are standing around but like being in a bin liner if you exert yourself as it doesn't appear to breathe at all.

Incredibly good

I've been a user of Alpkit products since pretty much day one. They continue to deliver remarkably well produced goods at remarkable prices. This was my latest purchase and it feels ultra robust as well as looking good. It's so far been used for a daily cycle commute but will be tested on a recce of the Langdale fel race this weekend. I'd sincerely love it if the company could develop a race vest or modified version of this for the demands of long fell races and mountain marathons; the current back area would need to be developed. Bring it on folks!

Excellent base layer.

Just back from a two week hut tour in the Dolomites and this was one of three base layers I carried. It performed better than the other two and cost much less. Will be buying another one soon.

Cantankerous walrus
I need 0hiro

Bonnie Tyler could hold out til the morning light with ease in this jacket. Well constructed, great fit. I'm 5'8 slim build and the small is a snug (but not tight fit) - similar to that of my Montane Flux jacket. Only gave it a four as I haven't it belaying yet.


Nice, lightweight, no fuss headtorch. Swift, hassle free service and delivery as per usual.
Came with a dual compartment stuff sack too. Nice touch. Very pleased

great little (inexpensive!) torch

excellent bit of kit for running in the dark or walking the dog.

Rob E

Great solid bag. If this had a voice, it would go nom nom nom and eat all your kit.

Very good quality

The product looks very nice, is of very quality and has a good size. i miss a manual on how best to install it. Eg: do you cut the velcro straps to lenght? i am reluctant to do so in case it won't fit another bike. maybe there's a clever maner to put them around the tube nicely so the doesn't stick out. It would also be nice with two long internal storage rooms running the lenght of the bag. This could help to keep your stuff a bit more organized.

Charles B

Decent enough and do what they say but they fit more like hipster undies, which makes them feel too short at the waist. If they came up a bit more they would be spot on.

Multi tasking monsters

I've long wanted a pedal with a clip on one side and a standard pedal on the other. I'll say it from the outset: I'm greedy when it comes to outdoor gear. I want everything to be able to do mor than one thing and adapt to several situations. Well, these pedals fit the bill for me perfectly.

Thanks to John who dealt with my order. They arrived quickly and well packaged. I can tell you, reader, that the pictures do the pedals justice. They are very nicely made indeed. Fitting the pedals was a minor task. The cleats fastened into my shoes nicely and when I first had a bit of a practice putting the cleats in and removing them to avoid the o'oh there's a zebra crossing with a lot of people on it, stop, wobble, look at zebra crossing people from the ground situation, I found them easy to clip in and out. Phew. Broken collar bones avoided.

On the road they worked nicely and I found I was able to pedal comfortably without any chance of cleats slipping out. When I came to a little bit of the off road shenanigans, checking out some overnight spots, I slipped out of the cleats, flipped the pedals and found the flat surface to maintain grip. The little pimples (!) that stick up allowed sufficient purchase when the going got muddy and slow and gave me the confidence to keep on pedalling. Then, when I rejoined the road, a simple flip and I was back in cleat mode.

The quality of the construction means that these will be pedals that will last. The dual modes keep my gear greediness well satisfied and the fact that they have made me happy on more than one terrain is tribute to Alpkit and their philosophy. Go nice places and do good things peeps. With these pedals, for me, that's more possible than ever.