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Gamma Power Test

By alpjim | 11, Feb, 2008

Jim loses the Alpvan and uses the opportunity to test out the luminosity of the new Alpkit LED headtorch.

The van is 12m away from the torches, which are mounted on a helmet 1.8m above the ground. The camera used to take the photos is mounted just behind and above the helmet, the blurred bit at the base of the photos! *Because I was a cheap skate and couldn't justify buying some new Petzl's I just used my old ones. The MYO is the old blue and orange version and the halogen lens is pretty scratched. The Zoom had to be dug out of the old equipment box and is probably a good 12 years old. The bulb is new and the battery was an used Duracell but I couldn't put an exact figure on its age. This test is in no way scientific and should only be used as a guide.

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