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A Blank Canvas for our Tent Range

By Nick
26, May, 2017

Rising to the challenge of keeping quality tents affordable


Tents have got expensive, it’s official.

Believe us, we tried to fight it; but no matter what we did, no matter how many pennies we pinched nor corners we cut, we just couldn’t make our tents any cheaper.

There was only one solution: a blank canvas. We swept aside everything we’d created before and discovered that making nice things on a budget is much harder than just making nice things. It was time to go back to basics. 

To begin with, we considered what was essential and pegged down a few guidelines to ensure that quality wasn’t compromised. Our conclusion? That core strength and reliability was paramount to a tent, everything else was extra. The tents would be bombproof yet light, groundsheets would be waterproof, and weak links - removed. We’d focus on the minutest details, those little things that seem so insignificant but that could make or break a tent. Anything unnecessary would be removed or reduced, weight would be kept down.

Having come up with these guidelines, we realised it wasn’t a completely clean slate, and with our wealth of tent expertise we came up with a few ideas about reducing cost without sacrificing quality:

  1. Poles: use less,
  2. Fabric: barter hard, don’t sacrifice quality,
  3. Construction: focus on the essentials
  4. Details: those little extra touches are our jam, we weren’t worried about those!

Tetri inside

Tetri: we're all about those little details

After much time, effort, coffee, and chocolate hobnobs, we emerged with our creations. What we’d ended up with was some good quality tents, built on a budget, and built for purpose. We’d succeeded.

In many ways, this has been one of our most challenging projects: trying to make great things cheap is hard.

There was more at stake than just using our direct model to gain a price advantage over the competition. This was about using every inch of our design knowledge to make the tough calls, about proving to ourselves that our dream of creating good quality gear at a low price could continue to flourish. We think that the results are well worth the effort invested, but you can decide that one for yourselves. Introducing Tetri, Viso 2, and Viso 3.

Viso detail

Viso: scrimping on materials was never an option, so we had to get creative

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