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Alpkit factory New Year update

By Anna Kennett | 11, Jan, 2012

Firstly weʼd like to say sorry to all of you who were hoping to order a new bouldering mat for Christmas, itʼs taken us a bit longer than expected to get our heads around the ins and outs of production. Weʼve had a lot to think about; itʼs critically important that we set our production line up properly so that the mats are the best quality and price possible, and weʼre also working hard to source good quality materials. We really wanted to have the mats ready in time for Santa, but we didnʼt want to hit a deadline with badly-made and over-priced mats!

Amid all the chaos of Filo packing and Christmas comp filming progress has been good in the Alpkit factory. The first prototype has been put through itʼs paces in Font (with some constructive feedback courtesy of Shauna Coxsey and James Garden - huge thanks!), and in the meantime we have been pushing on with making more prototypes using various sample fabrics. Weʼre just waiting for the last few bits and pieces to arrive before we can set about mass production. Since weʼre manufacturing and retailing in the UK weʼve been trying really hard to find UK-based suppliers. It seemed a bit pointless to us to make the mats here in Blighty and then ship in all the parts from the Far East!

In other news; the Woomf is also set to be transformed and there are some other exciting products in the pipeline as well. All being well we should see the first of the new mats on sale around the end of January, and we really hope youʼll think theyʼve been worth the wait! In the meantime if you have any questions then send us an email and weʼll try to help out (without giving away all of our secrets of course!).

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