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Youth Climbing Series 2012

By Kenny Stocker | 06, Mar, 2012

It’s another year, and another series of the Youth Climbing Series, more commonly known as the BRYCS. It’s an awesome competition that gets the up and coming and also the elderly and the experienced youth together in a mass of hyperactive psyche.  This is the comp that got me into climbing. It was where I first met, Ailsa, Sarah, Ella, Alex and pretty much everyone else. It was even where Gracie made her first humble appearance! In fact, I believe it’s possible my favourite all time comp.

However, this comp has a hitch. No GB team allowed!! This means that the strongest are unable to compete, giving those of us not quite there an opportunity of stardom. This meant it was just me, Alex, Ella, Martha, Joe, Beth, Georgia, Jack and Alfie competing for Team Crush.

It was a fabulous day with everyone enjoying themselves. We had some outstanding performances and some very good ranking. Martha, our youngest got just 10 points away from 100%, that’s just 4 holds out of 3 routes and 3 boulders- very impressive! This put her in 4th (an incredibly strong category!) Ella, who was unsure and a bit disappointed at lunch time, went on to climb great in the afternoon and finished 6th. Alex and Joe put in an awesome effort in the boys C category, Joe just missing out, in 2nd place. I think he deserves a high five for completing ALL his routes! Amazing! In Girls B, Georgia saw what she was after, pulled hard and got it! Outstanding effort securing her 1st place. Alfie who is one of the strongest lads in his age I’ve seen topped all his boulders and got a good way up his routes (a definite boulderer!) finished a super 2nd. Now that leaves my age group. It seams that by the time you’re a pensioner you get put on the British team or just get less psyched for comps. Not Team Crush. Jack could have not bothered trying, but that’s not on, so he climbed awesome, and won by miles instead of just metres (not kidding!). In the girls, me and Beth could have just agreed on a hold to draw on. But where’s the fun in that? So we took it as a fight against the climb, as it should be. I think we both climbed like monsters, Beth completing her first ever BRYCS lead, and me just missing out on outdoing the demoer! 

It was a truly awesome day, and I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as me. I would like to thank the demoers and their efforts but would also like to take the opportunity to ask for a full route demo next round instead of stopping 4 moves from the top! (Not looking at anyone in particular!) Thanks also to Jim and the judges and belayers who make this day possible. See you at the next round (I’m looking forward to home wall advantages).

In early February there was a GB team climbing holiday to Spain which Tash Allcock and I were lucky enough to go on. There was some awesome climbing done by Team Crush members. Sarah has done a full write up on the GB Climbing team blog.

Naomi Tilley, Team Capo x

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