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Our expertise in bouldering mats

By alpjim | 31, Jan, 2014

We have been making bouldering mats for 10 years so we think we know a thing or two

We can’t crank the world's hardest problems and although we know a few we have never been a world champion. Fortunately we do know a thing or two about falling and bouldering mats. We have been involved in boulder mat development since the late nineties. As our team has grown and materials have developed we have continued to research and learn to ensure we are making the best pads we can.

High quality materials and workmanship
Your new bouldering mat won’t look new forever, it will age gracefully, it might get the odd scar, it might fade but it won’t let you down. We put our heart and soul into finding the right materials and techniques to create the best boulder mats we can. With such superior quality we know each and every pad is going to stand the test of time. Knowing this gives us all the satisfaction we need to keep putting in the hard work.

Innovative design
Small though it is, our factory and the people who work it in allow us to do something we can only dream about when using an off-shore factory... innovation through continual improvement, some developments might make small advances, other great leaps.. The guys can come back from a session at the crag with an idea that would make a boulder mat better to use or easier to make. They can make a prototype, test it that evening and have it in production in a matter of days.

The best foam
We've spent nearly fifteen years designing pads! We have gone through a lot of foams in that time and there is one factor we have never put a constraint on when developing a pad. How much the foam costs. This means we can use any foam we want to give you an excellent balance of absorption, durability and weight.

Designed and made by climbers
During the day we design, we sew and we pack orders. However come the evening and weekends you’ll find us putting our products to good use. Only this way can we really tell if the products will live up to the expectations both ourselves and our customers will place on them. Alpkit isn’t just a name above the door or a logo on a product, it’s the people who work here, it's the people who use and trust our products day in, day out.

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