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Supply and demand

By Nick | 01, Mar, 2007

Offering sleeping bags in different sizes is a great idea so why is it we are we now out of stock of the AlpineDream Short and Long options? Unfortunately we have to play a bit of balancing act with stock sometimes, e.g we could guarantee to have stock if we only sold one model, in one colour of a particular product group but that's not always what customers want. 

The short and long versions were a CoLab experiment, we wanted to offer these sizes but offer them at decent prices not the £30 extra that some of the other brand charge. We ordered them in, gave them go and hey presto sold out shortly after.  Our method of selling has not been done in the outdoor industry before and we don't have the sales history to predict how quickly we will sell a product. Because we develop our products and purchase direct from the factory, our lead times for new production are not always as quick as we would like. The real problem however was that in order to ensure continuity of supply we would of had to order the new stock in before being sure of the actual sales. We could of played safe and ordered more than we thought we would of needed but then we could have had boxes of longs and shorts and not enough of the regular sizes. It will take a bit of time to get it right but we are committed to doing our bags in a range of sizes and keep them as stock items.

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