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Tattershall Castle gets new E10 6C

By Dan Bradley | 22, Sep, 2009

Tattershall Direct first ascent E10 6C

Sometime late in August a team of average climbers took up the challenge of putting a new route up on Tattershall castle. The route would take a direct line from the main door to the top of the castle staying in the middle of the face all the way up.

The route is around 45 metres long; it starts off with a hard mantel shelf and quickly gets into the main hard section of climbing in the middle of the face before tackling the 1 metre overhang at the top.  None of the route is solid so a ground fall could be very possible at any minute, the only rest is a slopey window before tackling the last overhang through pinches and a long reach.

The weather at Tattershall was amazing with not a cloud in the sky, nursing quite a serious hangover we had put off the route all morning, the crowds were dispersing so it was time for a practice run, Alex ran up to the top and dropped a rope, how could we try to be inconspicuous enough not to be asked to leave but get a good look at the route.

I climbed up as fast as I could while trying to get a good look at all the possibilities, there would be no time for a second practice run and the fact I had three falls on the way up was not filling me with confidence, but there was no time.

The only thing to do now was get on it for the ascent!

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