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Girls sleeping bags

By Nick | 22, Jul, 2010

We already offer short, regular and long length options in our SkyeHigh sleeping bag range, but do we need to go further and design a girls specific model?

↵⇥Spurred on from reading Sarah Stirlings review  of the Marmot Angel Fire ladies sleeping bag we have been doing a little thinking. We have heard many manufacturers talk about ladies specific sleeping bags, but just how effective are they? and should we be doing them? Immediately after Sarahs article we got about 5 emails asking if we had any plans on doing a girls specific sleeping bag.. but they didn't want to spend £170!

↵⇥Reading the information on the Marmot site the idea of a ladies specific bag appeared to be better than the actual execution. For example Marmot say: Wider in the hips, Narrower in the shoulder and more insulation in strategic areas (torso, head and feet).
↵⇥Looking at the spec this works out to be an actual difference of 15cm shorter, 11cm narrower at the shoulder and hip the same size as their mens bag. The text indicates that they have more down almost everywhere apart from the thighs, so what happens if you get cold knees/thighs during the night which does happen for both men and women, especially if they sleep on their side with knees bent. 
↵⇥Sarah is currently testing a short SkyeHigh 600 down sleeping bagto see how that performs as a ladies specific sleeping bag.
↵⇥So what is your experience of ladies specific bags? Why not just get a warmer bag? We would love to hear from you.
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