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Zhota world travels

By Kenny Stocker
12, Mar, 2014

Zhota is proving itself as the perfect tent for world adventurers

When developing the Zhota we saw its primary role as a spacious 3 - 4 person mountain tent. Although we were conscious of weight (it compares favourably to other tents in its class), that and optimum pack size were never our main concerns.

But people don’t always use our products for what we designed them. We first saw this happen with our Hunka bivvy bag and Airlok Xtra dry bags which were adopted by bike tourers and bikepackers.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see our Zhota tent going in the same direction. Common sense would suggest that if you are going to carry your tent on your bike it should be as small and as light as possible; but we now understand this is not always people's primary consideration.

Tim and Sharon Bridgman from Devon in the south-west of England are currently attempting to cycle around the world. They set off on the 4th June 2012 from Nordkapp in Northern Norway and cycled to Cape Agulhus in South Africa clocking up 15,939 miles along the way. They have cycled through 23 countries in Europe and Africa and are now in South America and heading to Northern Alaska – hence the name of their trip ‘North to North cycle tour’.

They are carrying a Zhota, just as Sammy did on his 2010tillwhen tour, but why? Because they are not just sleeping in it, they are living in it everyday; it is their home from home. We designed the Zhota to provide a liveable space; yes we were thinking of the mountains, but the same principles apply to adventure travel. Big on headroom, large vestibules, voluminous pockets to keep your stuff tidy; it is great to see the Zhota off the drawing board and going nice places, doing good things.

Just like a much loved car on your sweetest climbing trip, or the song you were all singing, it becomes ingrained in your memory; it becomes part of the fabric of your experience, part of the adventure. We think that these photos from Tim and Sharon sum it all up nicely: take it slow and enjoy.

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