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Love Mud 650b+ wheels bars stems

By David Hanney
03, Nov, 2015

Bike components specifically developed with Sonder frames and 650b+

Love Mud bike components have been developed alongside our Sonder bike frames.

We're a stones throw from the Peak National Park and whilst testing our own Sonder frames in the Peaks and beyond we've developed a range of bike components dedicated to riding in Europes wildest places. 650b+ complete wheelsets, stem cap bottle adaptors, bars, seat posts, trailside mini-tools.  Coming in December are:

  • Rumpus 650b+ complete wheelsets
  • Love Mud Stem Cap Bottle Cage Adaptor
  • Membar Flared Drop Bars
  • Aspect Riser Bar
  • Scope Flat Bar
  • Pronghorn Drop Bars
  • Piskie Stem
  • Storc Seat Post
  • Rumour Head Set
  • Trailside Tool Set
  • Google+

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