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By Col | 22, Jul, 2010

Nick on his way to join the Dakar Rally

This is Nick he likes to mountain bike, and he’s off around the world, hmmmm yes it seems a popular pastime at the moment. But he’s not after the circumnavigation record, in fact he’s going to spend the first month in a car. He’s not going to be cycling continuously, rather riding as much as he can… at least until he gets tired… and exploring what different countries around the world have to offer in terms of mountain biking. 
He told us that his trip was a kind of ‘Around the World in 80 rides’, with the plan to enter races and take in rides at different stages along the way. 

We were intrigued as to what he’d discover along the way and so are going to be following him as he makes his way around the world taking in the different cultures, landscapes and hopefully the different countries mountain bike scenes.

In the meantime and first up he’ll be leaving the UK in a 2001 Hyundai Accent with his pal Ben as they take part in the Mongol rally, bike on board of course, which will help him make some good in roads into getting part way around the globe. It’s something we’d not normally follow people on, but as it fits into his longer trip we will no doubt receive some tall tales as they make their way out to Ulan Bataar. Once their efforts for the CNCF have finished he’ll be left to face the rest of the journey with his bike. 

At the moment he’s got some particular races that he’s aiming to do, like the Otway Odyssey, Karapoti Classic and the Downieville Classic.

He’s been dreaming of doing the Downieville for 5 years now so good luck to him on that, while on top of these he will be trying to get in as many as he can, tapping into various local bike shops and cycling federations as he goes around. If we happen upon any in the meantime we’ll be trying to add them to his schedule, we are already trying to get him to do the Crocodile Trophy, Cape Epic, Great Divide… hopefully he’ll come across some interesting local races, characters and awesome trails.

We’ll be posting up some stories throughout his trip, but you can also check out his website

Alongside the Mongol rally efforts for the Christina Noble Foundation Nick will be hoping to raise some money for his local charity seashell trust

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