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MelloBlocco Crash Test

By Kenny Stocker | 11, May, 2006

The International bouldering event MelloBlocco was the ideal opportunity to see how our boulder mats stacked up to the best of the rest

The International bouldering event 'MelloBlocco' was the ideal opportunity to see how our boulder mats stacked up to the best of the rest. We spent the weekend falling on everything we could find: Cassin Dominoes, BD Drop Zones, Kong whatevers, the big and the small we fell on them all. Our Phud bouldering mat also got a full work out with our own man Smith taking an alternative approach.

CoLAB at MelloBlocco

So there we have it, our crash test dummy has been locked away for another year and Phud production can go on safe in the knowledge of its all round performance.

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