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Sonder Bikes Arriving Soon

By David Hanney
23, Oct, 2015

We wanted a bike that would get us to the mountain, a bike to get us up the mountain and a bike to get us back down the mountain

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Biking is what we do, it is what we love. We wanted bikes that were built for big days out in the hills, adventure travel, cycle touring, off road adventures and long multi-day expeditions.

It's over a year since we first put pen to paper and it has been many more years in our dreams.  Designing a frame takes time to test, trial and refine.  We've had a team of 5 who have been working on Sonder, each with over 20 years experience of design, sourcing and launching ranges.  We wanted a range of bikes that we wanted to ride, a bike that connects with wild places.

Go lighter, go faster, adrenaline fuelled ascents and descents of the UK's high summits. The Sonder Transmitter is a cutting edge 650b+ alloy hard tail using contemporary parts and componentry.  Equally at home on the UK mountain tops, valley floors and technical trail centres. Travel light and add a few bags to overnight bivvy where the wild things are.

Go further on multi-day off road adventures.  Long days in the saddle to remote places, miles from tarmac needs a more comfortable riding position and the added assurance of quality components such as titanium. The Sonder Broken Road is a multi-day mountain bike with a titanium frame.  Titanium is very light, strong and guaranteed to last a lifetime.  It doesn't degrade like aluminium or steel and it takes knocks and bumps better than carbon. With Rolhoff and Alfine internal hub gearing and titanium rigid fork options it is designed with UK, US, Pyreneean and Alpine multi-day trips in mind.

Crossing contintents and world travels?  We wanted a bike to ride all day or all night. The bike Dervla Murphy would have ridden.  A bike to take you around the world. The Sonder Camino has DNA inspired by UK cyclo-cross and the US gravel riding scene.  However Camino is not a competitive race bike.  We've added the comfort of an open road bike with a higher front end and longer wheel base. With a titanium frame and monocoque carbon fork it has the strength and comfort to ride the daylight hours and more. With world travels in mind, in the UK we have miles of country road and rough bridleways and it is these that the Camino will always call home.

Along the way we've designed custom tandem frames with the Sonder Tandem Duo which is an off-road 29" tandem to ride the Tour Divide.  

We can design a hand-crafted custom titanium frame to your specification with a 3 month lead time. Frame and fork start from £1,100. Custom titanium tandem frames start from £1,600.

We've enjoyed the freedom of starting from zero. Our design is for pure riding without any interference from what a salesman or other retailer wants and without an existing bike range to fit into. The first 3 models are on there way with a fat bike, full suspension, alloy road and approach bike to follow.

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